Sharon Kane

Portrait of Sharon Kane
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  • Alice Wray
  • Elizabeth Loy
  • Jennifer Holmes
  • Jennifer Walker
  • Karen Kane
  • Sharn Kane
  • Sharon Cain
  • Sharon Caine
  • Sharon Cane
  • Sharon Kain
  • Sharon Maiberg
  • Sheri Vaughan
  • Shirley McGuire
  • Shirley Wood
  • Shirley Woods
  • 34C-25-36
  • 5'6
  • Blue eyes
  • Blonde hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1977 (approximately 21 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 2/24/1956 (63 years old)
  • Sharon Kane worked as a secretary for the Salvation Army before entering the adult film industry to become one of the most prolific performers to ever grace porn.
  • Alice Wray
  • Elizabeth Loy
  • Jennifer Holmes
  • Jennifer Walker
  • Karen Kane
  • Sharn Kane
  • Sharon Cain
  • Sharon Caine
  • Sharon Cane
  • Sharon Kain
  • Sharon Maiberg
  • Sheri Vaughan
  • Shirley McGuire
  • Shirley Wood
  • Shirley Woods
  • 34C-25-36
  • 5'6
  • Blue eyes
  • Blonde hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1977 (approximately 21 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 2/24/1956 (63 years old)
  • Sharon Kane worked as a secretary for the Salvation Army before entering the adult film industry to become one of the most prolific performers to ever grace porn.

Sharon Kane Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
13th Step Sex Video Gay 1998 Karen Dior
69th Street Vice VCA Feature 1985 Vince Benedetti
6th Trick Vivid Feature 2005 Chi Chi LaRue
Action in Black Fat Dog Ebony 1992
Alexandra VCA Feature, Classics 1983 Robert Freeman
All About Sharon Kane Video X Pix Compilation
All about She-Males Prime Video Productions Transsexual 1997
Amber Lynn Collection Video X Pix Compilation
America's Most Wanted Girl Intropics Video Feature 1989 Henri Pachard
Anal Arsenal Odyssey Anal
Angels Bi Day Devils Bi Night Filmco Bisexual
Apartment 69 America's Choice Inc. Feature 1992 Jim Malibu
Art of Passion Caballero Feature 1988 Henri Pachard
Asia Carrera is in the House Vivid Compilation 2005
Assumed Innocence Arrow/AFV Feature
Audition For Submission B and D Pleasures Bondage, Discipline, Femdom, BDSM 1998 BIP
Aunt Peg Cal Vista Feature, Classics, MILF 1980 Wes Brown
Aunt Peg's Fulfillment Cal Vista Feature, Classics, MILF 1981 Wes Brown
Babes Ballin' Boys 1 Pleasure Strap-Ons 1997 Johnny Rey
Babes Ballin' Boys 5 Pleasure Fetish
Babes Ballin' Boys Outrageous Pleasure Strap-Ons 2006
Babylon Blue Video X Pix Classics, Feature
Babylon Pink 2 Command Cinema Feature 1987 Henri Pachard
Babylon Pink 3 Command Cinema Feature 1987 Henri Pachard
Back Door Bunnies Destiny Productions Anal 1997
Bad Assed Blondes 3 Sin City Compilation, 4 hour, Blonde 2004
Bad Boys Punishment Bizarre Discipline F.J. Lincoln
Bathroom Babes Sunshine All Sex, Blonde 1997 Crystal Crawford
Be Careful What You Wish For VCA Transsexual 1994 Sharon Mitchell
Beaver Snacks Vivid Compilation 2004
Bedrooms and Boardrooms Dreamland Feature 1992 Jerry Ross
Best Bi Far 3 Catalina Compilation, Bisexual 1993
Best Bi Far 5 Catalina Bisexual 2002
Best of Barbara Dare 3 Wet Video Compilation
Best of Nina Hartley 2 Wet Video Compilation, Classics 2008
Best of No Man's Land 2 Video Team Compilation, Lesbian 1994
Best of Sharon Kane Pleasure Compilation
Best of Switch Hitters Brahma Studios Compilation, Bisexual 1989
Best Tits North of the Border Vivid Compilation 2005
Betrayed B and D Pleasures Bondage, Discipline, Lesbian, Spanking 2002 John Chasm
Betrayed into Bondage HOM Bondage
Bi And Large Vivid Bisexual, Compilation 2004
Bi Athletes Bi Now Productions Bisexual 2000
Bi Couples Who Swap Leisure Time Bisexual, Compilation, 4 hour 2001
Bi Friends Bacchus Bisexual 2001
Bi Guy 2 Midnight Bisexual
Bi It Now Vivid Bisexual 2004
Bi 'N Large Pleasure Bisexual 1994
Bi n Sell VCA Bisexual
Bi Now Pay Later Pleasure Bisexual 1995 Karen Dior
Bi Sexual Nation Thor Bisexual 1999 Thor Stephens
Bi Swingers Pleasure Bisexual 1990 R Stilskin
Bi The Way Vivid Compilation, Bisexual 2004
Bi TV - Sex-O-Vision 7 Heatwave Bisexual
Bi Ways Pleasure Bondage
Bi-Conflict Sunshine Bisexual 1995 Sam Abdul
Bi-Curious George Vivid Compilation 2006
Bi-Force Bi Now Productions Bisexual 2000
Big Switch 3 - Bachelor Party Catalina Bisexual 1991 Taylor Hudson
Big Tease 1 VCA Feature 1989 Paul Norman
Big Tease 2 VCA Compilation
Big Thrill Vidco Feature 1989 Alex De Renzy
Big Tit Bondage 3 Totally Tasteless Busty, Bondage 2003
