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Sorority Sex Kittens 2

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Xcritic - Sorority Sex Kittens 2

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Alicia Rio

Angela Summers

Ashlyn Gere


Kelly O'Dell

Lacey Rose


Melanie Moore

Nina Hartley

Porsche Lynn

Sharon Kane

Shawnee Cates

Shayla LaVeaux

Summer Knight

Tiffany Mynx

Victoria Paris

Jon Dough

Steve Drake

Tina Lindstrom

Alexis DeVell

Alyssa Jarreau



Selena Steele

Stacey Nichols

Tami Monroe

Teri Diver

Congratulations! You've won a full scholarship to Lost River College! Picking up where Part One left off, we find the gals of Upsilon Sigma up to their usual sexual antics--keeping the student body in an erotic uproar! As Easy Ed and Lila Cantrelle prepare for their ultimate face-off, the new pledge class is initiated in a mind-boggling 25-girl orgy that'll sear your eyeballs! Never before has Higher Education stooped so low!
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