Digital Playground (DP) has done the impossible. Just when you thought they couldn't get any sexier they prove us wrong by signing on Stoya. This newest DP contract performer's light green eyes, silk-straight, dark locks and milky white complexion on a tall, lean, all-natural body make for one of the most attractive women to ever penetrate the industry. But she's no wilting violet. Here's what director Robby D had to say about her penchant for rear entry: Stoya is nothing short of phenomenal. Her alternative appeal sets her apart from the rest of our stars and it's a pleasure to work with her on set. She loves boys, girls and anal. Come again? She loves boys... and anal. Niiice.

According to her old Gods Girls (alt porn) profile she is of Serbian, Scottish and Puerto Rican descent. She's 21 years old, which means she can legally party to her heart's content in the US. She's got one of the most viewed Flickr pages and over 3000 friends on MySpace. This girl gets around. Here's what DP prez, Samantha Lewis had to say about Stoya: Originally from the Carolina's, Stoya is blessed with striking features and a lean, tight body. Completely natural, she stands tall at 5'7" and weighs in at 125 lbs. Her pale skin is accentuated by dark hair and full, pouting lips. With an affliction for pain and suffering, Stoya defines herself only as an android from the future. She loves to make clothes, read good books and play with her cats. Truly unique and intensely passionate, Stoya takes pride in her nudity and general moody perception of the world. Lewis wasn't kidding about her affection (I assume) for pain. She has double-pierced nipples, pierced vertically and horizontally. But this whole 'android from the future' thing?? Well, at least it's not one of those pesky androids from the past. Despite her goth-alt background, she doesn't have a single tattoo on her body, which works for me. What was Sophia Santi thinking??

So when are we going to get a taste of Stoya? DP announces, Stoya makes her debut boy / girl performance with Tommy Gunn in Jack's POV 9, which [hits] streets this December. Her first star vehicle, Stoya: Sexual Freak 7 will release in January of 2008. Apparently she's already made a couple non-sex cameos on the set of two Vivid-Alt feature films, Debbie Loves Dallas and Man's Ruin. She's also got a few artsy girl on girl sets on various internet web sites. We found an interesting YouTube video collage paying homage to Stoya's edgy look.


The images below are taken from Digital Playground, Gods Girls and Flickr, respectively (all mentioned and linked throughout the article).

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