Paul Little, more conspicuously known as Max Hardcore, has been sentenced to 46 months in prison on federal charges for "distributing obscene videos through the mail and the Internet."

Little was also fined $7,500, the minimum fine allowable by law, while Max World Entertainment was fined $75,000, plus an additional $5,000 in "special assessments". The famous adult director/producer was charged with a total of 10 counts, while his company received an additional 10 counts. US District Judge Susan G. Bucklew has placed Max Hardcore's company on five years probation and has ordered Little to serve a three years probation after his release from prison.

Oh, if you happen to try going to Max Hardcore's web site, you are greeted with a big red "Forfeited" stamp and the following message from our government: This website has been forfeited to the Unites States Government pursuant to the conviction of Paul F. Little, a.k.a “Max Hardcore” and Max World Entertainment for violations of 18 United States Code § 1461, 1462 and 1465 The page has two seals at the top: One from the Department of Justice and the other from the United States Postal Inspection Service. Little may still get his web site back, as his attorney, Jeffrey Douglas, confirmed with AVN that he plans to appeal the sentence in the 11th Circuit US Court of Appeals.

I personally dislike Max Hardcore and his films, *but* I believe in our first amendment rights and the enduring power of the constitution to allow men like Little to do what they love doing, no matter how much I may disagree with his artistic vision. Hardcore films are made with consenting adults who sign 2257 paperwork and get paid for their time on camera. This is not some illegal, backdoor enterprise, but a legitimate, tax-paying business. If our government is wasting precious tax dollars in the wake of the biggest government bailout EVER in the history of ANY nation on harassing the adult film industry, then it's time for voters to speak out against such nonsense. We're on the brink of financial catastrophe and our government is playing cops and robbers with adult producers!

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