Taryn Thomas has been in (and out) of the adult industry for over half a decade now. In 2006, she was named Porn's Dirtiest Girl by F.A.M.E. She's had a slew of other accolades including the Night Moves Best New Starlet Editors Choice Award. Not one to shy away from her costumer base, she's also been a fan favorite for years, actively participating in forums and on fan sites.

This week, Taryn is venturing into new territory -- not only as a first-time director, but with the release of her studio's - Taryn It Up Entertainment - flagship title, Vogue Nasty. Taryn co-directs as well as performs in this anal-packed, gonzo meets glamour release with long-time friend and 2008 AVN award winner, Poppy Morgan.

Today, I got the chance to interview Taryn, who talks openly of her fantasies and ambitions.

Adultfilmdatabase.com (AFDB): Taryn, it is so wonderful to finally interview you!
Taryn Thomas: Thanks! I am excited to do the interview for you.
AFDB: You really enjoy your work and it shows through in your scenes. But now you've got your own studio, Taryn it Up Entertainment, and your first release. I am so excited for you.
Taryn: Thank you! I am super excited about it too! I really enjoy having sex and I feel it is displayed best when on screen.
AFDB: So, tell me about your scenes in Vogue Nasty. I know you have a scene with Poppy Morgan and a b/g...?
Taryn: I have a g/g with Poppy Morgan and a b/g anal with Derrick Pierce. My scene with Poppy has to be the best g/g scene I have ever shot in my entire life.
AFDB: Really? Why is that?
Taryn: It's totally hardcore and displays just how filthy we really are. Also we have a lot of chemistry, that being the key to great sex.
AFDB: Was this your first time working with Poppy?
Taryn: No, I had worked with Poppy in the past... we actually were nominated for a blowjob scene we had done together in 2005 for Zero Tolerance [Blow Me Sandwhich 7]. We also used to live together at our old agent Mark Spiegler's house. So we have and had a lot of history.
Taryn: My b/g anal scene with Derrick Pierce was equally as amazing. He is a great performer and really turns me on!
AFDB: You really get into anal/analingus and I get hot watching you, Taryn. That's where I think your skills are really showcased.
Taryn: Oh yes, I definitely LOVE anal sex! The orgasm produced from anal is much more intense than vaginal. Therefore, I love it!
AFDB: But you didn't just perform in Vogue Nasty -- you and Poppy co-directed. How was that experience? I think that was your first time directing?
Taryn: Yes, we directed it together. It was an experience and a lesson I will never forget. I wanted to co-direct this title so when I was ready to direct on my own I would have full knowledge of how things are suppose to be done. Now this was just a gonzo title, and I had a great time doing it. But the next title I direct will be directed solely by me and will be more on the feature side. I am still learning how to direct. It's not as easy as some may think it is.
AFDB: What's the hardest aspect of directing for you?
Taryn: I would say the hardest part is making sure everything goes as planed, because when you're performing too, you really can't direct [as much].
AFDB: Right, you and Poppy perform in the same scene, so you guys were pretty much directing yourselves?
Taryn: Yes, for the most part.
AFDB: Do you have any funny stories about directing on set?
Taryn: Oh my, I wouldn't say anything too funny happened on set, except during the g/g scene. My fiancé thought the scene was getting too out of control, like too hardcore and was like "Stop, stop you can't do that!" And we were like, "It's only spit!" lol
AFDB: Poor Brett [Taryn's fiancé]!
Taryn: It was funny. Oh, and then there was a time when he was taking photos and Chris Charming's enormous cock was dangling in front of Brett's face. I think Brett got a little nervous as he never had a cock that up close to his face. *laughter*
AFDB: *laughter*
Taryn: It was great! He still talks about it to this day
AFDB: Is Brett new to the world of adult films?
Taryn: Well, no he isn't. He's been around the business for a while, just more so behind the scenes than anything. But his background is primarily in finance, radio, and racing. He's done a lot in his lifetime and accomplished a lot of things. Adult film -- I guess you could say he is just jumping into it now full throttle.
AFDB: Ah, okay. I guess it's one thing to do business-side work in the adult industry and a whole other animal to be on set.
Taryn: Exactly, being on set is a lot different than the business side.
AFDB: So, he's cool with you doing b/g anal with other men? Some performers stop doing b/g once they get a boyfriend.
Taryn: Yes, he is completely cool with it. I think our relationship is better because of it. When he knows or sees me get boned out by other men, that only makes him want to fuck me more and do me better so it makes for great sex. I am not stopping b/g. I don't believe in only doing g/g or solo, because I have a boyfriend. I think that's a pile of bs.