Bi-Ology - The Making of Mr Right Catalina Bisexual 1992 Chi Chi LaRue
Bisexual Built for Two Vivid Compilation, Bisexual 2006
Bitanic Pleasure Bisexual 1998
Bitches Brawl Curtis Dupont Fetish 2003
Bitches of Westwood Caballero Feature, Parody 1988 Henri Pachard
Bi-Witched Jalapeno Pepper Bisexual 1994
Black Boots VCA Feature 1999 Chi Chi LaRue
Black Hole, White Pole Fat Dog Interracial
Black Poles in White Holes 4 LBO Entertainment Interracial
Black Sister White Brother Atomic Interracial
Blackballed Zane
Blackhole 8 - Black and Built Pepper Productions Ebony
Blowing in Style Evil Angel Oral 1989 Brandy Alexandre, John Stagliano
Blue Jeans Video X Pix Classics
Body Shots Vivid Compilation, 4 hour 2004
Book of Love VCA Feature 1992 Nina Hartley
Borrowed Bodies Coast To Coast Feature 1995 Teri Diver, Tom Elliot
Both my Lovers Lipstik Bisexual Paul Norman
Breast Worx 25 VCR Productions Busty 1992
Breast Worx 29 VCR Productions Busty
Bree's Beach Party Adam and Eve Femdom 2008 Jim Malibu
Bring on the Virgins Caballero Feature 1989 Alex De Renzy
Brooke Does College VCA All Sex 1984
Brown Eyed Blondes VCA Gonzo, Blonde 1999 Jim Holliday
Bunny's Office Fantasies VCA Feature 1986
Burlexxx VCA Feature
Bush Pilots 2 VCA Feature
Butch Box Vivid Compilation 2004
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 2 Evil Angel Anal, Compilation, Big Asses 1998 John Stagliano
California Blondes 6 Vidco Compilation, Blonde 1994
Call Girls in Action Cal Vista Feature 1989
Candida Royalle's Femme Femme Productions Feature, For Couples/Women 1999 Candida Royalle
Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower Femme Productions Feature, For Couples/Women 1997 Candida Royalle
Candida Royalle's Urban Heat Femme Productions Feature 1984 Candida Royalle
Candy Goes to Hollywood VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Gail Palmer
Cape Lere Coast To Coast
Caper Cats HOM 90's Porn Video 1999
Casting Couch Collectors Feature 1983 Ron Jeremy
Catalina Sixty Nine Arrow/AFV Feature 1991
Catwalk Sin City Feature 1995 Henry Spence
Catwalk 2 Sin City Feature Henry Spence
Caught Stealing Vivid Feature 2003 Tommy Ganz
Chain Gang Odyssey Lesbian 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Changing Partners Fantasy Home Video Feature
Channel 69 1 Coast To Coast Feature
Channel 69 2 Coast To Coast Feature 1996
Cheerleader Nurses VCA Young, Cheerleaders 2000
Chi Chi LaRue's Rack 'Em Vivid Feature 2003 Chi Chi LaRue
Chop Stix VCA Feature 1979 Jack Williams
Chronicles of Pain 3 - Slave Traders Bizarre Discipline
Chug-A-Lug Girls 3 Video Team Feature, Cum Shots 1993 Harold Lime
Cinderella in Chains 2 LBO Entertainment Bondage
Climax Caballero Classics 1986 Henri Pachard
Climax Shots 69 - Pussy Nights Metro Compilation
Clit Crazy 9 Sin City Ultra Oral, Compilation, 4 hour 1998
Clit Lickin' Chicks Lesbian
Cocks in Frocks 3 Totally Tasteless Transsexual, Transvestite
Coffee and Cream Gentlemen's Video Interracial 1996
College Days Gone Bi Bisexual, 4 hour 2000
Coming in Style Caballero Feature 2005
Coming Out Bi Intropics Video Bisexual 2002
Compulsive Behavior Odyssey
Conflict Vidco Feature 2007 Henri Pachard, Bruce Seven
Conflict of Interest Forum Studeos Gay 1995 Sam Abdul
Contract Erotic Angel Feature 1997 Cash Markman
Contract for Service Fallen Angel
Cougars of Boobsville Adam and Eve Busty, MILF 2010 Jim Malibu
Cracked Catalina Bisexual 2001 Josh Eliot
Cravings VCA Feature 1985 Gerard Damiano
Cross Dresser Sunshine Transsexual, Foreign 2001
Crossing Over Metro Feature 1991 Henri Pachard
Cult of the Whip London
Cunt Suckin' Sluts 10 Sin City Compilation
D.P. Women Heatwave Threesomes
Daddy's Little Girls Caballero Young 1983 John Christopher
Dallas Does Debbie Fresh Video Feature
Dance to the Whip LBO Entertainment 90's Porn Video 1996 Harold Lime
Dark Secrets Sin City Feature 1998
Darkroom Legend
Date with the Devil Fantasy Home Video Feature
De Blond Evil Angel Feature 1989 Brandy Alexandre, John Stagliano
De Renzy Tapes Caballero Compilation 1990 Alex De Renzy
Debbie Class of 89 Coast To Coast Feature
Decent Proposal Bi Line Bisexual 1993
Deep Inside Nikki Sinn VCA Compilation 1996 Veronica Hart
Deep Inside Ona Zee VCA Compilation 1993 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Racquel CDI / Cinderella Compilation
Deep Passage LBO Entertainment Feature, Classics 1978
Deep Rub VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Leon Gucci
Den Mothers Vivid Compilation, MILF, 4 hour 2005
Devil in Miss Jones 2 VCA Classics 1982 Henri Pachard
