Ray Victory

Portrait of Ray Victory
Image of Ray Victory
Courtesy of Performer

  • Cole Fury
  • Erwin Radboy
  • Erwin Ray Viser
  • Imperial Sugar
  • Ray Van
  • Ray Victor
  • Ray Visor
  • Victor Butler
  • 5'11
  • Brown eyes
  • Black hair
  • Black
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1984 (approximately 24 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 11/2/1960 (58 years old)
  • Was married to fellow adult performer, Jean Afrique, from May 31st, 1990 until her death, July 29th, 2011
  • Cole Fury
  • Erwin Radboy
  • Erwin Ray Viser
  • Imperial Sugar
  • Ray Van
  • Ray Victor
  • Ray Visor
  • Victor Butler
  • 5'11
  • Brown eyes
  • Black hair
  • Black
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1984 (approximately 24 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 11/2/1960 (58 years old)
  • Was married to fellow adult performer, Jean Afrique, from May 31st, 1990 until her death, July 29th, 2011

Ray Victory Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
Afro Erotica 17 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 20 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 24 Wet Video Ebony, Interracial, Compilation 1988
Afro Erotica 26 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1988
Afro Erotica 30 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1988
Afro Erotica 31 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1989
Afro Erotica 33 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1989
Alice in Blackland VCA Ebony, Anal, Feature 1988 Duck Dumont
Anal Attraction 2 Arrow/AFV Anal 1993
Anal Intruder 2 Coast To Coast Anal 1988 Tina Marie
Anal Woman Pleasure Anal, Interracial
Angel of the Island Intropics Video Feature 1989 Richard Mailer
Angel Rising Intropics Video Feature, Classics 1988 Richard Mailer
Back to Black 1 Video Exclusives Ebony 1993
Backdoor Blacks Wet Video Ebony, Interracial, Anal 1992 Robert McCallum
Backdoor Blacks 6 Wet Video Anal
Backdoor Brides 3 Paradise Video Anal 1988 Jerome Bronson
Backdoor Summer 2 Paradise Video Anal 1989 Gordon Vandermeer
Backdoor to Hollywood 12 CDI / Cinderella Anal 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Bad Mama Jama Busts Out Video Team Plump 1989 Loretta Sterling
Barbii Unleashed 4 Play Feature, Classics 1988 Bruce Seven
Barbii's from Rags to Riches CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Beauty and the Beast 2 VCA Feature 1990 Paul Thomas
Bedspread 2 Vivid Compilation 1995
Beefeaters Paradise Video Feature 1989
Best of Andrew Blake Caballero Compilation 1999 Andrew Blake
Best of Nina Hartley Caballero Compilation, Star Spotlight 2008
Best of X-Plicit 5 Xplicit Compilation
Bet Black CDI / Cinderella Interracial 1989
Big Bust Babes 4 CDI / Cinderella Busty, All Sex 1988
Big E 7 Platinum Fetish, Vignettes 1987
Big 'N' Black 7 Zane Interracial
Black and Gold CDI / Cinderella Interracial
Black and White and Blue CDI / Cinderella Feature
Black Beauty CDI / Cinderella Interracial 1989 John Stagliano
Black Champions Bacchus Gay 2002
Black Chicks in Heat VCA Ebony 1988 Ron Jeremy
Black Dreams CDI / Cinderella Interracial 1988 Ron Jeremy
Black Fox Coast To Coast Ebony 1989 Ron Jeremy
Black Fuckers 20 - Sweet Black Pussy Visual Images Ebony
Black Heat Wet Video Interracial 1987 William Whett
Black Moon Rising Zane Interracial 1987 Eathen Marcs
Black Mystique Metro Ebony, Interracial 1986 Jack Remy
Black N Blew VCA Ebony 1988 Ron Jeremy
Black Studies Gourmet/GVC Interracial 1992
Black With Sugar CDI / Cinderella Interracial 1989
Blackman Pleasure Ebony 2008 Duck Dumont
Blacks and Blondes - The Movie Western Visuals Interracial, Blonde 1990 Roy Karch
Blind Date CDI / Cinderella Feature 1989 Ron Jeremy
Bod Squad Video Team Interracial
Buns and Roses Venus 99 90's Porn Video 1992
Buttman's Bend Over Babes Evil Angel Gonzo 1990 John Stagliano
Catwoman VCA Feature 1988 John Leslie
Chameleon VCA Feature 1989 John Leslie
Chance Meetings Leisure Time Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Charlie's Girls 1 Coast To Coast Interracial, All Sex 1989 Ron Jeremy
