Nina Suave

Amateurs Exposed 2 Metro Amateur 1993
Anal Intruder 11 Coast To Coast Anal 1997
Anal Lover Rosebud Anal 1992
Best of Oral Pleasure Oral | Compilation 1993
Breast Worx 39 LBO Entertainment Busty
Cinderella Society Gourmet/GVC Feature | Classics
Dirty Doc's Butt Bangers 10 Pleasure
Dirty Doc's Butt Bangers 3 Pleasure Anal 1994
Dirty Doc's Sticky Faces 12 Pleasure
Execu-Comp 156 Executive Compilation
Filthy Fuckers 120 Zane Anal
Junkyard Dykes 3 Zane Lesbian 1994
La Princesa Anal Rosebud Anal
Lies of Passion Las Vegas Feature
R.E.A.L. 1 - Rear Entry Action Lesbians Las Vegas Lesbian
Sex Sting Fat Dog
Spanish Fly 19 - Below the Border Vivid 4 hour