Dial 666 Lust Arrow/AFV Feature 1991 Jane Waters
Diaries of Fire and Ice 1 VCA Feature
Diaries of Fire and Ice 2 VCA Compilation
Dick of Death VCR Productions Feature, Classics 1985 Sharon Mitchell
Dirty Doc's Lesbian Friends 1 Pleasure
Dirty Lingerie Vidco Feature 2000
Dirty Movies Caballero Feature Gerard Damiano
Discipline Experts! HOM Discipline
Domina 4 LBO Entertainment Discipline
Domina 6 - Advanced Slave Training LBO Entertainment Discipline, Fetish
Don't Mess with the Mistress HOM Bondage, Discipline
Doomsday Sunshine Bondage, Feature, Discipline, BDSM 1998 F.J. Lincoln
Double Play 2 - Flowing Facials Video Team Ebony
Down Bi The River Vivid Bisexual 2004
Dragon Lady Sticky Transsexual
Dream Bound B and D Pleasures Bondage, Discipline, BDSM 1995 BIP
Dream Walk Command Cinema Feature
Dreams Bi Night Pleasure Bisexual
Dreams of Desire Ona Zee Feature 1996 Mike Horner
Dump Site Prestige BDSM 1989
Dungeon Dementia London Bondage, Discipline 1995
Dungeon Drag Queens Bizarre Fetish 1995
Dyke-A-Thon 1 - Sex-O-Vision 5 Heatwave Compilation, Lesbian 1995
Dynamite Blowjobs 2 Sin City
Earth Girls Are Sleazy SOHO Feature 1990 Henri Pachard
Earthquake Girls Coast To Coast All Sex 1990
Easy Lovers Essex Home Video Feature
Ebony and Ivory Sisters Pleasure Interracial, Lesbian
Echoes Odyssey Man Gay, Feature 2000 Chi Chi LaRue
Edge of Heat 4 4 Play
Education for a Dominatrix London Bondage, Lesbian, Discipline, Femdom, BDSM 1993
Elegant Bargain Fat Dog Compilation 1995
Eliminators Prestige Feature 1990 Mason Dixon
Entertainment Bi Night Pleasure Bisexual
Erica Boyer Non Stop Caballero Compilation 1990
Ernest Greene's Bondage Files B and D Pleasures Bondage Ernest Greene
Extremes Caballero Feature, Classics 1981 Alan Vydra
Fantasy VCX Feature Gerard Damiano
Fantasy World VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Bob Chinn, Jeffrey Fairbanks
Fashion Dolls LA Video Classics, Vignettes 1986 David Christopher
Fashion Fantasies VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Art Ben
Femmes on Fire VCA Lesbian Henri Pachard
Filthy Fuckers 117 - Killer Cocks Zane Compilation
Filthy Fuckers 120 Zane Anal, Compilation 1999
Fine Line SOHO
Finely Back In Hand Feature
Finer Things in Life Pleasure Lesbian
Finger Pleasures 5 Pleasure
Firestorm 1 Command Cinema Classics 1984 Cecil Howard
Firestorm 2 Command Cinema Feature 1987 Cecil Howard
Firestorm 3 Command Cinema Feature 1987 Cecil Howard
Firm K-Beech
Fit to be Tied Bruce Seven Bondage 2009 Bruce Seven
Flasher Vidco Feature, Classics 1986 Lasse Braun
Flaunt It! Pagan Pictures Feature 2001 Jane Waters
Flesh and Fantasy VCA Classics 1984 Gerard Damiano
Fly Bi Night All Worlds Bisexual 1997 Chi Chi LaRue
For Sale Bi Owner Heatwave Bisexual
For the Love of Pleasure TVX Feature
Forbidden Territory London Discipline 1999
Forced Love Las Vegas Feature 1990 Michael Craig
Four Alarm Essex Home Video
Frankenhunter Global Media International Feature 1993
French Invasion LBO Entertainment 90's Porn Video 1993 Harold Lime
Fuck Holes 55 - Lipstick Lesbos 4 Visual Images Lesbian
Gangbang Girl 10 Anabolic Gangbang 2000
Gaza Strip Vivid Compilation 2004
Gender Trans-Scender Blue Coral Transsexual
Generation Sex 1 - The Gallery Video Team
Geranalmo Hip Feature Stuart Canterbury
Get Bi Tonight Pleasure Bisexual 1994
Giant Hooters 4 Sin City Compilation
Girls Gone Bad 1 Gourmet/GVC Lesbian 1989 Bobby Hollander
Girls Gone Bad 2 - The Breakout Gourmet/GVC Lesbian 1989 Bobby Hollander
Girls Gone Bad 3 - Back in the Slammer Gourmet/GVC Lesbian 2006
Girls Gone Bad 4 - Cell Block Riot Gourmet/GVC Lesbian 1991 Milton Ingley
Girls in Heat Zane Lesbian 1991 Milton Ingley
Girls Just Wanna Have Girls 3 Coast To Coast Lesbian 1987
Girls Like Us Intropics Video Lesbian, Feature 1991
Girls who Dig Girls 11 Wet Video Lesbian
Girls Who Dig Girls 13 Wet Video Lesbian 1989
Girls who Dig Girls 17 Wet Video Lesbian
Girls who Dig Girls 18 Wet Video Lesbian
Girls who Dig Girls 19 Wet Video Lesbian
Girls who Dig Girls 9 Wet Video Lesbian
Girls who Love Girls 12 - Sizzling Sex Sluts Do It All Vidco Lesbian
Girls who Love Girls 13 - Luscious Lesbian Orgies Vidco Compilation, Lesbian 1989
Girls who Love Girls 14 - Femme Fatale Friction Vidco Lesbian
Girls who Love Girls 16 - Sweet Nothings with Hot Honeys Vidco Lesbian
Girls Who Love to Eat Pussy 2 Metro
Girls will Be Girls Redhot Video
Girls will Be Girls Las Vegas
Godmother 1 VCA Interracial, Feature, Parody 1988 John Stagliano
Good Things Come in Small Packages Caballero Feature
