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  • 1998 Best All-Sex Film

  • 1998 Best Art Direction - Film
    1998 Best Cinematography
  • 2009 Best Classic DVD

  • 1998 Best Editing – Film

  • 1998 Best Group Sex Scene - Film
    Kevin James Sasha Vinni Drew Reese Anna Romero
    1998 Best Overall Marketing Campaign - Individual Project
    1998 Top Selling Title of the Year

"Zazel" may be the true "State of the ART" in erotic films at the moment.
As far as I can tell, "Zazel" represents the true "State of the ART" in erotic films at the moment. The film may be better than most, if not all, mainstream art films. In fact, the film is so artistically well-done and beautiful, I believe this film should be exhibited in some way (appropriately of course) in a high-quality art museum! According to my present understanding, this film was one of the first erotic films to be released in the new High Tech DVD Video LaserDisc format. The film is very impressive with lots of artsy stuff and high-fashion models as well as quality erotic settings and goings-on - everything about this film is first-class including the hi-fi stereo background music. A Highly Recommended View (but perhaps not for all tastes or for those who might find erotic material, even that which is very well-done and meritorious, objectionable for some reason)!
09/10/04 - drbogdan - Rating: 5/5

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Grace Harlow

Lene Hefner

Anna Romero

Brooke Lane

Drew Reese

Gina LaMarca


Nikie St Gilles

Sasha Vinni

Antonio Valentino

Devin Wolf

Jon Severini

Kevin James
Cal Vista
Philip Mond

When world-famous artist, Zazel, is assigned to create the most arousing perfume ever, her creative mind enters her deepest and most erotic fantasies to find the way to the ultimate fragrance. A range of incredible drawings and sketches never seen before come alive on the artist's table and we are invited into the most private world of creative imagination. Intense colors, exotic flowers and rare smells inspire her moods. She will go from one extreme to another. No feeling too deep, no scent too strong, no limit to any experience will keep Zazel from victory in her creative quest for the perfection of her design. The Scent of Love.

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