Mike Horner

Portrait of Mike Horner
Image of Mike Horner
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  • Arnold Long
  • Dan Sir
  • Don Ark
  • Don Arte
  • Don Azt
  • Don Durrell
  • Don Hardin
  • Don Hart
  • Don Horner
  • Don Miller
  • Don Tanner
  • John Horner
  • Johnny Wilson
  • Keith Webster
  • Mark Horner
  • Mike Hanes
  • Mike Hardin
  • Mike Rogers
  • Roy Clark Jr.
  • 6'1
  • Brown eyes
  • Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1977 (approximately 22 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 2/3/1955 (64 years old)
  • Arnold Long
  • Dan Sir
  • Don Ark
  • Don Arte
  • Don Azt
  • Don Durrell
  • Don Hardin
  • Don Hart
  • Don Horner
  • Don Miller
  • Don Tanner
  • John Horner
  • Johnny Wilson
  • Keith Webster
  • Mark Horner
  • Mike Hanes
  • Mike Hardin
  • Mike Rogers
  • Roy Clark Jr.
  • 6'1
  • Brown eyes
  • Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1977 (approximately 22 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 2/3/1955 (64 years old)

Mike Horner Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
100% Blowjobs 15 Jill Kelly Compilation, Oral 2003 Jill Kelly
19 and Nasty Moonlight Young, Feature 1990 Scotty Fox
1992 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1992 Steve Austin
1993 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1993
1994 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1994
1996 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1996 Gary Miller, Mark Stone
2 AM - Last Call VCA Feature 1997 Wesley Emerson
2001 AVN Awards VCA Industry 2001 Mark Stone
69 Minutes - Evening News Gourmet/GVC Feature, Parody 1986 Damon Christian
69 Minutes - Evening News 2 Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1987 Damon Christian
69 Park Avenue Gourmet/GVC Feature 1985
8 To 4 Caballero Feature, Parody 1981 Louis Lewis
Adult Stars at Home 5 Adam and Eve Industry 2004 Luc Wylder
Adultery Dreamland Feature, Classics 1987 Henri Pachard
Adventures of Breastman Erotic Video Network Busty 1993
Adventures of Dick Black - The Black Dick Dreamland Interracial, Feature, Classics 1987 John T Bone
Adventures of Major Morehead Sin City Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Adventures of Studman 2 New Machine Feature 1995 Steve Drake
Africa Rising Heatwave Feature 1997 Stuart Canterbury
Afro Erotica 32 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1989
Afro Erotica 33 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1989
Aged to Perfection 1 Totally Tasteless Mature 1994 Loretta Sterling
Aggressive Women Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1982
Airotica Sin City Feature 1996 Luc Wylder
Alexandria I Love You Arrow/AFV All Sex 1993 F.J. Lincoln
Ali Boobie and the 40 D's Fantasy Home Video Busty, Feature 1988 Scotty Fox
Alice in Whiteland VCA Ebony, Interracial, Feature 1988 Duck Dumont
All About Eva Wildlife Feature 1997 Rod Fontana
All the Way In VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Bob Chinn
Alley Cats Vivid Feature 1999
Amanda By Night 2 Caballero Feature 1987 Jack Remy
Amazing Tails 5 Caballero Feature, Classics 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Amber's Desires Caballero Feature, Classics 1985 Paul G Vatelli
American Dream Girls 31 Platinum Compilation
American Garter VCA Feature 1993 Henri Pachard, Gloria Leonard
An Affair With Kylie Ireland VCA Feature 2001 Wit Maverick
Anal Adventures of Suzy Super Slut 2 Gen XXX Anal, Feature 1995 Steve Drake
Anal Alien Coast To Coast Anal, Feature 1994 Scotty Fox
Anal Europe 3 Las Vegas Anal 1993 C Everette Smythe
Anal Freaks Kinky World Productions Anal 1994
Anal Freaze K-Beech Anal
Anal Intruder 11 Coast To Coast Anal 1997 Tom Elliot
Anal Intruder 8 - Rich Girls Gone Bad Coast To Coast Anal 1993 Shawn Ricks
Anal Romance Las Vegas Anal Jean-Pierre Ferrand
Angel Kelly's Raw Fantasy Home Video Feature 1988
Angel of the Island Intropics Video Feature 1989 Richard Mailer
Angel X Wicked Feature 2003 Michael Raven
Angel's Back Intropics Video Feature, Classics 1989 Richard Mailer
Annette Haven Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Appassionata Adam and Eve Feature 1997 Bud Lee
Around Frisco Factory Video All Sex
Artcore 2 - Toilet Girl Anabolic All Sex 2004 Sal Genoa
Artcore 4 - Dreams Anabolic Vignettes 2005 Sal Genoa
Asia Carrera Exposed New Machine Compilation 2002
Ass Ventura Crack Detective Pleasure Feature, Parody 1995 Herschel Savage
Assignment Wicked Feature 2003 Jonathan Morgan
At the Pornies VCA Feature
Autoerotica 1 Executive All Sex 1991 Scotty Fox
Autoerotica 2 Executive Feature 1991 Scotty Fox
Baby Cakes VCX Feature, Classics 1982 Bob Chinn
Back Door to the City of Sin Anabolic Anal 1993 Christopher Alexander
Back to Melrose Place Heatwave Feature 2003 Stuart Canterbury
Back to Nature Caballero Feature 1990 Duck Dumont
Bad Penny Video X Pix Feature, Classics 1999 Chuck Vincent
Bad Penny Adam and Eve Feature 1999 Bob Chinn
Bad Side of Town After Dark Feature 1993 Rocco Safesea
Badlands Bell Pepper Busty 1994 Mitch Spinelli
Badlands 2 - Back Into Hell Pepper Productions Feature
Ballin' Abroad Vivid Compilation 2003
Barbara Dare's Affairs Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1986 Charles De Santos
Barewaves Wet Video Feature
Barflies Zane Feature 1990 Henri Pachard
Basic Elements Pleasure Feature 1997
Bassackwards Vivid Compilation 2004
Batbabe Hip Feature, Parody 2008 Stuart Canterbury
Bazooka County 5 - The Jugs Coast To Coast Busty 1993 Herschel Savage
Beast Sin City Feature 2000 Michael Raven
Beauty and the Beast VCA Feature 1988 Paul Thomas
Beaver Ridge VCA Feature 1991 Eric Edwards
Beaverly Hillbillies In-X-Cess Feature
Bedazzled Odyssey
Bedside Brat Vivid Feature Paul Thomas
Bedtime Stories VCA Feature 1996
Bedtime Tales Fat Dog Feature
Beefeaters Paradise Video Feature 1989
Behind Blue Eyes 3 Moonlight Feature 1990 Scotty Fox
Bend Over and Say Ahh Coast To Coast Anal 1999 Jim Enright
Best Butt in the West 1 Coast To Coast Big Asses 1992 Brandy Alexandre
Best Little Whorehouse in Hong Kong VCA Classics
Best of Aja Wet Video Compilation 1989
Best of Barbara Dare 1 Wet Video Compilation
Best of Deep Throat Caballero Compilation
Best of X-Plicit 11 Fat Dog Compilation