Good Vibrations 1 - Self Satisfaction for Women Instructional
Grandparent Homemade Sex Flicks Vamp Pictures Mature
Great Balls on Fire Fantasy Home Video
Green Serrano Pepper 4 Pepper Productions Transsexual, All Sex 1992
Gregory Dark's Sex Freaks NuTech Bizarre 1996 Gregory Dark
Greta Carlson's Slave Trade B and D Pleasures Discipline
Greta's Confessions HOM Bondage 2000
Grizzly Madams Vivid Compilation 2004
G-Strings Command Cinema Feature Henri Pachard
Happily Never After Vivid Feature 2003 David Stanley
Hard Rockin Babes Vidco Lesbian, Classics 1988 Bruce Seven
He She Cornholers Seduction Anal, Compilation, Transsexual 2005
Head Coeds Society Video Team Feature
Heart Throb CDI / Cinderella
Heatwave 1 Factory Video
Heaven's Touch Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Warren Evans
Her Use of Force Bruce Seven Bondage, Discipline Bruce Seven
He-She Mania 1 Wet Video
He-She Mania 2 Wet Video
He-She Mania 3 Wet Video
High Heeled Dreams Bizarre Fetish
Hills Have Bi's Catalina Bisexual, Feature 1996 Josh Eliot
Hollywood Confidential 2 Sin City Feature 2001
Hollywood She Males Metro Transsexual
Hollywood Swingers 4 VCR Productions Feature 1993
Hot Dreams Caballero Classics 1983 Warren Evans
Hot Lunch Classics Home Video Feature, Classics 1978 Howard Perkins
Hot N Hard 29 - Bad Conduct Gourmet/GVC Compilation
Hot Shoes Bizarre Fetish 1992 Henri Pachard
Hot Wire Video X Pix Classics, Vignettes Henri Pachard
Hot Wired Sin City Compilation, 4 hour 1997
House of 1000 Torments LBO Entertainment Discipline
House of Kane B and D Pleasures Bondage, Discipline, Fetish 1999 BIP
House of Torture August West Discipline
House on Paradise Beach VCA Feature 1996 Roy Alexandre
Humiliated! LBO Entertainment 90's Porn Video 1997 Karen Dior
Hyperkink Global Media International Feature 1990
Hypersexuals VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Robert Houston
I Do 1 Vivid Feature 1989 Paul Thomas
I Dream of Queenie SOHO Transsexual 1999
I Scream for Genie HOM Bondage, Discipline, Femdom 1997
I Submit London 2000
If You Can't Lick 'Em Join 'Em Bacchus
If Your Nasty Pleasure Lesbian 1993 Chi Chi LaRue
Illicit Affairs Caballero Feature 1989
In Defense Vivid Feature 2003 Chi Chi LaRue
In the Heat of the Night CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990 Jack Stephen
Incredible Dreams 1 Bizarre Feature, Transvestite 1993 Henri Pachard
Initiation of Cynthia Video X Pix Classics 1985
Inner Blues Vidco Feature, Classics 1988 Vinni Rossi
Insane Lesbian Penetrations Pure Filth Compilation, Lesbian, 4 hour 1997
Insatiable Blair Family Gourmet/GVC Feature
Inside Desiree Cousteau VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Leon Gucci
Interview With a Goddess Elegant Angel Feature 1998 Jane Waters
Introducing Tracy Pleasure Feature
Itty Bitty Titty Committee In Hand Lesbian, Feature 1989 Chi Chi LaRue
Jaded 4 Play Feature 1989 Bruce Seven
Jenna Confidential Club Jenna Vignettes 2009 Michael Zen
Jim Steel's Ooze - A Non-Penile Institution Odyssey Feature
Jizz Jockeys Vivid Compilation 2004
Joined In Hand Feature, All Sex 1989 Paul Norman
Joined at the Tit Vivid Compilation 2004
Juicin' the G-Spot 6 Sin City Compilation
Karen Dior's She Male Call Girls Bizarre Transsexual
Karen's Bi-Line SOHO Bisexual Chi Chi LaRue
Karin Dior's TV Dildo Fantasy 2 Bizarre Transsexual, Feature 1995
Keisha and Company Dreamland Compilation
Keyhole Video 160 - She-Males Crave Pussy Too Video Exclusives
Kinky Business 2 Dreamland Feature
Kinky Confessions Pirate Feature
Kinky Lesbians 2 In-X-Cess Lesbian
Kitty Kat Club In Hand Lesbian, Feature
Kym Wilde's On the Edge 29 Redboard Video Discipline
Lace Video Team Lesbian 1989 Paul Norman
Ladies in Combat Prestige Bizarre, Lesbian 1991
Ladies Lovin' Ladies 3 Arrow/AFV Compilation, Lesbian 1993
Last Will and A Sex Tape Gourmet/GVC Classics, Feature 2009
Last X-Rated Movie 1 Command Cinema Feature
Last X-Rated Movie 2 Command Cinema Feature
Last X-Rated Movie 3 Command Cinema
Last X-Rated Movie 4 Command Cinema Feature, All Sex 1990 Cecil Howard
Leather Video Team Lesbian, Leather 1996 Paul Norman
Leather and Lace Video Team Lesbian, Leather 1989 Paul Norman
Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 1 Bizarre Bondage, Lesbian, Discipline, Fetish, BDSM, Leather 1992
Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 2 Bizarre Bondage, Lesbian, Discipline, Fetish, BDSM, Leather 1993
Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 4 Bizarre Bondage, Lesbian, Discipline, Fetish, BDSM, Leather 1994 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Leg Ends 4 Prestige Feature
