Vanessa Del Rio

Portrait of Vanessa Del Rio
Image of Vanessa Del Rio
Courtesy of VCA

  • Diane Richards
  • Ursula Pasarell
  • Ursula Passarell
  • Vanesa Del Rio
  • Vanessa delRio
  • Vannessa Del Rio
  • Venessa del Rio
  • Violet Reason
  • 42DD-34-32
  • 5'6
  • Dark Brown eyes
  • Black hair
  • Black, Hispanic
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1974 (approximately 22 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 3/31/1952 (66 years old)
  • Diane Richards
  • Ursula Pasarell
  • Ursula Passarell
  • Vanesa Del Rio
  • Vanessa delRio
  • Vannessa Del Rio
  • Venessa del Rio
  • Violet Reason
  • 42DD-34-32
  • 5'6
  • Dark Brown eyes
  • Black hair
  • Black, Hispanic
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1974 (approximately 22 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 3/31/1952 (66 years old)

Vanessa Del Rio Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
Afro Erotica 19 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1987
Afternoon Delights Caballero Feature, Classics 1980 Warren Evans
Ah Caramba Caballero Compilation 2003
Amazing Sex Stories 2 Arrow/AFV Compilation 1987
Anal Housewives Alpha Blue Anal, Classics, Compilation, Vignettes 2008
Aphrodesia's Diary Caballero Feature 1984
Aphrodisia's Diary Caballero Feature
Arrow's 80's Ladies 4 Arrow/AFV Compilation, Classics 1990
Auto-Erotic Practices LBO Entertainment Masturbation
Awesome Classics - Sexy 70's Hollywood Compilation, Classics 2002
Babylon Pink Command Cinema Feature, Classics 1979 Henri Pachard
Back Door Girls LBO Entertainment Anal 1983
Backdoor Bonanza 14 Wet Video Anal, Compilation 1989
Backdoor Bonanza 3 Wet Video Anal, Compilation, Gonzo 1987
Backdoor Bonanza 6 Wet Video Anal
Beauty VCA Feature, Classics 1982 Warren Evans
Best of Dark Brothers Wet Video Gonzo
Best of Dark Brothers 2 Wet Video Compilation 1987
Best of Dark Brothers 3 Wet Video Compilation
Best of Hot Shorts 1 VCR Productions Compilation 1985
Best of Lois Ayers 2 Wet Video Compilation
Best of Vanessa 4 Wet Video Compilation
Best of Vanessa Del Rio 1 Wet Video Compilation
Best of Vanessa Del Rio 2 Wet Video Compilation
Best of Vanessa Del Rio 3 Wet Video Compilation, Gonzo
Between the Sheets Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Anthony Spinelli
Beyond Desire VCA Feature 1986 Tim McDonald
Big Bust Babes 6 - The Breast of America Arrow/AFV Busty 1991
Bizarre Moods Gourmet/GVC All Sex
Black Bite 1 K-Beech Ebony
Black Hole, White Pole Fat Dog Interracial
Breaker Beauties Alpha Blue Feature, Classics 1977 Steven Barry
Celebrity Sinners - Vanessa Del Rio Historic Erotica Classics, Compilation 2004
China Doll VCA Asian 2002
Christy Canyon Hollywood Compilation, Classics 1985
Classic Big Tit Legend Collection 6 Gourmet/GVC Busty, Compilation, Classics 2006
Classic Fantasy Western Visuals Compilation, Classics 2013
Cock Stars Historic Erotica Classics 2010
Coed Fever Caballero Classics Robert McCallum
Come Softly Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1977 Richard Mailer
Come With Me My Love VCX Feature, Classics 1976
Crystal Dawn's Anal Playground Alpha Blue Anal, Compilation
Dancers VCX Classics 1981 Anthony Spinelli
Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio VCA Compilation 1998
Devil in Miss Jones 3 - A New Beginning VCA Feature 1986 Gregory Dark
Double Pleasure VCR Productions Feature
Double Pleasures Alpha Blue Classics, Threesomes 2008
DP 2 LBO Entertainment Anal, Threesomes
Dr. Lust VCA Feature, Classics 1986 Joe Verdi
Dracula Exotica VCA Feature, Classics 1980 Warren Evans
Dynamic Vices VCA Feature 1987
Erotic World Of Crystal Dawn LBO Entertainment Compilation, Classics 1985
Erotic World of Vanessa VCR Productions Compilation, Classics 1981
Exploring Young Girls Arrow/AFV Young 1977 David Stitt
Fetish Fanatics 14 - Girls Who Were Porns' 1st Superstars Dreamland Compilation, Classics
Fetish Fever Caballero Fetish 1993
Foxtrot Command Cinema Feature, Classics 1982 Cecil Howard
Girls USA America's Choice Inc. Feature
Girls who Dig Girls 1 Wet Video Lesbian
Girls who Dig Girls 5 Wet Video Lesbian 1988
Girls who Dig Girls 6 Wet Video Lesbian
Girls who Dig Girls 9 Wet Video Lesbian