Betrayal VCA Feature 1997 Bud Lee
Beverly Hills 90269 Las Vegas Feature
Beyond Desire VCA Feature 1986 Tim McDonald
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Video 22 Anabolic
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Video 25 Anabolic Amateur
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Video 34 Anabolic
Big One Hollywood Feature 1995 Teri Diver
Biloxi Babes Western Visuals Feature 1988 Patty Rhodes
Bimbo Bowlers from Boston K-Beech Feature
Bimbo Bowlers from Buffalo K-Beech Feature 1989 Jim Enright
Bitches who Like Cock Fat Dog Compilation
Bite! The First Blood Legend Feature 1991 Scotty Fox
Black Cherry CoEds 12 Heatwave 2002
Blinded By Love Odyssey Feature 2006 Michael Craig
Blonde Forces Coast To Coast Feature, Blonde 1991 Michael Craig
Blonde in Black Leather New Era Blonde, Leather 2001 Bob Chinn
Bloopers Video Team Industry 1994 Wesley Emerson
Blue Angels 2 Simon Wolf Feature 2004 Steven St. Croix
Blue Dreams Sin City Feature 1996 Bud Lee
Bob Chinn's Naked Angels New Era Feature
Body Talk VCX Feature, Classics 1982 Pedie Sweet
Boobs a Poppin' Totally Tasteless Busty 1994 Ron Jeremy
Boobtown Brats 1 Blue Coyote Busty 1996 Roy Alexandre
Boobwatch Sin City Feature 1996 Jimmy D
Boobwatch 2 - Malibu Rocki Sin City Busty, Feature 1997 Jimmy D
Born to be Bad L.A. Feature 1986 Bob Vosse
Born to be Wild Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Richard Eagle
Born To Run Western Visuals Feature, Classics 1986 Jerome Tanner
Boss Video Team Feature 1993 Wesley Emerson
Breast Bonanza Caballero Busty 1997
Breast Files Avica Busty, Compilation 1994 LS Talbot
Breast Worx 26 VCR Productions Busty 1992 Bobby Hollander
Breastman's Anal Adventures Erotic Video Network Anal, Busty 1993 Mitch Spinelli
Breastman's Kinky Positions Erotic Video Network All Sex 1996
Breastman's Wet T-Shirt Contest Erotic Video Network
Breathless Wicked Feature 2001 Michael Raven
Briana Banks You Whore Powersville Inc Compilation, Star Spotlight 2009 Jim Powers
Bride Western Visuals Feature 1987 John T Bone
Bride of Double Feature Wicked Feature 2000 Jonathan Morgan
Bridezillas In Heat Western Visuals Classics, Feature John T Bone
Brief Affair Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Louis Lewis
Bring on the Virgins Caballero Feature 1989 Alex De Renzy
Brothel Odyssey Feature
Buck Naked in the 21st Century Erotic Video Network 90's Porn Video 1994 Sky Henderson
Burgundy Blues Cal Vista Feature Thomas Paine
Burn New Machine Feature
Bush Pilots VCA Feature 1990 Michael Craig
Bush Pilots 2 VCA Feature
Busty Love Avica Busty, Compilation 1994
Butt Detective VCA Feature
Butt Wild 8 Sin City Compilation
Butt Wild 9 Sin City Compilation
Butthole Madness 1 - Sex-O-Vision 16 Heatwave Anal
Buzzzzz Odyssey Bizarre
Cameo Appearance Vivid Feature 2001
Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre Wicked Feature, Parody 2005 Jonathan Morgan
Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower Femme Productions Feature, For Couples/Women 1997 Candida Royalle
Candy Factory Plush Entertainment 90's Porn Video 1994
Candy's Little Sister Sugar Vidco Feature 1988 Gerard Damiano
Cape Lere Coast To Coast
Careful He May Be Watching Caballero Feature 1987 Seka, Richard Pacheco
Cargo Wicked Feature 2003 Jonathan Morgan
Carlita's Back Way Odyssey Feature
Carnal Carnival - House of Mirrors Filmco Feature
Carnal Cuties 1 Fantastic Features Gonzo 1996
Carnal Interludes Notorious Feature 1995
Carnal Invasions LBO Entertainment Discipline 1996
Case of the Cockney Cupcake Moonlight Feature
Case of the Mad Tickler Moonlight Fetish Scotty Fox
Case of the Sensuous Sinners Moonlight Feature 1988
Castle of Love VCA Interactive, Compilation 1998
Cat and Mouse 1 X-citement Video Feature 1992 Michael Craig
Cat and Mouse 2 X-citement Video Feature 1993 Michael Craig
Catwalk Sin City Feature 1995 Henry Spence
Catwalk 2 Sin City Feature Henry Spence
Celebrity Pornhab With Dr. Screw Red Light District Parody, Vignettes 2009 Maestro Claudio
Chained Sin City Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Challenge of Desire Now Showing Feature, Classics 1983 Lawrence T Cole
Chances Wicked Feature 2000 Red Ezra
Charlie's Girls 3 Coast To Coast
Chasey's Back Pleasure Feature 2003 Cash Markman
Cheating Hearts Gourmet/GVC 90's Porn Video 1994 Rex Cabo
Cheeks 4 - Backstreet Affair Coast To Coast Anal Britt Morgan
Cheeks 8 Coast To Coast Vignettes Stuart Canterbury
Chicks You Missed Hotties of Retro Porn Western Visuals Compilation, Classics 2014
China Bitch Paradise Video Asian 1989
Chop Stix VCA Feature 1979 Jack Williams
Chris Cassidy Collection Alpha Blue Compilation
Christy Canyon Non-Stop Caballero Compilation 2006
Christy Canyon Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Chug-A-Lug Girls 4 - Oral Hijinx Video Team Oral
Chug-A-Lug Girls 5 Video Team Feature
Cinnamon Twist Odyssey Feature
Cirque du Sex 2 Video Team Vignettes 1996
Classic Tits Galore Western Visuals Compilation, Classics
Climax 2000 1 Coast To Coast Feature 1994 Michael Zen
Climax 2000 2 Coast To Coast Feature 1994 Michael Zen
Clinic Filmco Feature 1999 Stuart Canterbury
Clinique VCA Feature
Close At Hand Sin City Feature 1998 Shawn Ricks
Close Quarters Moonlight All Sex 1992 Scotty Fox
Club Kiss Digital Playground Vignettes 1995 Ona Zee, Scott Davis
Club Sex Gourmet/GVC Feature 1988 Max Schenk
Collector Wicked Feature 2004 Brad Armstrong
Collector's Choice 9 CDI / Cinderella Compilation
Come All Over Me Gourmet/GVC Classics 1995
Come On - Skip's Video Guide to Scoring Chicks Legend Feature
Coming of Angels 2 Caballero Classics 1985 Jack Williams
Coming on Strong Caballero Feature
Committed Legend Feature 1992 Scotty Fox
Compulsive Behavior Odyssey
Concubine Sin City Feature 2001 Bud Lee
Conflict Vivid Feature 1999
Contessa VCA Feature 1989 F.J. Lincoln
Contract Erotic Angel Feature 1997 Cash Markman
Cookie 'n' Cream Moonlight Vignettes 1992 Jim Travis
Cops, Nurses, and Nymphos are Girls on Duty B-Line Feature
Corporate Justice Wildlife 90's Porn Video 1996
Couch Therapy Dreamland Feature 1999 Cash Markman
Crack Shot Coast To Coast Feature Stuart Canterbury
Crazed Wicked Feature 1995 Jonathan Morgan
Crazy With the Heat 2 Cal Vista Feature Bud Lee
