Marc Wallice

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  • Don Webber
  • Jay B. David
  • M. Goldberg
  • Marc Gold
  • Marc Goldberg
  • Marc Richa
  • Marc Waliace
  • Marc Wallace
  • Marc Wallis
  • Mare Wallice
  • Mark Butler
  • Mark C. Gold
  • Mark Goldberg
  • Mark Walice
  • Mark Waliice
  • Mark Wallace
  • Mark Wallice
  • Mark Weller
  • Mark Williams
  • 5'10
  • Hazel eyes
  • Blonde hair
  • Caucasian
  • Jewish, American
  • Starting Year: 1982 (approximately 23 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 10/3/1959 (58 years old)
  • It is alleged that Wallice, a known IV drug userm, knowlingly hid being HIV positive for 2 years while working in the adult industry during which time he infected seven women on the set of adult film shoots including Brooke Ashley, Tricia Devereaux, Caroline, Nena Cherry, Jordan McKnight, Barbara Doll, and Kimberly Jade.
  • Ended his porn career abruptly when Sharon Mitchell announced that he was HIV positive on April 30, 1998
  • Entered the porn industry at the age of 22 after quitting his job as a Trader Joe's grocery bagger
  • Don Webber
  • Jay B. David
  • M. Goldberg
  • Marc Gold
  • Marc Goldberg
  • Marc Richa
  • Marc Waliace
  • Marc Wallace
  • Marc Wallis
  • Mare Wallice
  • Mark Butler
  • Mark C. Gold
  • Mark Goldberg
  • Mark Walice
  • Mark Waliice
  • Mark Wallace
  • Mark Wallice
  • Mark Weller
  • Mark Williams
  • 5'10
  • Hazel eyes
  • Blonde hair
  • Caucasian
  • Jewish, American
  • Starting Year: 1982 (approximately 23 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 10/3/1959 (58 years old)
  • It is alleged that Wallice, a known IV drug userm, knowlingly hid being HIV positive for 2 years while working in the adult industry during which time he infected seven women on the set of adult film shoots including Brooke Ashley, Tricia Devereaux, Caroline, Nena Cherry, Jordan McKnight, Barbara Doll, and Kimberly Jade.
  • Ended his porn career abruptly when Sharon Mitchell announced that he was HIV positive on April 30, 1998
  • Entered the porn industry at the age of 22 after quitting his job as a Trader Joe's grocery bagger

Marc Wallice Filmography
Title Studio Genre Year Director
10,000 Anal Maniacs - The DP Years Forbidden Anal, Feature 1995 Jake Jacobs
10,000 Anal Maniacs 1 - Rock and Roll Lovers Forbidden Feature 1993 Frank Marino
1-800-934-BOOB Caballero Compilation 1992
1992 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1992 Steve Austin
1993 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1993
2 Hot to Touch 2 - Life's a Beach Cal Vista Feature 1993 Bud Lee
2nd Coming Vivid Feature 1997 Ralph Parfait
3 Musketeers 2 Sunshine Feature
40 The Hard Way Odyssey Mature 1991 Giovanni
4F Dating Service Arrow/AFV Feature 1989 Bobby Hollander
5 Star Nikki Tyler Vivid Compilation 2005
976-76DD Vivid Busty, Feature 2000 Bud Lee
A is for Asia NuTech Feature 1995 Bud Lee, Asia Carrera
A Paler Shade of Blue Coast To Coast Feature Charles Grey
A Pussy To Die For Caballero Feature 1992 Jim Enright
Above the Knee Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Abuse of Power Elegant Angel Anal, Gonzo 1997 Rob Black
Adultery Plum Feature 1990 Anthony Spinelli
Adventures of Billy Blues Hollywood Feature 1990 Charlie Diamond
Adventures of Breastman Erotic Video Network Busty 1993
Adventures of Studman 2 New Machine Feature 1995 Steve Drake
Adventures of Suzy Super Slut 3 Arrow/AFV Anal 1995 Steve Drake
Afro Erotica 1 Wet Video Interracial 1986
Afro Erotica 14 Wet Video Interracial 1987
