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Starting Year: 1971 (approximately 28 years old)

Date of Birth: 5/10/1943 (73 years old)

Is a film school graduate.

Age of Consent Avica Young 1985
All the Way In VCA Classics | Feature 1984
Baby Cakes VCX Feature | Classics 1982
Bad Penny Adam and Eve All Sex 2000
Blonde Fire Caballero Classics 1979
Blonde in Black Leather New Era Feature 2001
California Gigolo VCX Classics | Feature 1979
Candy Stripers 1 Arrow/AFV Feature | Classics 1978
Dangerous Obsession New Era Feature 2001
Exhausted Caballero Classics 1981
Fallen Angels New Era Feature 2001
Fantasies Unlimited CDI / Cinderella Feature | Classics 1985
Flesh of the Lotus VCX Classics | Feature 1972
Gen Sex Wicked Feature 2000
Hard Bound Adam and Eve Feature 1995
Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls VCX Feature | Classics 1978
Jade Goddess New Era Feature | Parody 2000
Jade Pussycat Caballero Classics 1977
Jenny Rain - Pornostar New Era Feature 2001
Johnny Wadd VCX Classics | Feature 1973
Liquid Lips Arrow/AFV Feature | Classics 1976
Little Orphan Dusty 1 VCX Classics | Feature 1978
Love Slaves VCR Productions Feature
Olinka Goddess of Love Caballero Feature 1987
Passion And Betrayal New Era 2001
Prisoner of Paradise VCX Classics 1980
Re-Enter Johnny Wadd New Era Feature 2001
Satin and Sabotage New Era Feature 2001
Seductress Gourmet/GVC Feature 1981
Spa Wicked Feature 2000
Sweet Young Foxes VCX Classics 1983
Telefantasy Arrow/AFV Feature | Classics 1978
Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here Arrow/AFV Classics 1975
Tropic of Passion VCX Classics | Feature 1979