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Xcritic - True Porn Fiction

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Davia Ardell

Fraulein Fist

Julie Night

Mary Jane

Melissa Lauren

Monique Alexander

Shayla LaVeaux

Trina Michaels

Barry Scott

Evan Stone

Marco Banderas

Randy Spears

Tommy Gunn

Anna Valentina

Savanna Snow
Bryn Pryor

Sarah lies in bed, writing erotic tales she longs to live out. And she writes about a theft, a jailing, a dark dungeon, female slaves and wicked dominatrix's, they all come to life in Bryn Pryor's darkly sensual True Porn Fiction. Join beautiful new superstar Monique Alexander in a tangled web of intrigue and lust, where you're never quite sure what is real ... and what is simply True Porn Fiction.

Anna Valentina, Fraulein Fist and Savanna Snow star in non-sex roles as extra sex slaves.
Breakdown of Scenes [view screen shots]
All Girl, Collar, Doggie-style, Fishnets, Orgy, Sex Toys
   Anna Valentina, Fraulein Fist, Mary Jane, Melissa Lauren, Savanna Snow, Trina Michaels
All Girl, Collar, Fishnets
   Mary Jane, Melissa Lauren, Trina Michaels
All Girl, Fishnets, Intercourse, Sex Toys
   Anna Valentina, Fraulein Fist, Mary Jane, Melissa Lauren, Savanna Snow, Trina Michaels
Anal, Cowgirl, Spread Ass Cheeks
   Davia Ardell, Marco Banderas
Closeup, Handjob, Oral (Blowjob)
   Monique Alexander, Randy Spears
Closeup, Oral (Blowjob)
   Barry Scott, Monique Alexander
   Davia Ardell, Marco Banderas
Cowgirl, Handjob, Threesomes
   Julie Night, Monique Alexander, Tommy Gunn
   Monique Alexander, Tommy Gunn
Finger Fuck, Oral (M to F)
   Barry Scott, Monique Alexander
Fishnets, Oral (F to F)
   Mary Jane, Melissa Lauren
Fishnets, Pussy Spread
   Mary Jane
Handjob, Intercourse, Oral (Blowjob), Threesomes
   Evan Stone, Shayla LaVeaux, Tommy Gunn
Handjob, Oral (Blowjob)
   Davia Ardell, Marco Banderas
Intercourse, Spoon
   Barry Scott, Monique Alexander
Intercourse, Toe Sucking (M to F)
   Monique Alexander, Randy Spears
Oral (F to F)
   Julie Night, Monique Alexander
Oral (M to F)
   Davia Ardell, Marco Banderas

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