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Dirty Debutantes 89

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"Dirty Debutantes 89"
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Jewel De' Nyle

Ed Powers

Blake Powers


4 Play
Ed Powers

More Dirty Debutantes is full of the action and personality you've come to enjoy through the years. Fresh! New faces! And full of enthusiasm! Ed Powers has a new discovery in the persona of Blake Powers! Dynamic- eager and 18. Expect to see a lot of her! Lovely Aaron returns to join Blake and Ed in an explosive moment! Speaking of moments- lovely Jewel De'Nyle debuts! Jewel is sultry and vivacious- and did I mention luscious? Well she is! Lucky Ed! McKayla joins us in her first boy-girl sex scene- which is more than just a scene but a real moment- unplanned in her life! That's what Dirty Debutantes is- real moments in a life! So- here it is. More Dirty Debutantes #89. Please enjoy! Love- Ed Powers
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The latest release from Ed Powers super Dirty Debutante series.

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