Digital Playground(DP) contract hotties, Teagan Presley and Jana Cova have both announced they are amicably parting ways with DP, within a week of each other. Both are starting their own web sites and production companies. We wish them the best of luck, as does DP. Here's what DP Press Relations Director, Adella O'Neal, had to say about Ms. Cova. There were no hard feelings. The relationship just kind of dissolved, but not in a bad way. We love her, we love her, we love her. Get a room girls! Well, that's good to hear. But what does Jana Cova think about this new, bold move into the unknown? I know it won't be easy, because being under contract brings you the most easy money. You don't have to work that often and will get paid pretty damn well. But also, I am not afraid of work. ... I had much more magazine covers when I was working for everyone than I had as a contract girl. Well, Czech gal Jana is a glamour girl at heart so don't expect any gonzo stuff. At least you'll get to see her with a wider variety of performers in sultry girl-on-girl action. And what does Teagan, the boy/girl anal-loving star, have to say about her departure? I'm a stoner at heart, I'm very laid back. I've been in the business since January of 2004. I was with an agent for a while and then I decided to sign a contract with "Digital Playground". They were the best company out there that I knew of at the point in the time. Recently, I've decided to amicably break apart from "Digital Playground" and start my own company and focus my efforts on the many plans I already have and bring them to life, not to mention put 150% into my sites. I'm so excited and I couldn't be happier. I had a great 3 years with "Digital Playground" and we have mutually agreed to continually work together at their request for promotion, movies, etc. in the future. I'll always be a "Digital Playground" contract girl. It's just time for this contract girl to move up in the ranking creatively. Aww, that was heart-warming. Well, now DP has Stoya to fill in for Teagan. And apparently, Digital Playground is still on the hunt for another star.

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