Creasemaster VCA Feature 1993 Gregory Dark
Creasemaster's Wife VCA Feature 1993 Gregory Dark
Cum Freaks 1 - Jizz Jammers Forbidden Compilation, Cum Shots 2002
Cum Shocks 9 NG Video
Cum Sucking Whore Named Francesca Anabolic Compilation 1996
Cum Sucking Whore Named Vanessa Chase Anabolic Compilation 1997
Curious Legend Feature 1992 Frank Marino
Damned Sin City Feature 2002 Cash Markman
Dangerous Obsession New Era Feature 2001 Bob Chinn
Dangerous Tides Wicked Feature 1997 Brad Armstrong
Daring Directors - John Leslie Wet Video Compilation
Dark Angels New Sensations Fetish 2000 Nick Andrews
Dark Corners Las Vegas Feature Michael Craig
Dark Desires Simon Wolf Feature 2003
Darling Wicked Feature
Date with Dallas Ona Zee Feature 1992 Frank Zee, Ona Zee
Dead Aim Pepper Productions Feature 1994 Mitch Spinelli
Deadly Sin Ona Zee Feature 1996
Debbie Class of 89 Coast To Coast Feature
Debbie Does the Devil in Dallas Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Richard Eagle
Debbie Duz Dishes 1 Executive Feature 1986 Bob Vosse
Debbie Duz Dishes Again Adam and Eve Feature 2010 Jim Malibu
Debbie For President Coast To Coast Feature
Debbie Goes to College VCA Feature, Classics 1986 Bob Vosse
Debi Diamond Screws the Stars Caballero Classics
Decadent Western Visuals Feature
Decadent Obsession Odyssey Feature
Deep Blue Paradise Video Orgy 1988 Giorgio Grandi
Deep Cover Wicked Feature Thomas Paine
Deep Desires VCA Feature
Deep Inside Angelica Sin Dreamland Compilation
Deep Inside Ariana VCA Compilation 1996 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Keisha VCA Compilation 1994 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Kelly O'Dell VCA Feature
Deep Inside Nikki Dial VCA Compilation 1993 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Nina Hartley VCA Compilation
Deep Inside Ona Zee VCA Compilation 1993 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Shanna McCullough VCA Feature
Deep Inside Tiffany Million VCA Compilation
Deep Inside Tiffany Mynx VCA Compilation, Feature 1993 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Tyffany Million VCA Compilation 1995 Wesley Emerson
Deep Rub VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Leon Gucci
Deep Throat - The Quest 3 Arrow/AFV Oral 1997 Bud Lee
Deep Throat 3 Arrow/AFV Oral, Feature
Deep Throat 4 - School's Out Arrow/AFV Oral 1998 Bud Lee
Deep Throat Fantasies Caballero Oral 1988 John T Bone
Defending Your Soul Executive Feature 1995 Shawn Ricks
Defying the Odds Odyssey
Deja Vu X-citement Video Feature 1993 Michael Craig
Delicious VCX Feature 1993 Vinni Rossi
Denim B-Line Feature 1995 Scotty Fox
Der Champion Big Top Busty 1995 Horst Alexander
Desert Moon Horizon Feature 1999 Greg Steele
Desire for Sex Snatch Feature 1997
Desk Top Dolls East West Video
Deviations Essex Home Video Feature, Classics 1983 Domingo Lobo
Deviled X 4 Play Feature
Dial 666 Lust Arrow/AFV Feature 1991 Jane Waters
Dial N Again Pepper Productions 90's Porn Video 1993 Scotty Fox
Dial N for Nikki CDI / Cinderella Feature 1993 Scotty Fox
Dicktation Arrow/AFV Feature 2001
Different Drummer New Sensations Feature
Dirty Angel Western Visuals Classics 1985
Dirty Books VCA Feature 1993 Wesley Emerson
Dirty Doc's Butt Bangers 4 Pleasure
Dirty Doc's Sticky Faces 10 Pleasure
Dirty Doc's Sticky Faces 12 Pleasure
Dirty Doc's Sticky Faces 18 Pleasure
Dirty Laundry Plum Feature
Dirty Nurses Heatwave Feature 1993
Do it in the Road Las Vegas Classics 1990
Doing It VCA Feature
Dollar and Yen Factory Video
Don't Get Them Wet Vidco Feature 1987 Vinni Rossi
Double Down LBO Entertainment Feature 1996
Double Play 3 - Tantalizing Tits Video Team Compilation
Double Pleasure VCR Productions Compilation, Classics, Threesomes 1982
Double Sadie Midnight All Sex 1997
Double Trouble Coast To Coast Feature 1997 Steve Drake
Down and Dirty with Debi Diamond LBO Entertainment Compilation 1995
Dr Jeckel and Ms Hide Las Vegas Feature 1990 Michael Craig
Dr. Feelgood Sex Psychiatrist Las Vegas Feature
Dr. Lust VCA Feature, Classics 1986 Joe Verdi
Dr. Peter Proctor's House of Anal Delights Hollywood Anal 1996 Mike Horner
Dream House Xplor Feature
Dreamers 2 Ultimate
Dreaming of Emily Vivid Feature 1997
Dreams of Desire Ona Zee Feature 1996 Mike Horner
Dreams of Your Bod Leisure Time Compilation 1997 Alex Sanders, Jonathan Morgan
Drop Dead Gorgeous Jet Multimedia Feature 1999 Cash Markman
Educating Nina Atomic Classics 1984 Juliet Anderson
Erotic Adventures of Bonnie and Clyde Gourmet/GVC Feature 1988
Erotic Explosions 7 Pleasure
Erotic Explosions 8 Pleasure
Erotic Obsession Intropics Video Feature
Erotica Sin City Feature 2000 Michael Raven
Erotika Sin City Feature 1994 Robert McCallum
Erotique VCA European 2003
Escorts Sin City Feature 1999 Michael Raven
Euphoria Wicked Feature 2001 Brad Armstrong
Euro-max Sin City European Nic Cramer
Every Which Way She Can Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Louis Lewis
Evil Temptations Las Vegas
Evil Twins Dreamland Feature 2000 Cash Markman
Evil Woman New Machine Feature 1999
Expert Tease Coast To Coast 1988
Exstasy Sin City Feature 1995 Robert McCallum
Extreme Close Up - Nikki Dial Vivid Compilation 2001
Extreme Doggie 4 Compilation
Extreme Sex 4 - The Experiment Vivid Feature
Eye of the Beholder Wicked Feature 2004 Brad Armstrong
Eye of the Tigress Caballero Feature, Classics 1988 Bruce Seven
Face Sitter 2 Coast To Coast Fetish, Femdom 1998 Jim Enright
Face Sitter 3 Coast To Coast Feature, Femdom 1993
Fairy's Tail Totally Tasteless Bizarre
Family Affairs Vidco Feature
Fantasy Confidential Gourmet/GVC
Fast Forward Wicked Feature 2002 Jonathan Morgan
Female of the Species New Machine Feature 1996 Stuart Canterbury
Filthy Fuckers 126 - Chomp On My Knob Zane Compilation
Filthy Sleazy Scoundrels Heatwave Feature 1994 Colin London
Finding Farrah Erotic Angel Feature 1998 Cash Markman
Finishing Touch Dreamland Feature 1994
Flashpoint Wicked Feature 1997 Brad Armstrong
Flesh Palace LBO Entertainment 90's Porn Video 1995 Charles Rothstein
Flip of a Coin Wet Video Feature
Fluff Whores Midnight 90's Porn Video 1998
Foolish Pleasures Moonlight Feature
Forbidden Sin City Feature 1996 Henri Pachard
Forced Love Las Vegas Feature 1990 Michael Craig
Foreign Affairs Legend Feature, Parody 1991 Scotty Fox
