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Brooke Waters

Greta Carlson

Kelli Thomas

Olivia Outre
Spanking, Fetish

Meet Leonora Helmsdale, notoriously vicious hotel owner -- a woman with trouble on her hands. The maids in her new place are a lazy lot, the housekeeper unable to whip them into shape. Leonora sets out to do it -- with a firm hand and merciless over-the-knee spanking.

Played by buxom blonde Greta Karlson, the hotel owner uses a variety of implements on the quivering behinds of Amy (demure Chloe), Hannah (ravishing Brooke Waters) and Dorothy (blonde KC Dylan). As for that timid housekeeper Geri (shapely-assed, jutting-breasted Liberty), well -- to say would be to give away the shocker ending!

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