There's a new girl in town -- and she she's ready to please. But don't expect a cookie-cutter porn girl. She's a dark brunette; she's a trained dancer - more specifically in ballet, tap, hip-hop, and modern; she's a licensed tattoo artist and body piercer; she studied fine arts on full scholarship at SMU - that's right, Southern Methodist University in Dallas... And she's Digital Playground's newest contract star! I'm talking about the talented, Adrianna Lynn.

I got the opportunity here at to ask Adrianna Lynn a few questions.
How did you and Digital Playground (DP) hook up? Digital Playground discovered me while I was shooting Jack's Teen America 22 with Robby D. I had shot a handful of scenes before shooting with Digital Playground, so I wasn't a virgin to it, but still new. Can you tell us a little about your first shooting experience with DP and what it was like working with Mick Blue? Shooting Jack's Teen America 22 was really fun, but it also let me see how great it was working with Digital. I think the caliber of work being made shows the minute you walk onto set, and I was really impressed all day. Mick Blue was wonderful to work with. I think he is one of the male talent you overhear almost everyone expressing a desire to work with or how wonderful their experience was. I've also heard you will be doing some fetish scenes in upcoming releases. What is your favorite fetish and why? Do you like it rough and wild, or do you prefer sensual and slow? I have a few different fetishes. . . I'd have to say some in my top are tribadism and leg and feet stuff. I love tribadism because it's something you can participate in alone or with a group. I think my favorite is a lover who knows just the right amount of each, the rough sex and the sensual and slow. That is what makes it great for me. According to Wikipedia, Tribadism is "a form of mutual masturbation, sometimes called frottage, in which a woman rubs her vulva against her partner's body for sexual stimulation." It's usually referred to as scissoring when two girls join at the genitals (and you can just use your imagination to see where this term originates). Back to the interview...

I notice you have a very unusual tattoo on your right arm that appears to run from the outside of your upper arm to the underside of your forearm. Can you tell us a little bit about it? What inspired you to get it done and what does it mean? The name I have running down my arm is Adrenalynn. It's a nickname I've had since I was 18 and picked up when I started taking nude photos. I have felt it was always a nickname that kinda embodied my funky wild side. I feel its a nickname that embodies my attitude and the tattoo reminds me of my start in this industry. Now that we heard from Adrianna Lynn, what do the folks at DP have to say about their newest find? Digital Playground founder and director, Joone, raves about her, Adrianna sets herself apart from the industry standard. She's bright, educated, charismatic, real and it's clear that she commits fully to everything she embodies. Adrianna is very cultured, not only an established tattoo artist, but also a student of classical ballet. Extremely confident in her sexuality and her acting ability, she connects brilliantly with the camera, is a pleasure to work with, and has many hidden attributes that we can't wait to craft and share with the DP audience. Well, I've managed to dig up some of those hidden attributes thanks to internet searches. She's worked at Psycho Clown Tattoo for six years as a body piercer and the last two as a tattoo artist. We found her personal web site, where you can see her dancing and tattooing. Yes, Adrianna Lynn is the real deal.

'Adrenalynn' has made a name for herself on the net already winning the "Hottest Girl in Porn" for week 40 in October. Her personal profile on Suicide Girls includes this list of her body mods: Septum, 6 gauge ears, 6 ga tongue, venoms, navel, two stars on my back, two star brands on my feet And she writes how her favorite position is "anything from behind..." Could that include anal?

Some vital stats on Adrianna Lynn:
Adrianna Lynn is only 22 years old. She stands a petite 5 feet 3 inches tall at only 110 pounds with a curvy (enhanced) 32DD-24-36 figure. Her chocolate hair and eyes contrast nicely with an olive and tan complexion. She's from the Dallas-Ft Worth (Texas) area but currently resides in Southern California with her boyfriend, Jarrod, who is also a tattoo artist.

And if you would like to see more of Adrianna Lynn before her first title releases in February 2008, she is scheduled to sign for Digital Playground at the January AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

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