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Is that a Clit in your Throat or are you just happy to see me?
The movie made history. Mix three mobsters (financial backers) + one former hairdressor, turned filmaker (Damiano) + Harry Reems + Linda Lovelace + the US Justice Department and the corrupt self-riteous Nixon administration ... and you get DEEP THROAT ! It's a sexual satire, and yes, it is hardcore porn. Linda's character can't orgasm vaginally (well duh, that's cause Vaginal orgasms probably don't exist...) and she can't find her clit. The doctor (Harry Reems), tells her there is a clit in the back of her throat. And Linda says she wants to orgasm with "Bells and rockets." So... they come up with "Deep Throating." She is the first to do it on screen (and who knows, maybe the first to ever do it!). The scene is hot and intense. The rest of the movie is full of smart lines and good sex. A must see for any proponent of our first amendment rights!
01/14/06 - DPgirl - Rating: 5/5

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Carol Connors

Linda Lovelace

Gerard Damiano

Jack Birch

Bob Phillips

Dolly Sharp

John Byron

Ted Street

William Love

Bill Harrison

Harry Reems
Gerard Damiano
Classics, Feature

Perhaps the most enigmatic adult film ever made.
1. Dolly Sharp, Ted Street
2. Linda Lovelace
3. Dolly Sharp, John Byron, Jack Birch
4. Linda Lovelace, Ted Street
5. Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems
6. Linda Lovelace, Bob Phillips
7. Carol Connors, Harry Reems
8. Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems
9. Carol Connors, Harry Reems
10. Linda Lovelace
11. Linda Lovelace, William Love

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