AFDB: In your opinion, what is the nastiest thing you've ever done in an adult film and in which film was it?
Taryn: Oh gees, I've done a lot of dirty things: I've swallowed a lot of loads; Done a lot of guys.
AFDB: Anything stick out?
Taryn: Not really, because they're all dirty things. But in my personal life, I did once have sex in a port a pottie!
AFDB: Really? At a concert?
Taryn: At a rave. I think that tops the nastiest things I have ever done before on film or off film.
AFDB: That sounds pretty hardcore!
Taryn: Oh believe me, it was pretty hardcore. I was horny had to pee and grabbed my guy friend at the time and took him with me. It was a bathroom experience I will never forget.
AFDB: Maybe that could be an idea for a future film from Taryn It Up Entertainment? Artists often use real life experiences for inspiration...
Taryn: Ahhhh, I've already thought about it. This next movie we are shooting next week is definitely going to touch on a lot of fantasies and experiences I've had.
AFDB: Is that going to be the feature you mentioned directing earlier?
Taryn: Well it is a feature film. But I am not directing it. Jim Enright is directing.
AFDB: Jon Minus Nine?
Taryn: No, Devil's Film released a 'Jon Minus Nine' type of movie after I announced I was going to film one, so I squashed that idea. Instead, we are shooting a feature called Dirty Games. It's going to be like SAW, without the blood and guts.
AFDB: So, more of a psychological thriller porno?
Taryn: Yes, more psychological. I am the main performer. I will be in all 5 scenes which will be a first for me as there are no movies around with just me. It will be glamorous, but super hardcore. It will probably end up being one of the hardest, but prettiest titles released next year.
AFDB: Do you have a ballpark release date for Dirty Games yet?
Taryn: No release date yet, but I am thinking mid January to early February. There will be an ad for it around the AVNs with release date, etc.
AFDB: Wow, you are really doing things smart: There's no stopping Taryn!!
Taryn: I am trying to... Brett really is a big part of all this and making things happen. He knows the business side and I, well, know how to perform and go after what I want. And you're right, there is NO STOPPING ME this time. I am in it to win it!
AFDB: Good for you. I know you've had your hiatuses from performing, and your ups and downs, so I'm really excited for you.
Taryn: Yes, I have. But if I didn't have all those ups and downs, I would probably just be another big headed diva pornstar with no sense of direction, etc. I am glad I took the time off and went through everything I did. I don't regret it, afterall it made me the person I am today. Nothing has been handed to me, as much as I would like things to be handed to me at times.
AFDB: You and me both.
Taryn: In this business you have to work really hard to get what you want and keep striving. If it doesn't work the first time try again. I just really want Taryn It Up to be successful -- and it will be, because I will not let it fail and I stand behind my product 100%.
AFDB: So, I have to ask, because you've done so many hot things already in front of the camera and at a rave, as we've just learned: What areas of sexuality or sexual acts would you like to explore in future releases? What's your hottest fantasy? Especially now that you are in control with Taryn It Up Entertainment...
Taryn: I want to try my hand at double anal. I also really want to swallow 100 plus loads, and I want to do a bukkake. I would also like to have sex with 10 guys at once, and I want to have sex in more tropical places.
AFDB: Amen to that (I'm in Chicago). So basically, you want to take the hot and nasty up a few notches, instead of just going the glamour girl route, which I am sure your fans will vastly appreciate.
Taryn: I am going to keep the glamour in it, but I am taking the nasty up a few notches for sure.
AFDB: I heard you mention during an interview that you are writing a book about your life in porn. How's that coming along? Do you think your book will have a happy ending?
Taryn: Yes, I am writing a book now. The book is going to go through all aspects of my life from when I was a kid to all the way through porn. I really want the book to have a happy ending as I will not shop the book unless it has a happy ending, and I have accomplished all of my goals. I want the average person to pick up the book and enjoy reading it. I want them to laugh, cry, feel emotions and get to know me for the person I am, not just your average chick that has sex on screen.
AFDB: And when that book comes out, I will be the first in line to get it.
Taryn: AWESOME! Thank you sooo much!
AFDB: So we've covered your new studio and releases from Taryn It Up Entertainment. Is there anything else you'd like to share with your fans?
Taryn: I love all my fans! Want to thank them for all the support throughout the years. And let them know Taryn It Up will have many releases to come, so keep an eye out for them.

[The images below of Taryn Thomas are courtesy of Taryn It Up Entertainment.]

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