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Double Anal Alternatives video
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Double Anal Alternatives

Elegant Angel
Patrick Collins

Why would anyone like watching a girl take 2 cocks in her ass? 'Cause it's filthy! Why do we like girls who do filthy things? 'Cause we're "told" not to! And why do we always seem to do what "they" say we shouldn't? Hell- I don't know ... maybe it has something to do with that "Rebellious Streak" most of us porno afficionados seem to have. This is an asshole stretching- cum drenching and awe inspiring voyage down the filthy trail of sphincter fuckers. Al Tergo has been a friend of mine for a long time. He's short on hair- a little long in the tooth- but for sure he's the only SOB I've ever known that qualifies unequivicably as the host of a series about assholes!


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