R Bolla

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  • R. Bolla
  • Richard Bocca
  • Richard Bolla
  • Richard Bollar
  • Robert Bola
  • Robert Bolla
  • Robert Brown
  • Robert Kerns
  • Sam Speed
  • 5'8
  • Brown eyes
  • Dark Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • American, Jewish
  • Starting Year: 1974 (approximately 27 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 12/16/1947 (71 years old)
  • R. Bolla
  • Richard Bocca
  • Richard Bolla
  • Richard Bollar
  • Robert Bola
  • Robert Bolla
  • Robert Brown
  • Robert Kerns
  • Sam Speed
  • 5'8
  • Brown eyes
  • Dark Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • American, Jewish
  • Starting Year: 1974 (approximately 27 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 12/16/1947 (71 years old)

R Bolla Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
Adventures of Rick Quick Private Dick Caballero Feature, Classics 1984 Kristin Leavenworth
Alexandra VCA Feature, Classics 1983 Robert Freeman
Amanda By Night Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Robert McCallum
Amazing Sex Stories 2 Arrow/AFV Compilation 1987
American Desire Caballero Feature, Classics 1981 Lasse Braun
Angel Buns Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1981 David MacKenzie
Anyone But My Husband VCA Feature, Classics 1977 Roberta Findlay, David Darby
Babes in Joyland Command Cinema Compilation 1987 Cecil Howard, Chuck Vincent, Henri Pachard
Babylon Pink Command Cinema Feature, Classics 1979 Henri Pachard
Bad Penny Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1999 Chuck Vincent
Beach House Caballero Feature
Bionic Babes Alpha Blue Feature, Classics 1986 Jesse Adams
Blonde Ambition Video X Pix Feature
Blonde Velvet Video X Pix Feature 1976
Blow Dry Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1976 David Secter
Body Shop VCX Feature, Classics 1984 Bill Amerson
Breaker Beauties Alpha Blue Feature, Classics 1977 Steven Barry
Budding of Brie VCA Classics 1980 Henri Pachard
Bunny's Office Fantasies VCA Feature 1986
Casino of Lust Atom Feature 1984 Adam
Centerfold Fever Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1981 Richard Mailer
Cherry Cheesecake Arrow/AFV Feature, Classics 1985 Brian McLaren
China Doll VCA Asian 2002
Chorus Call VCA Classics 1978 Antonio Sheperd
Come With Me My Love VCX Feature, Classics 1976
Dangerous Stuff Command Cinema Feature, Classics 1985 Cecil Howard
Debbie Does Dallas VCX Feature, Classics 1978 Jim Clark
Debbie Does Dallas - 20th Anniversary Edition Arrow/AFV Classics 1994 F.J. Lincoln
Debbie Does Dallas 2 Caballero Feature, Classics 1981 Jim Clark
Debbie Does Dallas 3 VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Adele Robbins
Delicious Video X Pix Feature 1981 Philip T Drexler jr
Devil in Miss Jones 2 VCA Classics 1982 Henri Pachard
Dr. Desire Vidco
Dracula Exotica VCA Feature, Classics 1980 Warren Evans
Feelings VCA Feature
Fiona on Fire VCA Classics 1977 Warren Evans
Flesh and Ecstasy Vidco Feature Jack Remy
For Richer For Poorer VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Gerard Damiano
Foxtrot Command Cinema Feature, Classics 1982 Cecil Howard
From Holly with Love Caballero Feature
Girl Named Trinity Brown Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1984
Girl's Best Friend Video X Pix Classics 1981 Henri Pachard
Girls of the Night Legend Feature, Classics 1984 Ned Morehead
Girls on Fire VCX Classics 1985 Jack Remy
Give it to Me Essex Home Video Classics 1984 Henri Pachard
Good Girls of Godiva High VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Jim Clark
Great Sexpectations VCA Feature, Classics
Hindsight Metro Gonzo
Holiday for Angels Intropics Video Feature, Classics 1987 Richard Mailer
Honeymoon Haven Video X Pix Classics 1977 Carter Stevens
Hot Blooded VCX Feature, Classics 1985 Godfrey Daniels
Hypnotic Sensations VCX Feature 1985
I Love L.A. 1 Penquin Video Classics, Industry 1987 Jack Remy, Lee Cooper
I Love L.A. 2 Penquin Video
In Love VCA Feature, Classics 1983 Chuck Vincent
Indecent Exposure TVX Feature, Classics 1981 Robert McCallum
Inside Jennifer Welles Video X Pix Star Spotlight
Inside Seka Video X Pix Classics 1980 Seka, Ken Yontz
Long Hard Nights Essex Home Video Feature
Looking for Love VCX Feature, Classics 1985
Love Couch VCA Feature
Lusty Adventurer VCX Classics
Make Me Feel It Essex Home Video Feature 1985 Henri Pachard
Men who Love Huge Boobs Gourmet/GVC Busty
More than Sisters VCA Feature, Classics 1979 Warren Evans
Naked Scents VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Elissa Christine
Nasty Girls VCX Feature, Classics 1983 Henri Pachard
New York City Woman VCA Feature, Classics 1979 Roberta Findlay
Oh Those Nurses! VCA Feature, Cosplay 1982 CC Williams
Once Upon a Secretary Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1983 Ron Jeremy
One Night at a Time Paradise Video Feature
Only the Very Best on Film VCA Compilation, Classics 1993 Jim Holliday
Oral Ecstasy 4 Wet Video Oral 1988
Outlaw Ladies 1 VCA Feature 1981 Henri Pachard
Perfection Vidco Feature 1985
Pink Ladies VCA Feature, Classics 1980 Travis St. Germaine
Pleasure 3 VCR Productions Feature 1980
Pleasures of Innocence VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Larry Revene
Pop Porn Filmco
Pop-Porn 1 4 Play
Public Affairs Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Henri Pachard
Satisfactions Caballero Feature 1982 Robert McCallum
Satisfiers of Alpha Blue Arrow/AFV Feature, Classics 1980 Gerard Damiano
Scent of Heather Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1980 Bill Eagle
Scoundrels Command Cinema Classics
Sex in Public Places Gourmet/GVC Compilation, Outdoors
Skin Flicks Adult Video Corp. Classics 1978 Gerard Damiano
Sky Pies Gourmet/GVC Feature 1985
Society Affairs Caballero Classics 1982 Robert McCallum
Starmaker VCA Feature 1982 Ken Yontz
Street Heat VCA Feature
Taboo American Style 3 - Nina Becomes an Actress VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Henri Pachard
Teenage Pajama Party Alpha Blue Feature, Classics 1977 Jim Clark
This Lady is a Tramp Cal Vista Feature 1980
Tower of Power Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1985 Robert McCallum
Triangle of Lust VCR Productions Feature
Triple-X Confidential 4 VCA Feature
Triple-X Confidential 5 VCA Feature
Trouble With Young Stuff VCX Feature, Classics 1976 Joe Sarno
Twilight Pink Arrow/AFV Classics, Vignettes, Parody 1981 Travis St. Germaine
Twilight Pink 2 VCA
Veronica's Diary Video X Pix Compilation 1985
Viva Vanessa VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Henri Pachard
When She Was Bad Caballero Classics 1983 Kemal Horulu
Where the Sun Never Shines Metro Anal, Compilation 1990
Widespread Scandals of Lydia Lace Caballero Feature 1982 Henri Pachard
Woman Who Loved Men Essex Home Video Feature 1984
Young, Wild and Wonderful VCX Young, Feature, Classics, For Couples/Women 1980 Jim Clark