Legends of Porn 3 Cal Vista Compilation 1991
Lesbians Unleashed Bizarre Discipline
Lesbo A Go-Go Pleasure Lesbian
Lets Play Lick My Finger Vivid Compilation 2004
Letters From the Heart All Worlds Feature 1992 James C Stark
Letters of Love Caballero Feature
Lez Talk, More Action Vivid Compilation 2004
Lip Smackin Lesbians 7 Sin City Compilation
Lipstick Lesbians 2 Zane Lesbian 1996 Teri Diver
Liquid Assets Caballero Classics 1982
Little Miss Dangerous SOHO Feature
Love Goddesses VCA Classics, For Couples/Women 1981 Adele Robbins
Love Nest Caballero Feature
Love Shack Coast To Coast Feature 1990 Bob Vosse
Love Spice K-Beech Feature
Loveless Vivid Feature 2004 David Stanley
Maiden Heaven 2 K-Beech 90's Porn Video 1993
Make Me Feel It Essex Home Video Feature 1985 Henri Pachard
Man in Chains HOM Bondage, Discipline, Fetish 1995
Mark of Kane B and D Pleasures Discipline, BDSM 1999
Married Couples Who Love She Males Leisure Time Transsexual, 4 hour 2001
Married Men - With Men On The Side Pacific Sun Gay Paul Barresi
Married With She Males Pleasure Transsexual, Parody 1997
Massive Missiles Digital Dreams Compilation 2001
Master of Ecstasy B and D Pleasures 1997
Mating Game Pleasure Bisexual Paul Norman
Maximum Head Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Gerard Damiano
Men in Blue New Age Gay 1998 Gino Colbert
Merchant Bitch London
Miss Bondwell's Reformatory London Discipline
Mistress Kane London Feature
Mistress Kane Lessons in Terror Bizarre Discipline
Mistress Kane's Transsexual Secrets Bizarre Transsexual Ernest Greene
Mistress of Cruelty HOM Bondage 1995
Mistress Of Torment 3 Bizarre BDSM 2007
Mistresses at War 1 Bizarre 90's Porn Video 1993 F.J. Lincoln
Mistresses at War 2 Bizarre 90's Porn Video 1993 F.J. Lincoln
Mistresses of Torment 3 Bizarre Bondage
More of What Men Want Alexander Institute Instructional 1999
More of What Women Want Alexander Institute Instructional 2002
Ms. Fortune Vivid Feature 2003 Chi Chi LaRue
Ms. Magnificent Essex Home Video Feature 1977
My Friend's Hot Mom 6 Naughty America Mature, MILF 2006 Brett Brando
My Sister's Husband All Worlds Gay, Feature, Muscle 1996 Chi Chi LaRue
Mystery of the Golden Lotus Jet Multimedia Feature
N.Y.P.D. Trannie Plush Entertainment Transsexual
Naked Hollywood 17 & 18 Adam and Eve Feature 2003 Toni English
Naked Scents VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Elissa Christine
Nasty Girls VCX Feature, Classics 1983 Henri Pachard
Nasty Girls 4 Anabolic Lesbian 1993 Buffy Malibu
National Pornographic 1 4 Play Lesbian
Nefertiti's Manslave HOM Feature, Femdom, BDSM, Cosplay
Never Say Never Sin City Feature 1994 Harold Lime, Jane Waters
Never Sleep Alone Caballero Feature 1984 Kemal Horulu
New Barbarians 1 VCA Feature 1990 Henri Pachard
New Barbarians 2 VCA Feature 1990 Henri Pachard
New Wave Hookers 5 VCA Feature 1998 Michael Ninn
Night Dreams 3 VCA
Night Hunger Vivid Feature 1998
Night of the Living Bi-Dolls Catalina Bisexual 1997 Josh Eliot
Night Slave Madacy Records European, Feature 1997
Night Temptress Jet Multimedia Feature
No Dicks Allowed 83 Legend
No Man's Land 7 Video Team Lesbian 1993 Harold Lime
No Man's Land 9 Video Team Lesbian 1994 Jane Waters, Harold Lime
No Man's Land Legends Video Team Lesbian 2002 Bionca
No Mercy For Ashley London Lesbian, Discipline, Femdom, BDSM 1999
Obey Me Bitch 4 Bizarre Bondage
Office Heels Bizarre Fetish
Old Women Love Young Chicks Platinum Young and Old
On Trial 3 - Takin' It to the Jury Vivid Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
On Trial 4 - The Verdict Vivid Feature 1992 Paul Thomas
Once a Slave HOM Bondage
One Way at a Time Caballero Feature, Classics 1979 Alan B Colberg
Only the Best 2 Cal Vista Compilation 1988
Only the Best 3 - Then 'Til Now Cal Vista Classics Jim Holliday
Only the Very Best on Film VCA Compilation, Classics 1993 Jim Holliday
Ooze - A Non-Penile Institution Odyssey Feature, Lesbian 2000 Jim Steel
Opera Whip Me - Live! Bizarre Discipline 1999 Ernest Greene, Sharon Kane
Organ Grinders 7 Sin City Compilation
Oriental Cum Pots Hollywood Asian
Other Side of Debbie Coast To Coast Feature 1991 Bob Vosse
Oui Girls TVX Feature, Classics F.J. Lincoln
Our Dinner with Andrea Caballero Feature 1988 Frank Zee, Ona Zee
Outlaw Ladies 2 VCA Feature Henri Pachard
Outrageous Orgies 1 Wet Video Orgy
Outrageous Orgies 8 Wet Video Orgy
Overnight Sensation Wicked Feature 1995 Jeffrey Stevens
Overtime 1 - Dyke Overflow Video Team Compilation, Lesbian 1993