Forever Legend Feature 2002
Forget Me Not Factory Video
Four Alarm Essex Home Video
Four Weddings and a Honeymoon Pleasure Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
French Open 1 - On The Tail Off... Paradise Visuals Feature 1993 Stuart Canterbury
French Open 2 Paradise Video Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Friday the 13th 2 Vidco Feature 2007 F.J. Lincoln
From Brazil with Love Zane Latin
Fuck Frenzy Sin City 4 hour
Fuck Holes 37 - Blondes Fuck Better Visual Images Compilation, 4 hour, Blonde
Fuck My Ass Please Sin City Compilation
Full Moon Fever LBO Entertainment Feature 2000
Futuresex Now Showing Feature
Gallery of Sin Legend Feature, Vignettes 1999 Jerome Tanner
Gang Bangs 2 Evil Angel Gangbang 1989 John Stagliano
Gangbang Girl 12 Anabolic Gangbang 1993 Christopher Alexander
Gangbang Girl 13 Anabolic Gangbang 2001
Gangbang Girl 14 Anabolic Gangbang 1994
Gangbang Girl 15 Anabolic Gangbang 2001
Gangbang Girl 16 Anabolic Gangbang 1995 Christopher Alexander
Gate Wicked Feature 2001 Jonathan Morgan
Gemini Sin City Feature Stuart Canterbury
Gen Sex Wicked Feature 2000 Bob Chinn
Gerein' Up VCA Feature 1992 Michael Craig
Getting Personal Caballero Feature, Classics 1986 Henri Pachard
Gigolo Sin City Feature 1997 Jim Enright
Gigolo Juice Limousine Feature 1989
Ginger's Island Erotic Angel Feature
Gingers Island 2 Digital Playground Feature 1997 Cash Markman
Girl from S.E.X. Caballero Feature
Girls and Guns K-Beech
Girls Off Duty Legend Vignettes 1994
Girls on Duty Legend Feature 1999 Stuart Canterbury
Go-Go Girls Erotic Video Network
Good Time Girls Video Exclusives Feature 1985 Jack Remy
Gov Love - The Eliot Splitz-her Story Hustler Feature, Parody 2008 Stuart Canterbury
Grind Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1988 Henri Pachard
Guess Who Came at Dinner Fantasy Home Video Feature
Gypsy Ball VCX Feature, Classics 1980
Handful of Summers Moonlight Feature 1991 Scotty Fox
Hands Off Plum Feature
Hard Act to Swallow Video Team Oral
Hard Talk VCA
Hard to Stop VCA Feature 1999
Harder She Craved VCA Feature
Haven's Magic Touch Jill Kelly Feature 2001 Bud Lee
Haven's Magic Touch 2 Jill Kelly Feature 2001
Head Bobbin' Bimbos 3 Sin City Compilation
Heather Hunted Vivid Feature
Heatwave 2 Factory Video Feature
Heavenly Hyapatia Vivid Feature 1990 Bud Lee
Hello Molly Caballero Feature John T Bone
Her Wicked Ways Caballero
Hexxxed Video Team Feature Wesley Emerson
HHHot TV 1 CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988
Hi Infidelity Sin City Feature 2001 Michael Raven
Hidden Agenda X-citement Video Feature 1992 Michael Craig
Hindfeld Odyssey Feature
Hocus Poke Us Hollywood
Holiday for Angels Intropics Video Feature, Classics 1987 Richard Mailer
Hollywood Boulevard Cal Vista Feature Mitch Spinelli
Hollywood Hineys 11 Hollywood
Hollywood Hineys 14 Hollywood Anal
Hollywood Hineys 9 Hollywood Anal 1997
Hookers of Hollywood Legend Vignettes 1994
Horny Henry's French Adventure Totally Tasteless European 1995
Hot and Nasty Venus 99
Hot Ice Sin City Feature 1999 Christian Night
Hot Property Dreamland Feature 1995 Jerry Ross
Hot Sweet 'N' Sticky Caballero Feature
Hotline VCA Feature 1991 Eric Edwards
House of Strange Desires Now Showing Feature
House on Paradise Beach VCA Feature 1996 Roy Alexandre
How to Make Love to a Black Woman Heatwave Interracial, Instructional 1996 Clayton Blacquemoor
Howard Sperm Show Las Vegas Feature, Parody 1993 Jean Pierre Ferrand
Hunting Desire Jet Multimedia Feature 1999 Cash Markman
I Cream of Genie Essex Home Video Feature
I Do I Don't Seduction Productions Feature
I Like to Watch Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Paul G Vatelli
I Love Juicy Zane Feature, Parody
I Want a Divorce Zane
Illusions of Ecstasy Now Showing Feature
Imagine Las Vegas All Sex 1991 Michael Craig
In the Flesh VCA European 1998 Stuart Canterbury
In the Heat of the Night CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990 Jack Stephen
In the Jeans Moonlight All Sex 1990 Scotty Fox
Incantation Loads of Fun Video
Infamous Crimes Against Nature Arrow/AFV
Inn of Sin Video Team Feature
Inside Desiree Cousteau VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Leon Gucci
Inspirations Caballero Classics, Vignettes 1982 Joe Sherman
Intensive Care Unit Plum Feature 1997
Interactive Dream System Dreamland Interactive 1999 Cash Markman
International Affairs Pleasure Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Intersextion Hollywood Feature
Interview with a Vamp Anabolic Feature, Parody 1994 Justin Case
Intrigue Sin City Feature 1998 Lasse Braun
Jack the Stripper Moonlight Feature 1992 Scotty Fox
Jamie Summers Rocks Cocks Vivid Compilation 2005
Jewel Raider NuTech Interactive
Jiggly Queens New Machine Busty 1993 Scotty Fox
Just One More Time VCA Feature 1998 Bud Lee
Kash Sin City Feature 2001 Michael Raven
Kelly 18 1 Legend
Kelly The Coed 5 - Home Coming Heatwave Young 1999 Jim Powers
Killer Blowjobs 4 Sin City Compilation
Kinky Fantasies Kinky World Productions
Kiss Wicked Feature 1995 Jim Enright
L.A. Topless Legend
Ladies Night Caballero Feature, Classics 1980 Harry Lewis
Lambody CDI / Cinderella Feature
Landlady Vivid Feature 1990 Paul Thomas
Last Resort Sin City Feature 2002 Michael Raven
Last Temptations of Kristi Moonlight Feature
Latex VCA Feature, Fetish, Latex 1995 Michael Ninn
Lay of the Land Legend 90's Porn Video 1995
Leather No Lace Gourmet/GVC Classics, BDSM, Leather 1988
Leena Meets Frankenstein Odyssey Feature
Leena's Favorite Studs Odyssey Compilation, Star Spotlight 1994
Leena's Oral Extravaganza Odyssey Oral
Legend 2 Legend Feature 1990 Scotty Fox
Legend 3 Legend Feature
Legend 6 Legend Feature
Legendary Lickers 17 Caballero Compilation 2002
Let It Ride Fat Dog
Let's Get Wet Western Visuals Feature, Classics 1988
Let's Play Doctor Sin City Ultra Feature 2000 Bud Lee
Let's Talk Sex Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Paul G Vatelli
Levels of Penetration Coast To Coast Anal 2007 Shawn Ricks
Licensed to Thrill VCA Feature
Lickety Pink Moonlight Oral 1990 Scotty Fox
Lickity Pink Moonlight Feature
Lies of Passion Las Vegas Feature
Lipstick Sin City Feature 2000 Michael Raven