Gourmet One Hour Series 14 - Forbidden Ways Gourmet/GVC
Great Sex Scenes 2 Wet Video Compilation
Great Sex Scenes 3 Wet Video Compilation
Her Name Was Lisa VCA Feature Richard Mailer
He-She Mania 1 Wet Video
He-She Mania 2 Wet Video
Jack 'n' Jill Video X Pix Classics 1979 Chuck Vincent
Jacquette VCX Feature 2005
Latin Heat Video X Pix Latin, Compilation
Legendary Lickers 22 America's Choice Inc.
Legends of Porn Cal Vista Compilation, Classics 1987
Lesbian Bra Busters of the 1970's Alpha Blue Busty, Compilation, Lesbian
Lesbian Virgins Alpha Blue Classics, Compilation, Lesbian 2008
Libido Loco Caballero Compilation 2008
Love-In Arrangement Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1981 Charles Larkin
Luscious Video X Pix Feature 1982
Midnight Desires Video X Pix Classics 1976
More Celebrity Sinners Global Media International Vintage 2004
Muy Caliente Pussy Erotika Films Interracial 1997
National Pornographic 5 4 Play Compilation
New York Babes Arrow/AFV Classics 1979 Bobby Hollander
Nurse My Cock Alpha Blue Classics, Compilation, Vignettes 2008
Odyssey VCX Classics 1977 Gerard Damiano
One and Only VCR Productions Feature, Classics 1986
Only the Very Best on Film VCA Compilation, Classics 1993 Jim Holliday
Oral Ecstasy 1 Wet Video Oral, Compilation 1988
Oral Ecstasy 2 Wet Video Oral
Oral Ecstasy 5 Wet Video Oral 1989
Orgy Fuck Fat Dog Compilation
Pink Ladies VCA Feature, Classics 1980 Travis St. Germaine
Platinum Paradise Command Cinema Feature, Classics 1980 Cecil Howard
Play me Again, Vanessa VCA Feature
Pleasure 4 VCR Productions Feature 1980
Porn From the Past 2 Classics, Compilation
Porno OD Las Vegas All Sex 1996 Dick Nasty, Toby Dammit
Raincoat Crowd VCX Gonzo, Classics 1980
Real Boogie Nights Global Media International Classics, Compilation
Rear Busters Limousine Anal, Compilation 2000
Scent of Heather Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1980 Bill Eagle
Seduction of Cindy VCA Feature 1980 Leon Gucci
Seka's Burning Desire Alpha Blue Compilation
Seka's Fantasies VCR Productions Feature, Classics 1980
Story of X Playboy Industry 1998 Chuck Workman
Susie Nero Collection Alpha Blue Classics, Compilation
Swedish Erotica 20 Caballero European, Feature 1981
Swedish Erotica 24 Caballero Compilation, Classics, 4 hour 2003
Swedish Erotica 29 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica 43 Caballero Compilation 1982
Swedish Erotica 44 Caballero European, Compilation, Classics 1982
Swedish Erotica 88 Caballero Vignettes
Swedish Erotica Hard 4 - Anal SuperStars Odyssey Anal, Compilation, Classics 1985
Taken From Behind Gourmet/GVC Anal, Classics 2007
Taste of Vanessa Del Rio Pink Video Compilation
Temptations Video X Pix Classics 1976
That Lady From Rio Video X Pix Classics 1976
That's Erotic VCX Classics 1979 Adele Robbins
The Filthy Rich Caballero Feature 1981 Michael Zen
They Want It, They Need It Western Visuals Classics
Three Ways 1 Wet Video
Three Ways 2 Wet Video Feature
Three Ways 3 Wet Video Gonzo
Three Ways 4 Wet Video Feature 1988
Tigress of the Jungle Global Media International Classics
Tigresses Video X Pix Vignettes
Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time VCA Compilation, 4 hour 1998
True Legends Golden Age VCA Classics
True Legends of Adult Cinema - The Golden Age VCA Compilation
Turbo Sex VCA Feature
Ultra Stars Of Retro Porn Western Visuals Compilation
Vanessa and Friends Caballero Compilation
Vanessa Del Rio Sunshine Compilation 2005
Vanessa Del Rio Fantasies 1 LBO Entertainment Feature
Vanessa Del Rio Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Vanessa Del Rio The Latin Lover Video X Pix Classics
Vanessa Exposed LBO Entertainment Star Spotlight 2000
Vanessa Gets it! Caballero Compilation
Vanessa Maid In Manhattan VCA Classics 1984 Henri Pachard
Vanessa Obsession VCR Productions Latin, Classics 1987 John Stagliano
Vanessa X-Posed LBO Entertainment Vignettes 2000
Vanessa's Anal Fiesta Alpha Blue Anal, Compilation
Virgin Snow Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1977
Viva Vanessa VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Henri Pachard
When She Was Bad Caballero Classics 1983 Kemal Horulu
Working for Love Caballero