Party Partners Stallion Video 90's Porn Video 1994
Passage Thru Pamela VCA Classics 1985 Tom De Simone
Paul Norman's Nastiest 1 - Big Titted Tarts Pleasure Busty, Compilation 1994 Paul Norman
Peep Shows 33 - Orgy Nights VCA Gangbang
Perils of Paula Caballero Feature 2006
Persona Video Team Feature 1997
Phaedra Grant Collection Alpha Blue Classics, Compilation 2009
Phantom of the Cabaret 1 VCA
Phantom of the Cabaret 2 VCA Feature
Picture Me Bound London Bondage 1995 Olivia Outre
Playgirl Caballero Feature 1982
Playthings VCA Feature 1980 Robert Pudenda
Pleasures of Innocence VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Larry Revene
Pointers Las Vegas Feature 1990
Power Blonde Executive All Sex 1989 Henri Pachard
Pretty Girl Vivid Feature 2004 David Stanley
Pretty Peaches VCA Feature, Classics 1978 Alex De Renzy
Prisoners of Treachery London Bondage
Private School Girls Caballero Young, Classics, Schoolgirl 1983 J Angel Martine
Pump it Up! Las Vegas Feature 1991 Michael Craig
Punishment of Ashley Renee HOM Discipline
Puss 'N Boots Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1982
Pussy on a Platter Vivid Compilation 2004
Pussy on a Stick Vivid Transsexual 2004
Pyromaniac SOHO Feature 1990 Henri Pachard
Queen of Dominance HOM Discipline 1997
Ravaged CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990 Paul Norman
Real Magnolias All Worlds Feature, Parody 1989
Real Man Club G Gay 1999
Red Hot Fire Girls Vidco Feature 2003
Red Room and Other Places Command Cinema Compilation 1992 Cecil Howard
Release Me Video Team Feature
Remembering Times Gone Bi All Worlds Bisexual
Renegade CDI / Cinderella Feature
Restrained By Desire New Twist Productions Bondage, Lesbian, BDSM 1994 Ernest Greene
Return of the Cheerleader Nurses VCA Feature, Cheerleaders 1995
Return to Camp Beaver Lake Arrow/AFV Feature
Return to Sunsex Blvd. Catalina Gay Brad Austin
Revenge of the Bi-Dolls Catalina Bisexual 1994 Josh Eliot
Revenge of the Shemales Leoram Transsexual 2002 Kim Christy
Rich Man's She Male Blue Coral Transsexual, Blonde 1997
Rippin N' Strippin 1 Bon Vue Feature
Rippin N' Strippin 2 Bon Vue Fetish
Rising Star Caballero Feature
Robin Head Coast To Coast Feature
Rock Hard Coast To Coast Ebony 2003
Rock 'N' Roll Heaven Evil Angel Feature 1989 John Stagliano
Rocked into Submission London Discipline 1998
Rockhard Coast To Coast Anal
Rockin' With Rocco Leisure Time 4 hour, Compilation
Romancing the Bone VCA Feature 1984 Vince Benedetti
Ron Hightower's White Chicks 6 LBO Entertainment 1994
Saki's Bedtime Stories Hollywood Vignettes 1996 Michael Stefano
Saki's Private Party Totally Tasteless All Sex 1995 Michael Stefano
Saturday Night Special Dreamland Feature 1989 Henri Pachard
Scared Stiff B and D Pleasures Discipline 1993 Trixie Tyler
Scenes they Wouldn't Let Me VCA
Scope Vivid Feature 1996
Score of Sex Bacchus 90's Porn Video 1995
Sea of Desire Arrow/AFV Feature Stuart Canterbury
Secret SOHO Feature 1999
Secret Diary 1 Midnight Gonzo, Fetish 1994
Secret Dungeon HOM Bondage, Discipline, Fetish 1994
Secret Lives - The Lesbian Report Sin City Lesbian 1996 Harold Lime
Secret Recipe In Hand Lesbian
Secret Sex 3 - The Take Over Catalina Gay 1995 Chi Chi LaRue
Semper-Bi Pepper Productions Bisexual 1994
Sensuous Detective VCA Feature, Classics 1980 Kirdy Stevens
Sessions Vivid Feature 2003 David Stanley
Seven Deadly Sins Vivid Gonzo 1999 Robyn Dyer
Sex 2084 VCA Feature
Sex Crazed Couples 6 Sin City Compilation
Sex Spa USA VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Henri Pachard
Sex Starved She-Males Metro
Sexcapades VCA Feature 1983 Henri Pachard
Sextrology Caballero Feature
Sexual Healing Sin City Feature 1996 Thomas Paine
Sexual Secrets Access Media Instructional
Sexually Altered States VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Art Ben
Shameful Desires Pleasure Feature 1983 Janus Rainer
Sharon Kane's Guide To Great Lovemaking Alexander Institute Instructional 1998
Sharon's Painful Persuasions LBO Entertainment Discipline
Shauna - Every Man's Fantasy Caballero Classics, Industry 1985 Roberta Findlay
Shave It Clean, Fuck It Raw Fat Dog Fetish
She Loves She - Males Blue Pictures Transsexual 2002
She Male Booty Party Prime Video Productions Transsexual
She Male Instinct Seduction Transsexual 1996 Crystal Crawford
She Male Nation 1 Heatwave Transsexual
She Male Spirits in the Night VCA Transsexual 1991 Bob Vosse
She Males Down Under Leoram Transsexual
She Males Enslaved Bizarre Transsexual
She Males Enslaved 4 Bizarre Transsexual, BDSM 2004