Lisa Deleeuw Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Little Bit of Honey Wet Video
Little Bit Pregnant 2 SOHO
Little French Maid VCX Feature, Classics 1981 Adele Robbins
Little Shop of Whores Vivid Feature
Live Sex Legend Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Living End Odyssey
Loads of Fun Bacchus Compilation, Cum Shots 1994 Loretta Sterling
Loads of Fun 4 Filmco Compilation, Cum Shots 1993 Loretta Sterling
Lolita Sin City Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Lost Angel Midnight Compilation, Classics 1989
Love Goddesses VCA Classics, For Couples/Women 1981 Adele Robbins
Love Lies Intropics Video Feature
Love on the Run Caballero Feature, Classics 1989 F.J. Lincoln
Love Potion 69 Heatwave Oral 1999 Shawn Ricks
Love Untamed Jill Kelly Feature Cash Markman
Lover For Susan Video Team Classics
Lovers Spell Jet Multimedia 90's Porn Video 1999
Low Down Dirty Dames VCA Feature 1999
Luscious Baker Girls Vidco Feature
Lust and Desire MAD Multimedia Feature 2002
Lust in America Dreamland Feature 1999 Cash Markman
Lust in the Woods Vivid Feature 2001
Lust in Time Ona Zee
Lust Potion of Dr. F Western Visuals Feature 1986
Lustfully Yours - The Tyffany Million Diaries In-X-Cess Compilation
Lusty Life 13 - Plunge My Pussy Pleasure Compilation 1994
Lusty Life 14 - Thoat Fuck Pleasure Oral, Compilation 1994
Lusty Life 2 - Coat my Throat with Cum Pleasure Oral, Compilation 1994
Lusty Life 26 - Cum Craving Sluts Zane Compilation
Lusty Life 9 - Soak My Tits with Cum Pleasure Compilation 1994
Maddams Family Wicked Feature, Parody 1991 Herschel Savage
Made in Germany Fantasy Home Video European
Mafioso Jill Kelly Feature 2000 Michael Raven
Magnum Love VCA 90's Porn Video 1999
Mail Order Bride Adam and Eve Feature 2002 Roy Karch
Main Attraction 4 Play Feature 1988 Scotty Fox
Makeout Video Team Feature
Makeup Room 1 VCA
Makeup Room 2 VCA Feature
Makin' It Wicked Feature 2002 Brad Armstrong
Making the Grade Pleasure Young, Feature, Cosplay, Schoolgirl 2003 Nic Cramer
Malibu Spice VCA Feature 1991 Alex De Renzy
Mandy The Perfect Gift Simon Wolf All Sex
Mardi Gras Passions Vidco
Mary Carey Woman of the Year Backend Films All Sex 2005 Cash Markman
Master of Pleasure Vidco Feature 1988 John T Bone
Match Point Legend Feature
Mayfair Madam Avalon Feature 1997 Roy Alexandre
McKayla's Navy Dreamland Feature 2000 Cash Markman
Mellon Man 4 Avica 1995
Memphis Cathouse Blues Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Louis Lewis
Michael Ninn's Decadence VCA Feature 1997 Michael Ninn
Michael Zen's Perversions New Sensations Feature 2000 Michael Zen
Michael Zen's Perversions 2 Digital Sin Fetish 2000 Michael Zen
Midget Madness Totally Tasteless Bizarre 2002
Midnight Baller Pleasure
Midnight Kiss VCA Feature Roy Karch
Mile High Club VidBidness Feature 2000
Mind Reader Digital Playground Feature 2004 Robby D
Mirage VCA Feature 1991 Eric Edwards
Mischief Maker VCA Feature
Miss 21st Century Zane 90's Porn Video 1991 Bud Lee
Miss Nude International Legend Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Missing Pieces Intropics Video Feature
Missionary Position Impossible - Assignment Sin Dreamland Feature 1999
Mistresses to Sin Las Vegas
Misty Beethoven - The Musical VCA Feature 2004 Henry Paris
Modern Love Sin City Ultra Feature 1999 Michael Raven
Molly B. Goode Sunshine Feature 1999
Moments of Love Caballero Feature, Classics 1983
Monaco Falcon VCA
More than a Handful 3 Cal Vista Busty Mitch Spinelli
More Than a Whore Odyssey Feature 1995 Sean Michaels
Motel Sweets Caballero Feature Eric Edwards
Moving In Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1986 Alex De Renzy
Mr. Holland's Orgy K-Beech Orgy 1997 Cash Markman
Ms. Magnificent Essex Home Video Feature 1977
Muerte En La Noche 1 CDI / Cinderella Latin
Mummy 2 Las Vegas Feature 2002 Duck Dumont
Mummy Dearest 1 Las Vegas Feature 1990
Mummy Dearest 3 Las Vegas Feature
Murder SheMale Wrote Vidco Transsexual, Feature Kim Christy
My Bare Lady Moonlight Feature 1989 Scotty Fox
My Father's Wife Wicked Feature 2002 Brad Armstrong
My Secret Lover Wicked Feature Michael Craig
My Way Caballero Feature
Naked Pen VCA Feature 1993
Naked Scandal 1 - The Kathy Willets Story Heatwave Feature Clayton Blacquemoor
Naked Scandal 2 - The Kathy Willets Story Heatwave Feature Gabor Esterhazy
Naked Truth - Caught in the Act Western Visuals Feature
Nasty Nymphos 24 Anabolic Gonzo 1999
Nasty Nymphos 5 Anabolic Gonzo 1994
Nasty Nymphos 6 Anabolic Gonzo 1994
National Boom Boom's Euro Vacation Heatwave All Sex
Natural Born Thriller Las Vegas Feature 2002
Natural Born Thrillers Coast To Coast Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Naughty Cheerleaders Hollywood Feature, Cheerleaders 1985 Hal Freeman
Naughty Girls Like it Big Essex Home Video Feature 1986 Bob Vosse
Naughty Little Nymphos 2 Notorious Vignettes, Young 2000 Jim Powers
Naughty Little Nymphos 3 Notorious Gonzo 2000 Jim Powers
Naughty Thoughts Factory Video Feature 1999
Never So Deep VCX Feature, Classics 1981 Gerard Damiano
New Neighbors American Hardcore Feature 2005 Frank Castle
Nice Girls Need Love Too Venus Features
Night and Day 3 Video Team Feature 1997 Wesley Emerson
Night Life Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Louis Lewis
Night of Seduction VCA
Night of the Living Bed Legend Feature
Nightlife Caballero Interracial, Feature, Classics 1982 Louis Lewis
Nightmare on Porn St. Moonlight Feature 1988
Nightvision Forbidden
Nikki Dial is Hard to Stop VCA Feature 1993 Wesley Emerson
Nina Duz 'em All Arrow/AFV Feature 2004
Nina Hartley Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
No Limits Digital Playground Feature 2003 Nic Andrews
Nookie Court Arrow/AFV Feature 1992 Stuart Canterbury
Nookie Ranch Nitro Feature 1996 Horny Henry
Not Bewitched XXX Adam and Eve Feature, Parody 2008 Will Ryder
Not the Bradys XXX Hustler Feature, Parody 2007 Will Ryder
Not The Bradys XXX - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Hustler Feature, Parody 2008 Will Ryder
Not the Bradys XXX - Pussy Power! Xplay Parody 2009 Will Ryder
Nothing Personal Caballero Feature 1993 Art Ben
Nothing to Hide 2 - Justine Cal Vista Feature 1993 Paul Thomas
Nurses to the Rescue Pleasure Feature
Nymphette Western Visuals Feature, Classics 1986