Afro Erotica 15 Wet Video Ebony, Interracial 1987
Afro Erotica 5 Wet Video Interracial, European 1986
Afro-Centrix 22 - Dirty Dominique Video Team Ebony, Compilation 2003
After Midnight Intropics Video Feature 1995 F.J. Lincoln
After Midnight Coast To Coast Feature 1992
Aja Pleasure Feature 1988 The Kid
Alice in Hollyweird Zane Feature 1992 F.J. Lincoln
All American Girls 1 - Oh, Beautiful! Caballero All Sex 1982 Craig Ashweed
All American Girls 2 - In Heat Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Bill Eagle
All For One CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988
All Holes Stuffed 4 Compilation, Threesomes, 4 hour
All Night Long Hollywood Compilation 1991 Hal Freeman
All the Way Down Zane Oral, Compilation 2003
Amazing Feets Vivid Fetish 2003
Amazing Tails Caballero Gonzo
Amazing Tails 2 Caballero Feature
Amazing Tails 3 Caballero Feature
Amazing Tails 4 Caballero Vignettes 1990 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
American Beauty Forbidden Gonzo 1993 Frank Marino
American Pie Vivid Feature 1995 Paul Norman
American Sweethearts Pleasure Feature 1998 Stuart Canterbury
Anal Adventures of Bruce Seven Bruce Seven Anal 1995 Bruce Seven
Anal Adventures of Suzy Super Slut Gen XXX Anal 1996 Steve Drake
Anal All Stars Caballero Anal 1994 Nancy Nemo
Anal Allstars Caballero Anal
Anal Anarchy VCA Anal 1996 James Avalon
Anal Assassins Gentlemen's Video Anal
Anal Attitude Hollywood Anal 1993 Jim Enright
Anal Blitz K-Beech Anal
Anal Booty Burner 1 Rosebud Anal Rex Borsky
Anal Centerfold Rosebud Anal 2004 Rex Borsky
Anal Climax 3 Rosebud Anal 1993 Rex Borsky
Anal Co-Ed Rosebud Anal
Anal Commander Zane Anal
Anal Cuties of Chinatown 1 Rosebud Anal, Asian 1992 Rex Borsky
Anal Cuties of Chinatown 2 Rosebud Anal, Asian 2001
Anal Cuties of Chinatown 3 Rosebud Anal, Asian 1992
Anal Deep Rider Rosebud Anal 1995 Rex Borsky
Anal Delights 2 Rosebud Anal Rex Borsky
Anal Delinquent 2 Rosebud Anal 1994 Rex Borsky
Anal Delinquent 3 Rosebud Anal 1995 Rex Borsky
Anal Diary of Misty Rain Elegant Angel Feature 1993 Patrick Collins
Anal Ecstasy Rosebud Anal 1992 Rex Borsky
Anal Encounters 1 VCA Anal 1991 William Black
Anal Encounters 2 VCA Anal
Anal Encounters 3 VCA Anal
Anal Hanky Panky Rosebud Anal 1997 Rex Borsky
Anal Hellraiser Rosebud Anal Rex Borsky
Anal Hellraiser 2 Rosebud Anal 1995 Rex Borsky
Anal Hunger Rosebud Anal 1994 Rex Borsky
Anal Inferno Rosebud Anal 1992 Rex Borsky
Anal Innocence 3 Rosebud Anal 1995 Rex Borsky
Anal Insatiable Rosebud Anal 1995 Rex Borsky
Anal Intruder 2 Coast To Coast Anal 1988 Tina Marie
Anal Intruder 4 Coast To Coast Anal
Anal Intruder 5 Coast To Coast Anal 1991 Michael Carpenter
Anal Intruder 6 - Anal Twins Coast To Coast Anal, Feature 1992 Jim Enright
Anal Jammin' and Slammin' Rosebud Anal
Anal Lover 2 Rosebud Anal 1993 Rex Borsky
Anal Madness Rosebud Anal 1992 Rex Borsky
Anal Mystique Emerald City Productions Feature 1994 Michael Carpenter
Anal Nation Coast To Coast Anal 1990 William Black
Anal Princess 1 VCA Anal 1999 Wesley Emerson
Anal Queen Amazing Anal 1994 William Wittrock, John T Bone
Anal Rampage 1 Rosebud Anal 1992 Rex Borsky
Anal Revolution Rosebud Anal 1991 Rex Borsky
Anal Savage Rosebud Anal 1992 Rex Borsky
Anal Savage 2 Rosebud Anal 1994 Rex Borsky
Anal Savage 3 Rosebud Anal 2003 Rex Borsky
Anal Secrets Intropics Video Anal
Anal Sensations Rosebud Anal
Anal Sluts and Sweethearts Rosebud Anal Rex Borsky
Anal Sweetheart Rosebud Anal 1995 Rex Borsky
Anal Thrills Rosebud Anal 1992 Rex Borsky
Anal Tight Ass Rosebud Anal 1995 Rex Borsky