Charlie's Girls 2 Coast To Coast Interracial, All Sex 1989 Gordon Vandermeer
Cheeks 1 Coast To Coast Anal, Feature 1988 Derek Powers
Cheeks 2 - Bitter End Coast To Coast
Chocolate Cherries Caballero Interracial 1995
Chocolate Cherries 2 Coast To Coast Ebony 1990
Chocolate Dreams Dreamland Ebony
Cicciolina - The Rise of the Roman Empress 2 Paradise Video Feature 1990 Jim Reynolds
Coffee and Cream Gentlemen's Video Interracial 1996
Collector's Choice 10 CDI / Cinderella Classics
Collector's Choice 13 CDI / Cinderella Compilation 1995
Collector's Choice 15 CDI / Cinderella Compilation
Debbie Does Dallas 5 Video Exclusives Feature 1988 Jeff Stallion
Deep in the Bush K-Beech All Sex 1990
Deep Undercover Feature
Diamond for Sale Erotic Video Network
Diedre in Danger Vivid Feature 1990 Paul Thomas
Dirty Doc's Sticky Faces 1 Pleasure
Double Black Fantasy Coast To Coast Gonzo
Dreams Arrow/AFV Classics 1987
Dreams in the Forbidden Zone LBO Entertainment Feature Jean-Pierre Ferrand
Drink of Love Venus 99 90's Porn Video 1990 CB DeMille
Easy Way Out Pleasure Feature 1989 John T Bone
Ebony Garden Zane Interracial 1988
Ebony Humpers 1 Leisure Time Interracial 1986 Ron Jeremy
Ebony Humpers 3 Leisure Time Ebony, Interracial 1993 Ron Jeremy
Erotic Adventures of Blackman and Anal Woman Pleasure Ebony
Erotic Adventures of Blackman and Analwoman Pleasure Anal
Erotic Eruptions 6 - Cum shooting Orgies Pleasure Compilation
Erotic Explosions 1 Pleasure Gonzo
Erotic Explosions 12 Pleasure Compilation
Erotic Explosions 13 Pleasure Compilation
Erotic Explosions 17 - All Anal Fuck Feast Pleasure Anal
Erotic Explosions 18 Pleasure Compilation
Erotic Explosions 21 Pleasure Anal
Erotic Explosions 24 Pleasure Compilation 1991
Erotic Explosions 3 Pleasure Compilation
Erotic Games - What's Done is Done Pleasure Feature
Eye of the Tigress Caballero Feature, Classics 1988 Bruce Seven
Flesh for Frankenstein Video Exclusives Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Frat Brats VCA Young
From Kascha with Love CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Full Metal Bikini Penquin Video
Future Lust - A Time to Come Moonlight Feature 1989 Scotty Fox
Girl Named Sam Coast To Coast Feature
Girls of Ball Street Video Exclusives Feature 1988 John Stagliano
Girls of Fur Pi VCX Feature
Godmother 1 VCA Interracial, Feature, Parody 1988 John Stagliano
Godmother 2 VCA Interracial, Feature, Parody 1988 John Stagliano
Goodtime Charli CDI / Cinderella Feature
Hard Road to Victory Western Visuals Feature 1989
Hard Sell VCA Feature 1990
Harlem Candy Wet Video Feature 1987
Haunted Passions Filmco Feature
Hawaii Vice 4 - Soft Shoulders and Dangerous Curves CDI / Cinderella
Hawaii Vice 7 - The Thin Blue Line CDI / Cinderella Feature
Hidden Pleasures Video Exclusives Feature 1991 Aja, Frank James
Home Movies Global Media International Feature 1989
Hospitality Sweet Western Visuals Feature
Hot Pink and Chocolate Brown Paradise Video Interracial, Feature 1988 Jerome Bronson
Hot Service Wet Video Feature, Classics 1989
Hot Talk Radio Vidway Feature 1990 Gerard Damiano
Hustler CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
I Can't Get No Satisfaction CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988
I Found My Thrill on Cheri Hill Pleasure Young, Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Immorals 1 - Broken Hearts Arrow/AFV Feature Regina Jax
Immorals 2 - The Good, the Bad and the Banged Arrow/AFV Feature
Integrated Couples Pirate Interracial 1991
Interracial Anal Bonanza Vidco Anal, Interracial
Introducing Kascha CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988
Island Girls - Fun in the Sun CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990
Jeanette Starion and the Horny Female Pleasure Interracial, 4 hour 1990
Keyhole Video 129 - Jean Africque Special Video Exclusives Interracial, Compilation 1992
King Tung Meets Anal Woman Pleasure Anal 1990 Bobby Hollander
Kiss my Grits Caballero Feature 1990
Knights in White Satin Arrow/AFV Interracial
Laid in the USA Coast To Coast Feature 1988 Cory Chaplin
