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Britney Amber

Daisy Marie

Jaclyn Case

Paige Taylor

Whitney Stevens
Innocent High
Busty, Vignettes

Every girl is different. Some succeed in school while others struggle. Some learn to how to overcome obstacles and some don't. Some girls are A's, but the ones we like are ... D+ students.
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D Plus Students 2 box cover
D Plus Students 2

When it comes to grades, come girls are just naturally better than others. But it's the ones that …
D Plus Students 3 box cover
D Plus Students 3

D+'s are nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, at Innocent High the female students are encouraged …
D Plus Students 6 box cover
D Plus Students 6

Some girls are good and some are good to look at ... our girls? They are both ... they may be D …

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