Anal Trashy Ass Rosebud Anal Rex Borsky
Anal Urge Rosebud Anal
Anal with an Oriental Slant Rosebud Asian
Anal Witness 4 LBO Entertainment Anal 1997 Henri Pachard
Analist 2 Video Exclusives Anal
Analizer Vidco Anal 1994 Frank Marino
Andrew Blake's Desire VCA Feature 1990 Andrew Blake
Angelica LBO Entertainment Feature
Angels of Mercy Hollywood Video Feature 1985
Another Fuckin' Anal Movie Rosebud Anal 1996 Rex Borsky
Another Rear View Legend Anal
Anything Goes Vidco Feature
April is This Years Blonde Legend
As Sweet as They Come Vivid Feature 1998 F.J. Lincoln
Ashlyn Gere's Realities Zane Feature 1991 Jack Stephen
Ashlyn Gere's Realities 2 Zane Feature 1992 Layne Parker
Asian Chow Down Vivid Feature 1999 Bud Lee
Asian Party Girls 4 Rosebud Asian, Compilation 2002
Ass Openers 1 TCKS Anal, Compilation 1996 Michael Carpenter
Ass Openers 10 TCKS
Ass Openers 16 TCKS
Ass Openers 2 TCKS Anal 1996 Michael Carpenter
Ass Openers 3 TCKS Anal 1995 Michael Carpenter
Ass Openers 4 TCKS
Ass Openers 6 TCKS Anal, Compilation 1997 Michael Carpenter
Ass Openers 8 TCKS Anal, Compilation 1997 Michael Carpenter
Asses Galore 7 Devil's Films Anal 1997 Mike Rubinstein
Asspiring Actresses Caballero Feature 1989 Gordon Vandermeer
Attack of One Name Girls 1 Vivid Compilation
Aussie Exchange Girls Pleasure
Aussie Maid in America Pleasure
Babe Magnet - A Pheromone Tale Metro Feature
Babe Watch Coast To Coast Feature 1993 Bob Vosse
Baby Doll Sin City Feature 2000 F.J. Lincoln
Baby Face 2 VCA Classics, Feature, Young 1986 Alex De Renzy
Babylon Blonde Pepper Productions Feature
Bachelor Party Metro Feature 1994 John T Bone
Bachelor Party Amazing Feature John T Bone
Bachelorette Party VCA Feature
Back in the Pen Factory Video Feature
Back to Back 2 Filmco Anal
Back to Class 1 Dreamland Feature 1987 Jerry Ross
Backdoor Babes Wet Video Anal 2002
Backdoor Bonanza 12 Wet Video Anal, Compilation 1989
Backdoor Bonanza 13 Wet Video Compilation 1989
Backdoor Bonanza 5 Wet Video Anal 1987
Backdoor Bonanza 9 Wet Video Anal 1989
Backdoor Brides 1 Paradise Video Anal, Feature 1986 Sid Shephard
Backdoor Brides 2 - The Honeymoon Paradise Video Anal, Classics 1986 Ron Jeremy
Backdoor Brides 4 - It's the 90's Paradise Video Anal 1993 F.J. Lincoln
Backdoor Summer Paradise Video Anal 1988
Backdoor to Hollywood 10 CDI / Cinderella Anal
Backdoor to Hollywood 11 CDI / Cinderella Anal 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Backdoor to Hollywood 12 CDI / Cinderella Anal
Backdoor to Hollywood 13 CDI / Cinderella Gonzo 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Backdoor to Hollywood 14 CDI / Cinderella Anal 1990
Backdoor to Hollywood 4 CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988
Backdoor to Hollywood 5 CDI / Cinderella Anal
Backdoor to Hollywood 7 CDI / Cinderella Feature 1989 John Stagliano
Backdoor to Hollywood 8 CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Backdoor to Hollywood 9 CDI / Cinderella Anal
Backfield in Motion Paradise Visuals Anal, Feature 1990 Jim Reynolds
Bad VCA Feature 1990 John Leslie
Bad Company Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Bad Girls 2 - Stripsearch Vivid Feature 1999 Toni English
Bad Girls 5 Gourmet/GVC Feature
Bad News Brat Vivid Feature
Ballin' Abroad Vivid Compilation 2003
Bangkok Nights Vivid Asian 1994 Toni English
Barlow Affairs Wicked Feature 1991 F.J. Lincoln
Battle of the Superstars Vivid Feature
Bazooka County 3 Coast To Coast Busty
Beached Blonde K-Beech Feature
Beat Goes On VCR Productions Feature 1986 Bobby Hollander