Object of Desire VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Ji'Bourg Jime
Obsessions CDI / Cinderella Feature
Oh You Beautiful Doll K-Beech Feature 1989 Jim Enright
On my Lips Paradise Video Feature 1988
On the Loose Caballero Classics 1991
Ona Zee's Fantasy Booth Ona Zee Feature 1993 Frank Zee
Ona Zee's Sex Academy 3 - The Art of Real Sex Ona Zee Instructional
One in a Million Heatwave All Sex 1993 Anthony Spinelli
One of our Porn Stars is Missing Odyssey Feature
Opening Night Arrow/AFV Feature 1991 Stuart Canterbury
Oral Erotica 17 - The Fastest Mouths in the West Vidco Oral
Oral Majority Western Visuals Oral, Classics 1986
Oral Majority 2 - The Big Gulp Western Visuals Oral, Compilation 1987 Jerome Tanner
Other People's Honey Heatwave Feature
Other Side of Debbie Coast To Coast Feature 1991 Bob Vosse
Our Dinner with Andrea Caballero Feature 1988 Frank Zee, Ona Zee
Out of the Blue 2 Vivid Feature
Outrageous Orgies 5 Wet Video Orgy
Overnight Sensation Wicked Feature 1995 Jeffrey Stevens
Overtime 4 - Oral Hijinx Video Team Compilation
Overtime 49 - Kinky Korner 2 Video Team Compilation
Overtime 53 - Anal Addiction Video Team Compilation
Overtime 73 - Oral Session Video Team Compilation
Overtime 85 - Hiney Humpers Video Team Anal
Overtime 86 - Clitty Lickers Video Team Compilation
P.T.X. Club Gourmet/GVC Feature
Panties Vidco Feature 2006 Henri Pachard
Paper Tiger Vivid Asian 2003
Passenger 69 2 In-X-Cess Feature
Passions of Sin LBO Entertainment Feature 1996 Cash Markman
Passions of Sin Nitro Feature 1996 Cash Markman
Passion's Playthings Jet Multimedia 90's Porn Video 1999
Passion's Prisoners Las Vegas All Sex
Peaches and Cream VCA Feature, Classics 1982 Robert McCallum
Peepshows 27 - Cum On My Face VCA Compilation
Peepshows 39 - Girls Who Eat Cum 2 VCA Gonzo
Penitent Flesh Fallen Angel
Penthouse Plum Feature
Perfect Partners Metro Feature, Classics 1986 Robert McCallum
Performers Now Showing Feature
Perils of Paula Caballero Feature 2006
Perversions 2 Digital Sin Gonzo Michael Zen
Perverted Women Sin City Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Peyton's Place Las Vegas
Phantom X VCA Feature
Phone Sex Girls 2 Video Team Feature 1987 John T Bone
Photo Club Vivid Feature 2003 Bo Edwards
Pillow Talk Adam and Eve Feature 2003 Roy Karch
Pink Panties Now Showing Feature 1985
Play me Again, Vanessa VCA Feature
Playin' with Fire Las Vegas Feature
Please Mr Postman Caballero Feature, Classics 1981 Louis Lewis
Pleasure Dome Arrow/AFV Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Pleasure Game Caballero Classics 1987 Carlos deSantos, Duck Dumont
Pleasure Hunt 2 Now Showing Feature
Pleasureville Dreamland Feature, Parody 1999 Cash Markman
Point of Entry Wicked Feature 1997 Greg Steele
Poison Vivid Feature 1994 Scotty Fox
Poker Face Sin City Feature 2001
Poor Little Rich Girl SOHO Feature
Porn Comixxx 2 - Ginger's Island K-Beech Animation, Parody 2008
Porn Comixxx 3 - Missionary Position Impossible K-Beech Feature, Animation 2008
Porno OD Las Vegas All Sex 1996 Dick Nasty, Toby Dammit
Porsche Lynn Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Portrait of an Affair Caballero Feature Anthony Spinelli
Power Lines Cal Vista Feature 2005 D Cypher
Pretty Peaches 3 - The Quest VCA Feature 1989 Alex De Renzy
Primal Desires Executive
Prince of Lies Legend
Principles of Lust Sin City Feature 1999 Michael Raven
Prisoner of Sex Jet Multimedia Feature 1999 Cash Markman
Prisoner of Sex Jet Multimedia Feature
Private Eyes Legend Feature
Private Life of Jodie Moore Private European, Compilation, Blonde 2003
Private Openings Dreamland Feature
Private Sports 3 - Desert Foxxx Private European 2003 Gazzman
Public Places 1 Sin City Outdoors 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Pure Wicked Feature 1996 Greg Steele, Brad Armstrong
Pure Sin Dreamland Feature 1999 Cash Markman
Pussy Called Wanda 1 Dreamland Feature, Parody 1992 Eric Edwards
Pussy N Politics Hustler Compilation 2011
Pussywoman 3 Coast To Coast 1995
Rainwoman 14 - The Aquadisiac Coast To Coast Squirting
Rainwoman 7 - In The Rain Forest Coast To Coast Feature, Squirting 2004 Scotty Fox
Rainwoman 8 - Wet Between The Cheeks Coast To Coast Bizarre
Ramb-Ohh 2 Paradise Video Feature
Raw Footage VCA Feature 2003 Wesley Emerson
Ready to Drop 14 Bacchus Pregnant, Fetish 1996
Ready to Drop 5 Bacchus Pregnant 1995 Loretta Sterling
Ready to Drop 8 Filmco Pregnant
Real Sex Magazine 29 Exquisite Gonzo, Vignettes 2000 William Wittrock
Reamin' Reunion Coast To Coast Feature
Rebecca's Raunch-O-Rama LBO Entertainment Compilation 1995
Reckless Encounters Legend Feature
Red Hot Co-Eds Visual Images Young 1993 Harley Wolfe
Red Hot Fire Girls Vidco Feature 2003
Red Light Sin City Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Redhots Pleasure Feature 1999
Rendezvous VCA 90's Porn Video 1998
Restless Desire Legend
Return of Teenage Christy Canyon Alpha Blue Compilation
Rhinestone Cowgirl Essex Home Video 80's Porn Video 1981
Ribald Tales of Canterbury Caballero Classics, Vignettes 1985 Bud Lee
Riding the Rails Dreamland Feature 2000 Cash Markman
Ring of Desire LBO Entertainment Feature 1995 Charles Rothstein
Robin Head Coast To Coast Feature
Rock Me Coast To Coast Feature 1994 Greg Alves
Rocket Girls B-Line Feature 1993 Stuart Canterbury
Rod Wood Legend
Roommate From Hell Simon Wolf Feature 2002 Bud Lee
Route 69 Erotic Angel Feature 1999
Roxy VCA Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
Rug Burn Invasion of the Carpetbangers Legend Feature
Runaways 3 Dane Young 2000 Don Marque
Rush Digital Playground Feature 2002 Nic Andrews
Russian Roulette LBO Entertainment Feature 2003
Ruthless Women Essex Home Video Feature
S.E.X. 1 Vivid Feature
S.E.X. 2 Vivid
Sacramento Chronicles Horizon Feature
Salt and Pepper Essex Home Video Interracial
Saturday Night Porn 1 Arrow/AFV Feature 1993
Scarlet Fantasy Vivid Feature, Vignettes 1991 Jack Stephen
Screamin Reamers 13 - Covered in Cum Moonlight Gonzo
Screamin Reamers 15 - Wet, Hot and Fucked Moonlight Compilation
Screamin Reamers 2 - Flying Loads Moonlight Compilation
Screamin Reamers 23 - Sex Chicks who Love Dicks Moonlight Gonzo
Screamin Reamers 25 - Sextasy Moonlight Gonzo
Screamin Reamers 28 - Comelovers Moonlight Compilation
