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Behind the Green Door

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Marilyn Chambers

Artie Mitchell

Angela Castle

Ariel Porny

Barbara Bryan

Barry Vane

Bill Hadley

George Marconi

Jerry Ross

Linda Chapman

Lisa Grant

M Bradford

Michael Gebe

Mira Vane

Richard Coburn

Rick Dayton

Ted McKnight

Yank Levine

Barbara Parker

Bernice Mayo

Bunny Brody

Cindy Taylor

Erin Lee

Jan Harmon

Kandi Johnson

Leticia Torrez

Martha Strawberry

Nancy Wilson

Rabin Dranthra

George S McDonald

Hadley Von Baxendale

Johnny Keyes

Jon Martin

Kurt Hartman

Mick Jones

Tom Cloud

Tony Royalle

Tyler Reynolds
Mitchell Brothers
Artie and Jim Mitchell

Marilyn Chambers, the all-american girl, who undeniably changed the face of the adult film industry, stars in her classic ground-breaking ingenue role. Brought to the screen by the innovative talen of the Mitchell Brothers, she takes you on a cinematic journey into the sublime. **** "It is sex as ritual. Sex as fantasy. Sex as it could be only in the movies." - Arthur Knight, Saturday Review. ****
1. Lisa Grant, Marilyn Chambers
2. Barbara Bryan, Barbara Parker, Bernice Mayo, Bunny Brody, Kandi Johnson, Marilyn Chambers, Rabin Dranthra
3. Marilyn Chambers, Johnny Keyes
4. Marilyn Chambers, Ariel Porny, Mick Jones, Rick Dayton, Ted McKnight, Tyler Reynolds, Tom Cloud
5. Angela Castle, Cindy Taylor, Erin Lee, Jan Harmon, Leticia Torrez, Linda Chapman, Martha Strawberry, Mira Vane, Nancy Wilson, Barry Vane, Bill Hadley, George Marconi, George S McDonald, Hadley Von Baxendale, Jon Martin, Johnny Keyes, Kurt Hartman, Michael Gebe, Richard Coburn, Tony Royalle, Yank Levine
6. Marilyn Chambers, George S McDonald

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