Last Good Bi CDI / Cinderella Bisexual 1990
Legend of Reggie D. Evil Angel Feature 1989 John Stagliano
Let Me Tell Ya About Fat Chicks 2 4 Play Plump 1987 Loretta Sterling
Life in the Fat Lane 2 - The Heavy Load Filmco Plump 1991 Loretta Sterling
Lottery CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Lovethirsty Intropics Video
Lust of Blackula Arrow/AFV Ebony 1987 Barry Morrison
Lusty Detective Video Exclusives Feature 1988
Magic Pool Caballero Feature
Mandii's Magic CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988
Matched Pairs Video Exclusives
Maximum Head Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Gerard Damiano
Misadventures of the Bang Gang Arrow/AFV Gangbang
Mystery of the Golden Lotus Jet Multimedia Feature
Nasty as She Wants to Be Intropics Video Feature
Nasty Blacks Leisure Time Ebony 1998 Ron Jeremy
National Poontangs Sex Vacation Filmco Feature
Night Trips Caballero Feature 1989 Andrew Blake
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Breast Fantasy Home Video Feature
One of These Nights Venus 99
Oral Ecstasy 6 Wet Video Oral
Orgy Fuck Fat Dog Compilation
Passion Princess Venus 99 Feature 1991 William DeCiecie
Peepshows 32 - Black is Better VCA Compilation
Perfect Girl Video Exclusives Feature
Personal Touch 2 Arrow/AFV Feature, Classics, Vignettes 1983 Bobby Hollander
Personal Touch 4 - This One's for You Arrow/AFV Vignettes 1989 Bobby Hollander
Precious Gems Cal Vista Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Proposals Coast To Coast Feature 1988 John Stagliano
Queen of Spades Caballero Interracial 1986 Jack Genero
Raunch-O-Rama 202 - Blondes and Blacks Leisure Time Interracial, Compilation, Blonde 1992
Raunchy Ranch Arrow/AFV Feature 1991 Bob Gordon
Red Baron Fantasy Home Video Feature 1989 Michael Craig
Rockhard Files Venus 99 Interracial 1991 Sibley Burnham
Salsa Break Evil Angel Latin 1989 John Stagliano
Screamin Reamers 22 - Interracial Fuck Fest Moonlight Interracial
Sea of Desire Arrow/AFV Feature Stuart Canterbury
Secret of My Sex-Cess Cal Vista Feature 1988
Sex Toy Caballero Feature
Sexaholic VCA Feature
Sexual Fantasies Pacific Media Feature
Sexy Nurses Cal Vista Feature 2001
She's Americas Most Wanted Video Exclusives
Snapshots Coast To Coast
Snatched Vivid Feature 1989 Paul Thomas
Soft Caresses Video Exclusives Feature
Soul Games Paradise Video Ebony, Interracial, Feature 1988 Gordon Vandermeer
Splash Dance Arrow/AFV Feature 1987
Stairway to Heaven Moonlight Feature 1989 Scotty Fox
Star 88 Leisure Time Interracial, Compilation 1988 Ron Jeremy
Strange Curves VCA Feature 1994 John Leslie
Stud Squad Filmco Gay
Swedish Erotica Featurettes 1 Caballero European, Vignettes 1989 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Swedish Erotica Featurettes 5 Caballero Classics, Vignettes 1990 Frank James, Ted Gorley, Patty Rhodes
Sweet Addiction CDI / Cinderella Feature
Sweet Chocolate Caballero Ebony, Feature Phil Prince
Taboo 92 Gourmet/GVC Classics
Tailgunners Wet Video Feature 1986 Charlie Diamond
Tails of the Town Western Visuals Feature 1988
Tami Monroe Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Taste of Barbii Pink Video Compilation, Star Spotlight 1990
Taste of Black Wet Video Interracial
Taste of Cheri Taylor Pink Video 90's Porn Video, Star Spotlight 1990
Taste of Purple Passion Pink Video Interracial 1990
Taste of Tami Pink Video Compilation
Three Ways 5 Wet Video Feature
Three Ways 6 Wet Video Gonzo 1995
Tickle Power Prestige Fetish 1988
Torch 1 Vivid Feature 1990 Paul Thomas
Total Eclipse of the Moon Vidco Feature Phil Prince
Under the Law Arrow/AFV Feature 1989 Buck Adams
Victoria Paris Screws the Stars Caballero Compilation, Star Spotlight 2008
Weekend Blues Intropics Video Feature 1990 CC Williams
Weekend Delights Venus 99 Feature 1988
Wet and Wild 1 Video Exclusives All Sex 1986 Ron Jeremy
Wet Wonderland Video Exclusives Interracial 1990 Ron Jeremy
What's Love Got To Do With It Western Visuals Feature, Classics 1989 Roy Karch
White Girls Love Black Cock Executive Interracial
Whole Diamond Erotic Video Network
Who's Dat Girl Video Exclusives