The film that Laurence Fishburne's friends purportedly offered $1 million to halt all sales is shipping! This is the first and only all-Montana Fishburne sex tape. We get to watch her have sex in a hotel room, blow her partner in a parked car, do lascivious things in a public mall, and masturbate on top of a toilet. All in all, there's over an hour of footage of Montana with a Caucasian mystery man. The self-titled Montana Fishburne is presented by the leading celebrity sex video company, Vivid Entertainment. And we've got the exclusive Vivid stills from the Montana Fishburne release (below).

Montana Fishburne was allegedly paid $25,000 to star in what was supposed to be her first and only sex tape. Unfortunately, Brian Pumper beat Vivid to the punch when he captured a scene with Montana and her boyfriend/aspiring porn star, J Pipes, in the latest title of Pumper's pro-am series, Phattys Rhymes and Dimes 14. Pumper also utilized Montana as a dancer in his rap video about shaved pussy (below). Unfortunately, Montana has nothing but regrets about working with Pumper. Here's what she told Black Voices: I feel taken advantage by Brian Pumper. I don’t really want to go into details about the situation. Jeremy [Greene, an aspiring porn actor who goes by "J. Pipes"], he feels for me, he knows how I feel about it. He has talked to Brian, and they have dealt with each other, because I don’t even want to deal with him anymore. I’m not in contact with Brian Pumper, and I’m just trying to get rid of the situation. She does, however, have no regrets about working with Vivid. In fact, Fishburne is in talks about making a second sex tape. This would be a first for the Vivid Celeb line. A second tape would most likely depend on sales of the first one, but it appears Fishburne plans to stay in the adult industry at least a bit longer. We wish Montana the best of luck in her endeavors!

Here's the Brian Pumper rap video featuring Montana Fishburne:

[The eight screen captures of Montana Fishburne are taken from the self-titled sex tape, Montana Fishburne, courtesy of Vivid Entertainment. Vivid Celeb has made nine more glossy Montana pics freely available on]

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