She Males in Torment 3 Transsexual
She Studs 5 Bizarre
She Studs 6 Bizarre
She-Male Booty Party Prime Video Productions
She-Male Chefs Seduction Transsexual 2000 Chimera Chase
She-Male Diaries 1 Metro Compilation 2003
She-Male Diaries 2 Metro Compilation
She-Male Diaries 4 Metro Compilation 2004
She-Male Diaries 5 Metro Compilation
She-Male Down Under Leoram Transsexual
She-Male Instinct Seduction Transsexual
She-Male Latex Plush Entertainment Transsexual, Latex
She-Male Nymphos Metro
She-Male of the Year Plush Entertainment Transsexual
She-Male Seduction Metro Transsexual 1995 Karen Dior
She-Male Sex Toy 2 Leoram
She-Male She-Devils Bizarre Transsexual, Femdom, BDSM 1996 Gino Colbert
Shemale Sorority Secrets! Leoram Transsexual 2002 Kim Christy
She-Male Spirits in the Night VCA Transsexual
Shemales Down Under Leoram Transsexual 2002 Kim Christy
She-Males in Heat Executive Compilation, Transsexual 1998
She-Males Undercover Video Exclusives
She's Got a Dick Executive
She's So Fine VCA Feature 1985 Henri Pachard
She's So Fine 2 VCA Classics 1988 Henri Pachard
Shock - Latex 2 VCA Fetish, Latex 1996 Antonio Passolini, Michael Ninn
Sinderella's Revenge HOM Bondage, Discipline 2003
Single White SheMale Pleasure Transsexual 1992 Jim Enright
Sinners 1 - Set-Up Command Cinema
Sinners 2 - The Burn Command Cinema
Sinners 3 - Naked Truths Command Cinema
Sissy's Hot Summer Caballero Feature, Classics 1979 Aaron Colberg
Sizzling She-Males Metro Transsexual 1995 Karen Dior
Slave Boy HOM Bondage 1996
Slave Traders London Discipline
Slaves of the Warrior Queen London Discipline
Slightly Used Vidco Feature, Classics 1987 Gerard Damiano
Slit Skirts Video X Pix Classics 1983 J.D. Marlowe
Slow Burn VCA Feature 1995
Sluts in Slavery LBO Entertainment Discipline 1993
SM TV 2 Filmco Transsexual 1993
Small Town Girls VCX Classics 1981 Tom Janovich
Sniff Doggie Style Pleasure Feature
Songs in the Key of Sex His Gay 1992 Chi Chi LaRue
Sorority Pink Cal Vista Feature 1989
Sorority Pink 2 Cal Vista Feature
Sorority Sex Kittens 1 VCA Orgy 1992 Jim Holliday
Sorority Sex Kittens 2 VCA Orgy 1992
Spiked Heel Diaries 1 Bizarre Foot Fetish
Spiked Heel Diaries 2 Bizarre Foot Fetish
Splendor in the Ass 1 Caballero Anal, Classics 1989 Gerard Damiano
Stairway to Paradise VCA All Sex 1990
Stasha's Diary CDI / Cinderella Feature
Steak Out Vivid Compilation 2004
Story of Pain August West Discipline, BDSM 1993 Trixie Tyler
Straight Dee's Vivid Compilation 2005
Strange Night on Earth Pepper Productions Feature 1993 Loretta Sterling
Stranger at the Backdoor Coast To Coast Feature, Anal Teri Diver
Strictly Business Vidco Feature 1987 Jack Remy
Strip for the Whip B and D Pleasures Discipline 1997 Porsche Lynn
Stripped and Whipped Live HOM Bondage, Discipline, Fetish 1994
Stroke at Midnight LBO Entertainment
Summer School VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Godfrey Daniels
Super Suckers Of Porn Vivid Compilation 2003
Suzie Superstar - The Search Continues Cal Vista Feature 1984 Henri Pachard
Swap Vivid Feature 1990 Paul Thomas
Swedish Erotica 1 Caballero European, Classics 1981
Swedish Erotica 11 Caballero Feature
Swedish Erotica 4 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica Hard 31 - Jessie's Wild Women Odyssey Compilation, Classics 1985
Swedish Erotica Hard 36 - Black Dick Blonde Chicks Odyssey Interracial, Compilation, Classics, Blonde 1985
Swedish Erotica Hard 7 - John and Johnny's Double Penetration Odyssey Anal, Compilation, Classics, Threesomes 1985
Swedish Erotica Hard 9 - Leather Leashes and Lingerie Odyssey Bondage, Compilation, Classics 1985
Sweet Dreams Suzan Caballero Feature 1979 Leoni Valentino
Swing Shift Pleasure Bisexual
Swingers Ink VCA Feature
Swinging Shift CDI / Cinderella Classics 1985 Tom Morton
Switch Hitters 5 - Night Games Intropics Video Bisexual 1990
Switch Hitters 8 Intropics Video Bisexual Gino Colbert
Switch Hitters 9 Intropics Video Bisexual Gino Colbert
Switchcraft Catalina Bisexual Josh Eliot
T.V. Nation 1 Heatwave Transsexual
Taboo American Style 4 - The Exciting Conclusion Fat Dog Feature, Classics 1985 Henri Pachard
Tailiens 2 Fat Dog Feature
Tailiens 3 Fat Dog
Taken From Behind Gourmet/GVC Anal, Classics 2007
Takin' It to the Jury-Trial 3 Vivid Feature
Tales of the Backside LBO Entertainment Anal 1986 Bobby Hollander
Talk Dirty To Me Dreamland Feature, Classics, Dirty Talk 1980 Anthony Spinelli
Talk Dirty To Me 5 Dreamland Feature, Classics, Dirty Talk 1986 Henri Pachard
Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency and Extended Orgasm Video Team Instructional 1994 Kay Parker, Wesley Emerson
Taste of Ona Zee Caballero Compilation
Taste of Sharon Pink Video
Tattle Tails Essex Home Video
Taxi Muchachas 4 - La Hija Pecadora Latin Lovers Productions Latin
Terrors of the Inquisition HOM
That's Outrageous Caballero Feature 1983 F.J. Lincoln
The Alley Vivid Feature 2003 Chi Chi LaRue
The Best of Talk Dirty 2 Dreamland Compilation, Classics, Dirty Talk 1993
The Bi-way or the Hi-way Vivid Compilation 2003
The Girls Club VCA Feature
The Life Wicked Feature 2003 Eli Cross
They All Look Good at Closing Time Vivid Compilation 2004
Three Brothers New Age Gay, Muscle, Group Sex 1998 Gino Colbert
Three the Hard Way 8 Sin City Compilation, Threesomes 1995
Throat - 12 Years After VCA Classics, Industry 1984 Gerard Damiano
Tickled Pink VCA Feature
Tied, Trained & Transformed 2 Bizarre Bondage
Timeless VCA Anal, Classics 1997 Jim Holliday
Tina Tyler's Favorites 2 - Lesbian Lick-A-Thon Odyssey Lesbian
To Bi For Pleasure Bisexual 1996 Crystal Crawford
Toys for Twats 2 Vivid Compilation
Tranny Sunshine Transsexual 1997 Crystal Crawford
Trans Europe Express VCA Transsexual
Transexual 6900 Las Vegas Transsexual, Feature 1990
Transexual Game Show Prime Video Productions Transsexual 1996
Transexuals - The Lost Footage Antigua Pictures Compilation, Transsexual 2009
Transexual's Revenge Transsexual
Transient Sunshine Transsexual 1997 Vivian Versace
Transitions Pleasure Anal, Feature
Transmissions Sunshine Transsexual 1997 Vivian Versace
Transsexual Sole Searchers Transsexual
Transsexuals - The Lost Footage Antigua Pictures Compilation, Transsexual 2009
Trespassers Will Be Punished LBO Entertainment Discipline
Triangle Vivid 2000
Tri-Sexual Encounters 10 Pleasure Transsexual 1990
Tri-Sexual Encounters 12 Pleasure Transsexual
True Legends Erotic 80's VCA Classics
True Legends Golden Age VCA Classics
True Legends of Adult Cinema - The Erotic Eighties VCA Compilation, Classics 1992 Scotty Fox
True Legends of Adult Cinema - The Golden Age VCA Compilation
True Legends of Adult Cinema - Unsung Superstars VCA Compilation 1992 Jim Holliday
TS Files Bizarre Transsexual 1999 Ernest Greene, Sharon Kane
Turn on with Kelly Nichols Caballero
TV Dildo Fantasy 2 Bizarre Transsexual
TV Nation 2 Heatwave Transsexual 1994
TV Parties Tonight Heatwave Transsexual
TV Teased and Tormented Bizarre Transsexual 1995
TV'S in Leather and Pain Bizarre Transsexual, BDSM, Leather 1996
TV-TS Superstars 2 Bizarre Compilation, Transsexual, Transvestite 2006
Twilight Pink 2 VCA
Twisted Visions Twist Discipline
Two Birds With One Bone Vivid Compilation 2004
Ultrasex VCA Feature, Classics 1987 Gerard Damiano
Under Contract - Tia Bella Vivid Compilation 2003
Untamed Passion Video Exclusives
Urges VCA
Urges In Young Ladies Gourmet/GVC Classics, Feature 2009 Janus Rainer, David Christopher
Val Gals In Hand Lesbian
Viet Tran! LBO Entertainment Transsexual Henri Pachard
Villa De Sade HOM Bondage, Lesbian, Discipline, Fetish 1990 Veronika Rocket
Violation of Chandler JM Productions Lesbian, Gangbang 1998 Jim Powers
Vista Valley P.T.A. Cal Vista Feature 1992
Voyeur VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Chuck Vincent
Wall to Wall 2 Pleasure All Sex Johnny Rey
Weekend in Bondage Bizarre Bondage, Discipline 1994 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Wendy's Bi Experience Video Exclusives Bisexual, Threesomes 1994
Wet Kisses Essex Home Video
Wet Shots Review 4 Metro
What Men Want Alexander Institute Instructional, For Women 2002
What's Love Got To Do With It Western Visuals Feature, Classics 1989 Roy Karch
When She Was Bad Caballero Classics 1983 Kemal Horulu
Whip Whisperer Bruce Seven Bondage, Discipline 2009 Bruce Seven
White Slavery London Bondage 2006
Who Shaved Cassie Nova Executive Feature 1989 Chi Chi LaRue
Who Shaved Lynn Le May Executive Fetish 1989 Henri Pachard
Wicked Sensations 2 Dreamland
Widespread Scandals of Lydia Lace Caballero Feature 1982 Henri Pachard
Wild Heart Intropics Video Feature 1989 Henri Pachard
Women at Play Caballero Feature, Classics 1984 Art Ben
Women Who Love She Males Leisure Time Transsexual
Worthy Women All Worlds
Wow! What a Clit! Vivid Compilation 2005
Wrath of Kane B and D Pleasures Bondage 1995 BIP
Wright Stuff Arrow/AFV Feature Jeff Coldwater
Xtremely Nasty Nymphos 5 Hollywood Video Compilation, All Sex 1994
XXXhibition - Pussy on Parade Oooh La La Gonzo
Young Girls in Tight Jeans Vidco Young, All Sex 1989 Gerard Damiano