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Taboo 4 - The Younger Generation

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"Taboo 4 - The Younger Generation"
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  • 1986 Best Total Sexual Content - Film

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Ginger Lynn

Honey Wilder

Kay Parker


Robin Cannes

Francois Papillon

Jamie Gillis

Joey Silvera

Amy Rogers

Cyndee Summers

Karen Summer

Craig Roberts

Jeff Conrad

John Leslie

Kevin James

Klaus Multia

Mike Ranger
Cal Vista
Kirdy Stevens
Feature, Classics

"Ginger Lynn stars in this talked about classic, possibly the very best Taboo so far, featuring lots of absolutely scalding sex." - AVN

Never before has a series of explicit adult films been as successful and talked about as the award-winning, and critically acclaimed TABOO series. Now, Standard Video is proud to bring you the latest, and by far the best ... TABOO IV - The Younger Generation. Kirby Stevens is the master director who knows how to weave a tangled web of incest and intrigue.

This tale of decadent passion and unequaled lust is the erotic story of a straight-laced, affluent family ... the Lodges, Dr. Jeremy Lodge (Jamie Gillis); his wife Alice (voluptuous Cyndee Summers); his two hot blooded young daughters ... innocent Robin (Ginger Lynn); and wild and wanton Naomi (Karen Summer) and their Uncle Billy (John Leslie). The star studded cast also includes the delectable Kay Parker in her continuing role as Barbara Scott; Honey Wilder; Kevin James as Junior, her son; Robin Cannes, and as her brother, Greg Ruffner. With the added plus of Joey Silvera as the drama coach. The deliberate seduction of all the members of the Lodge family unravels before your eyes, as they are sucked into a vortex of perversion and incestuous depravity. Taboo IV, the motion picture of the decade, will arouse and unleash your wildest fantasies.

Re-released by Standard Digital / box cover art may vary.
1. Ginger Lynn, Karen Summer, Francois Papillon
2. Honey Wilder, Kevin James
3. Cyndee Summers, John Leslie
4. Kay Parker, Mike Ranger
5. Karen Summer, Joey Silvera
6. Karen Summer, John Leslie
7. Cyndee Summers, John Leslie
8. Robin Cannes, Craig Roberts
9. Honey Wilder, Kevin James
10. Ginger Lynn, Kevin James
11. Karen Summer, John Leslie
12. Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis
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