Screamin Reamers 30 - Fucking 3-Ways Moonlight Compilation 1991
Screamin Reamers 32 - Cock Me Baby Moonlight Compilation
Screamin Reamers 5 - Fuckaton Moonlight Compilation
Screamin Reamers 7 - Blonde Bimbo Bonanza Moonlight Compilation, Blonde
Screw My Wife Please 14 - and make her cream! Wildlife MILF Bobby Rinaldi
Screwdriver Coast To Coast Feature
Search for the Perfect Blowjob Odyssey Oral 1995
Second Skin VCA Feature 1989 John Leslie
Secret Garden 1 Wicked Feature
Secret Garden 2 Wicked Feature 1992 Michael Zen
Secret Services Cal Vista Feature F.J. Lincoln
Seduction by Fire Vidco Feature 2006
Seduction Formula Fantasy Home Video Feature
Seduction of Annah Marie Video Team Feature
Seduction of Mary VCA Feature 1992 Michael Craig
Seka Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Sensual Seduction VCR Productions Feature 2006
Serenity is M - Caught in the Act Wicked Feature 2000 Jonathan Morgan
Servin it Up! VCA
Sex Vivid 90's Porn Video 1993
Sex 2 Vivid Feature
Sex Academy Essex Home Video Feature 2002
Sex Alert New Machine Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Sex and the Secretary Plum Feature
Sex Asylum 3 Vivid Feature
Sex Gallery Vivid Feature 1996 Brad Armstrong
Sex Life of Mati Hari Gourmet/GVC
Sex Lives of Clowns VCA
Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous 1 VCA Feature
Sex Loose VCA Feature
Sex on Film Wicked Feature 2002 Brad Armstrong
Sex Ranch VCA
Sex Solution Heatwave 90's Porn Video 1998 Shawn Ricks
Sex Starved Fuck Sluts 45 - I Suck Dicks Like It's My Job! Fat Dog
Sex Trek - Charly XXX Platinum Blue Feature, Parody 2005 Cash Markman
Sex Trek 1 - The Next Penetration Moonlight Feature 1990 Scotty Fox
Sex Trek 2 - The Search for Sperm Moonlight Feature
Sex Trek 3 - The Wrath of Bob Moonlight Feature, Parody 1992 Scotty Fox
Sex Under Glass VCA 90's Porn Video 1992 Michael Craig
Sex Wars Excalibur Films Feature, Classics, Parody 1985 Bob Vosse
Sexplicity Avalon 90's Porn Video 1999 Cash Markman
Sextasy 10 - High Priced Spread Heatwave Compilation 1992
Sextasy 16 - Stiff Competition Heatwave
Sextasy 27 - Big Tits Wet Slits Heatwave
Sexual Harassment Hollywood Feature 1996 Loretta Sterling
Sexual Instinct Dreamland Feature 1992 Eric Edwards
Sexual Instinct 2 Dreamland
Sexually Altered States VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Art Ben
Sexy Delights 2 Video Team Classics
Shades of Blue VCA Feature
Shadows of Lust Nitro
Shady Lady Midnight Feature Cash Markman
Shagnet Legend Parody 2001
Shame Vivid Feature 1994 Phillip Christian
Shanna McCullough Non-Stop Vidco Compilation
Shanna's Final Fling Moonlight All Sex 1991 Scotty Fox
Shayla's Swim Party VCA Feature 1996 Veronica Hart
She Likes to Watch Erotic Video Network
She Wolves of the SS Gourmet/GVC Feature 1990
She's No Angel K-Beech
Shock Therapy Sin City Feature 2000 Michael Raven
Shooter Vivid Feature 1999 Ren Savant
Showgirls Essex Home Video Feature 1986 Robert McCallum
Sin City - The Movie Sin City Feature 1992 Charles Grey
Sinderella Vivid Feature 1992 Paul Thomas
Sinderotica Essex Home Video
Sirens VCA Feature 1993
Skin Game Caballero Feature 1998 Steve Drake
Skin to Skin Legend 90's Porn Video 1993 Scotty Fox
Sky Foxes Suze Randall Feature 2004
Slick Honey VCA Feature John Leslie
Slip Into Silk Caballero Feature 1985 Mike Stryker
Slow Burn VCA Feature 1995
Slow Dancing Vivid Feature, For Couples/Women 1992 Gloria Leonard
Slow Hand Fat Dog
Smoke & Mirrors Pleasure Feature 1998
Smother Sisters Vivid Compilation 2005
Sniff the Swift VIP Productions
Society Affairs Caballero Classics 1982 Robert McCallum
Solitary Vivid Feature 2001
Some Like it Big Legend Feature
Someone Else VCA Feature
Sorority Sex Kittens 1 VCA Orgy 1992 Jim Holliday
Sorority Sweethearts Caballero Feature
Sound of Love Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Alan Vydra
Southern Comfort 2 CDI / Cinderella
Space Nuts Wicked Feature, Parody 2003 Jonathan Morgan
Spermacus Odyssey
Splatterhouse 3 Pleasure Compilation, 4 hour 2002
Spread the Wealth Dreamland Feature 1994 Eric Edwards
Spy Cam Legend Feature 1997 Stuart Canterbury
Spy Cam Legend Feature 1997
Squeeze Vivid Compilation 1997
Squirt - The Second Cumming of Sarah Jane Arrow/AFV Squirting John T Bone
Stairway to Heaven Moonlight Feature 1989 Scotty Fox
Star Woman Coast To Coast Feature 2001 Mike Horner
Starbangers 10 Zane All Sex 1997 Matt Zane
Stardust 1 Vivid
Stardust 11 Vivid
Stardust 2 Vivid Feature 1996
Stardust 6 Vivid Feature 1997
Stardust 7 Vivid Feature 1997 Michael Zen
Starship Intercourse Dreamland Feature 1987 John T Bone
Sticky Fingers 3 Fantastic Pictures
Stiletto Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Strippers Inc. 2 Ona Zee Feature
Strippers Inc. 3 Ona Zee
Strippers Inc. 4 Ona Zee
Strong Rays Intropics Video Feature
Stuart Canterbury's Leather Legend 90's Porn Video, Leather 1996 Stuart Canterbury
Suite Seduction Wicked Feature 1998 Brad Armstrong
Summer of '72 Caballero Classics 1982 Louis Lewis
Sunrise Mystery Fat Dog 90's Porn Video 1992 Duck Dumont
Surreal Sex Life Jill Kelly Feature 2004 Cash Markman
Surrogate Lover Total Video
Sweat 'N' Bullets K-Beech Feature 1995 Jeff Coldwater
Swedish Erotica 16 Caballero Compilation, 4 hour 2003
Swedish Erotica 18 Caballero Compilation, Classics, 4 hour 2003 Patty Rhodes
Swedish Erotica 23 - Ona Zee Caballero Compilation, 4 hour 2003
Swedish Erotica 39 Caballero European, Compilation 1981
Swedish Erotica 45 Caballero European, Compilation, Classics 1983
Swedish Erotica 57 Caballero European, Classics, Vignettes 1984
Swedish Erotica 58 Caballero Feature
Swedish Erotica 71 Caballero Ebony 1986
Swedish Erotica 78 Caballero European, Compilation, Classics 1984
Swedish Erotica 8 Caballero Classics, All Sex 1981
Swedish Erotica 93 Caballero Vignettes 2007
Swedish Erotica Featurettes 5 Caballero Classics, Vignettes 1990 Frank James, Patty Rhodes, Ted Gorley
Swedish Erotica Hard 1 - Deep Throat and Anal Odyssey Compilation, Classics 1985
Swedish Erotica Hard 25 - Black Chicks / White Dicks Odyssey Compilation, Classics 1985
Swedish Erotica Letters 2 Pink Video Feature
Swedish Erotica Superstar - Janey Robbins Caballero Compilation
Sweet Encounters Erotic Angel All Sex 2000 Cash Markman
