Playboy Bunny and Girl Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson is no stranger to the spotlight. This California blond and former girlfriend of Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, has been featured in numerous Playboy pictorials and TV specials. She's also had a few small roles in Hollywood, with appearances in episodes of Entourage (2005), Curb Your Enthusiasm (2005), General Hospital (2007), and in the movie Scary Movie 4 (2006).

Once again, Kendra Wilkinson is in the spotlight with her latest film debut, Kendra Exposed (releases 2010). Only this time -- nothing is left to the imagination. The recently named People Magazine's 2010 Most Beautiful People honoree gets dirty with her hometown sweetheart. Kendra was only eighteen years old when this sex tape was recorded! This is the pre-boobjob, pre-Playboy, pre-Hank Baskett, pre-baby Kendra like we've never seen her before.

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Until recently I had no idea who Jan Huokko is (pictured at bottom of full article) or that he even exists. Now thanks to his stolen cell phone featuring a video of the Team Leksand Swedish Hockey player, I know who he is -- as do millions of Internet users from all around the world. Initially, news sites reported that the video featurs the professional hockey player having sex with his girlfriend. Well if it was just that, then I doubt hockey fans would be showering the rink with dildos during a game against Team AIK. In fact, a bunch of them held up a huge sign reading, Bend Over Bitch along with a giant dildo (pictured).

Why, you may ask, then did the opposing team's fans make fun of the thirty-four year old stocky defenseman? Well, Huokko does star in a self-recorded sex video that was indeed found on his stolen cell phone. However, his "girlfriend" wasn't anywhere to be seen in the clip. The blurry video features a nude Huokko using a dildo to pleasure himself anally. Okay, that's a bit taboo, right? But hey to each his own. It's really what he does after the dildo-fucking that has the Swedish hockey boards afire. He takes his hand to his ass and eats his feces. Oh, and we have some pics of it too -- if you can handle it.

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The star of Vivid's Superhead, best-selling author and former hip-hop groupie, Karrine "Superhead" Steffans has a special video on YouTube in which she trashes her ex, actor/musician Darius McCrary, who became famous playing 'Eddie Winslow' on Family Matters. She pulls a small collection of anal sex toys out of a dirty brown bag while dishing out dirt on McCrary's alleged kinky fetish, then proceeds to touch her hair and scratch her arm. Ewww.

Steffans and McCrary went through a very public and messy breakup in June that resulted in McCrary filing for a restraining order against his estranged girlfriend Karrine Steffans. In return, Steffans filed a police report accusing McCrary of hitting her with his car. McCrary claims she:

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Born Again Christian and former Vivid-made porn star, Sky Lopez (pictured, left) is in a "leaked" sex tape with former convicted methamphetamine addict and Baywatch child star, Jeremy Jackson (pictured, right). Jackson, who played Hasselhoff's son "Hobie" on 9 seasons of Baywatch, claims he was "blackmailed" and intimidated by "thugs" into handing over the sexy footage. Here's what Jackson told TMZ: Listen, this video was made by my best friend. Between me and a casual sex partner who just so happened to be a former porn star. I was later physically threatened if I didn't turn the DVD over to some drug addicted thugs.

They said, "Sky wanted it back and didn't want to ever be seen as a porn star, that she had turned to God and was changing her life."

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Verne Troyer, made famous by portraying the character of "Mini Me" in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002), has a "leaked" sex tape with a former live-in girlfriend (pictured). Troyer stands at just 2'8" tall, making him one of the smallest men in the world. In fact, he got his lucky break in Hollywood as a stuntman for the 9-month old baby in Baby's Day Out (1994). Guess CGI wasn't as popular back then?

SugarDVD has offered $100,000 for the tape, which is being brokered by none other than Kevin Blatt, the same guy who brokered the deal with Red Light District for the Paris Hilton sex tape. And according to a poll on TMZ, so far 9% or over 8,000 people claim they would buy the tape. Would you?

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