Sweet Imagination Pleasure Feature 1998 Stuart Canterbury
Swinging in the Rain Nitro Feature, Parody 1997 Cash Markman
Switch Hitters 3 - Squeeze Play Intropics Video Bisexual
Taboo 14 Intropics Video Feature, Wincest 1995 F.J. Lincoln
Taboo 8 - The Magic Is Back Intropics Video Feature, Wincest 1990 Henri Pachard
Tailiens 3 Fat Dog
Take My Wife But Leave the Money Caballero All Sex 1997 J Walker
Tales from the Clit 1 Odyssey Feature
Talk Dirty to Me 14 Dreamland Gonzo, Dirty Talk 2001 Cash Markman
Talk Dirty To Me 9 Dreamland Feature, Classics, Dirty Talk 2001
Tami Monroe Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Tangled Pleasure Bondage 1994 Mike Horner
Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency and Extended Orgasm Video Team Instructional 1994 Kay Parker, Wesley Emerson
Taoist Sexuality Adam and Eve Instructional 1997
Taste of Christy Canyon Pink Video Compilation
Taste of Janey Robbins Pink Video Feature
Taste of Julia Parton Pink Video Feature
Taste of Little Oral Annie Pink Video Compilation, Classics 1989
Taste of Money VCX Feature 1983 Richard Mailer
Taste of Rachel Ryan Pink Video
Tasty Caballero Classics 1985 Bud Lee
TCB - Taking Care of Business Seduction Vignettes 1998 Mike Horner
Tell me What to Do Caballero Feature 1992
Temple of Lust VCA Feature
Temple of Poon Plush Entertainment Feature, Parody 1996 Stuart Canterbury
Teri Diver's Bedtime Tales Fat Dog
Texas Crude Nitro Feature 1995 Charles Rothstein
The A Team Returns Western Visuals Feature 1988
The Attendant Sin City Feature 1996
The Book of Casual Sex Jill Kelly Feature Michael Santagelo
The Boss CDI / Cinderella Feature, Classics
The Clinic Filmco European 2002 Stuart Canterbury
The Life Wicked Feature 2003 Eli Cross
The Quest Sin City Feature Paul Norman
The Smart Ass Delinquent Video Team Anal
The Way You Kiss Me Wicked Feature 2004 Michael Raven
This is Your Sex Life Vidco Feature 1988 Jerome Bronson
This Isn't Gilligan's Island - A XXX Parody Cherry Boxxx Parody 2010
This Isn't McHale's Navy - A XXX Parody Cherry Boxxx Parody 2010
Three Ways 5 Wet Video Feature
Three Ways 7 Wet Video Orgy
Three Wives Video Team Feature 1993 Wesley Emerson
Tight Shots 1 Vivid Compilation, 4 hour
Tight Shots 13 Vivid Compilation
Tight Spot Western Visuals Classics 1996 Robert McCallum
Tiny Tales Totally Tasteless Bizarre 2002
Titillation VCX Classics 1982
Tits Dreamland Busty 2002
Titty Slickers 2 Legend
Titty Slickers 3 Legend
Topless Brain Surgeons Legend Busty, Feature 1996 Stuart Canterbury
Topless Room Service New Machine Busty, Feature 1998 Stuart Canterbury
Topless Stewardesses Paradise Video Feature 1994
Topless Truck Stop Legend 90's Porn Video 1997 Stuart Canterbury
Topless Window Washers New Machine Feature 1996 Stuart Canterbury
Totally Ona - Best of Ona Zee Ona Zee Compilation
Touch Me in the Morning Caballero Feature, Classics 1981 Louis Lewis
Touchables Coast To Coast
Toys for Twats 2 Vivid Compilation
Trinity's Desire Pleasure Feature 2004 Cash Markman
Trouble With Sex Simon Wolf All Sex 2002
True Sin Plum Feature 1990 Anthony Spinelli
Turbo Sex VCA Feature
Ultimate Swimming Pool Orgy 1 Tight Ends Orgy, Outdoors 1997 Rod Fontana
Under Contract - Lori Michaels Vivid Compilation 2004
Undercover Angel Metro All Sex 1989 Eric Edwards, Richard Mailer
Underworld Sin City Feature 2000 Michael Raven
Unplugged Coast To Coast Feature
Unplugged - Banned in Britain Coast To Coast Feature
Unveiled VCA Feature 1986
Up and Coming Executive Total Video All Sex 1993 Eduardo Dinero
Upbeat Love 1 Cal Vista Feature F.J. Lincoln
V.I.C.E. 2 Arrow/AFV Feature Stuart Canterbury
Valley of the Sluts Odyssey Feature
Velvet Heatwave Feature
Vice Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Victoria and Company Dreamland Compilation
Video Bone Wet Video Feature
Video Voyeur 1 Video Team Compilation 1988
Video Voyeur 2 Video Team All Sex
Viper's Place Caballero Feature
Vision Legend Feature
Visualizer VCA Feature 1992 Eric Edwards
Voluptuous Caballero All Sex 1993 Henri Pachard
Wadd - The Life and Times of John C. Holmes VCA Feature 2001 Cass Paley
Watchers Sin City Feature 2000 Michael Raven
Waterbabies 1 Coast To Coast Vignettes
Waves of Passion Pleasure Feature 1996 Jim Powers
Web of Desire Odyssey Feature
Weekend at Farrah's Erotic Angel Feature 2001
Wet 'N Wicked 28 - Orgy Mania 6 Erotic Video Network Orgy
Wet Nurses 2 Legend Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
What a Country Pleasure Interracial 1989 Jace Rocker
What About Boob Cal Vista Busty, Feature, Parody 1993 Bud Lee
What's Up Tiger Pussy VCA Feature 1995 Teri Diver, Tom Elliot
Where There's Smoke There's Fire Fantasy Home Video Feature
Whispered Lies LBO Entertainment Feature 1994 Jean Pierre Ferrand, Peter Davy
Who Shaved Aja Executive Fetish 1989 Scotty Fox
Whore Caballero Feature 2003
Who's Nailin' Paylin? Hustler Feature, Parody 2008 Jerome Tanner
Why Things Burn LBO Entertainment Feature 1995 Jean Pierre Ferrand
Wicked Thoughts Pleasure Feature
Wicked Weapon Wicked Feature 1997 Brad Armstrong
Wickedgirl.com Wicked Feature 1999 Brad Armstrong
Wild Thing Wicked Feature 2000 Brad Armstrong
Wildcats Wicked Feature 1995 Brad Armstrong
Wild's Wildest Las Vegas Compilation 2002
Winter Heat K-Beech Feature
Wishful Thinking VCA Feature 1992 Michael Craig
With Love Annette Caballero Compilation, Classics 1985
With Love Lisa Caballero Feature, Classics 1986
With Love Loni Caballero Feature, Classics 1985
Women in Red Executive
Working Girls Caballero Feature, Classics 1985 Bob Vosse, Howard Perkins
Working it Out Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Phillip Jem
World's Largest Cocks 6 Leisure Time Compilation
WPink TV 2 Paradise Visuals Feature 1986 Miles Kidder
WPink TV 3 Paradise Video Feature 1987 Jerome Bronson
X Girls Adam and Eve Feature 2000 Stuart Canterbury
X TV Vidco Feature 1989
X-Treme Sadie Midnight All Sex 1997 Cash Markman
XXX Trek - The Final Orgasm Dreamland Feature, Parody 1999 Cash Markman
XXX Trek - The ManEater Erotic Angel Feature, Parody 1999 Cash Markman
XXX TV Hollywood Video Feature
Yankee Rose Legend Feature
Young and Anal 21 JM Productions Anal, Young 2000 Jim Powers
Young and Dangerous New Era Young, Gonzo 2001 Bob Chinn
Young Jenteal Vivid Compilation 2002