Beaver and Buttcheeks Dreamland Feature 1993 Jim Enright
Beaverly Hills Cop Essex Home Video Feature
Bed Butts and Breakfast Las Vegas Feature 1990 Duck Dumont
Behind the Back Door 2 Erotic Video Network
Behind the Brown Door VCR Productions Anal
Behind You All the Way 1 SOHO Anal
Best Butt in the West 1 Coast To Coast Big Asses 1992 Brandy Alexandre
Best Gang Bangs Devil's Films Gangbang
Best of Backdoor to Hollywood CDI / Cinderella Anal, Compilation 1992
Best of Bruce Seven 1 Bizarre Compilation 1990 Bruce Seven
Best of Caught from Behind 1 Hollywood Compilation
Best of Caught from Behind 5 Hollywood Compilation, Anal 1991
Best of Dark Brothers 2 Wet Video Gonzo, Compilation 2002
Best of Dark Brothers 3 Wet Video Compilation
Best of Hot Shorts 1 VCR Productions Compilation
Best of Loose Ends 1 4 Play Compilation
Best of Oriental Anal 1 Rosebud Asian, Anal, Compilation 1994 Rex Borsky
Best of Oriental Anal 2 Rosebud Compilation
Best Rears of Our Lives Odyssey Anal
Bet Black CDI / Cinderella Interracial
Between My Breasts 11 Big Top Busty
Between the Cheeks 2 VCA Feature, Anal 1990 Gregory Dark
Between the Cheeks 3 VCA Anal 1994 Gregory Dark
Beyond Reality 5 Exquisite Feature 2001
Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Video 40 Anabolic Amateur
Bigger Than Your Head Vivid Compilation 2003
Billionaire Girls Club K-Beech Feature
Black Bun Busters VCA Ebony 1985 Junior 'Speedy' Bodden
Black City 3 Sin City Compilation
Black Hose Bag Rosebud Anal, Interracial 1996 Rex Borsky
Black Lava Wet Video Ebony
Black Meat Frenzy 9 Sin City Compilation
Black Mystique Metro Ebony, Interracial 1986 Jack Remy
Black Silk Secrets VCA Feature 1989
Black Stockings Vidco Feature 1990 F.J. Lincoln
Black Throat VCA Oral 1985
Black Tie Affair Executive
Black Valley Girls 1 Dreamland Interracial
Black Valley Girls 2 Dreamland Ebony
Blondage Vivid Feature 1994
Blonde Angel Vivid Feature 1994 Bud Lee
Blonde Savage CDI / Cinderella Feature
Bloopers Video Team Industry 1994 Wesley Emerson
Blow Job Baby Coast To Coast Feature
Blowjob Queens From Hell Xplicit Oral
Blowjob Queens from Hell
Blue Angel VCA Feature 2002
Blue Dahlia Cal Vista Feature 1997 James Avalon
Body of Innocence Wicked Feature Sean Michaels
Boiling Desires VCA Feature
Boiling Point Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Boneheads Pleasure Feature
Boobs Butts and Bloopers Hollywood Industry 1990
Boobs Butts and Bloopers 2 Hollywood Feature
Boot Lick Babes Vivid Compilation, 4 hour 2003
Booty Bitch Rosebud Anal Rex Borsky
Booty Ho 3 Rosebud Anal
Booty in the House Wicked Ebony, Anal, Interracial 1994 Jim Enright
Booty Queen Rosebud Anal 1995 Rex Borsky
Booty Sister 2 Rosebud Anal, Ebony, Interracial 1996 Rex Borsky
Borsky's Back Door Bitches Rosebud Anal 1997 Rex Borsky
Bottom Dweller 2 Elegant Angel Anal 2001 Patrick Collins
Bottom Dweller 5 Elegant Angel Anal Patrick Collins
Bottom Dweller Orgies Elegant Angel Compilation, Orgy 2002 Patrick Collins
Box Spring Vivid
Breakin' It 2 Gourmet/GVC
Breaking It 2 Gourmet/GVC Feature
Breathless CDI / Cinderella Feature 1989 Gordon Vandermeer
Bright Lights Big Titties Caballero Feature 1988 Loretta Sterling
Bringing Up the Rear Caballero Anal
British are Coming Zane Gonzo
Broad of Directors Pepper Productions
Bubble Gum VCA Classics 1983 Damon Christian
Bun for the Money Factory Video Anal
Burgundy Blues Cal Vista Feature Thomas Paine
Burning Secrets Cal Vista Feature Thomas Paine
Busted Caballero Feature 1989 Gordon Vandermeer
Butt Bandits 4 Vidco Anal
Butt Banged Bicycle Babes Anabolic Gonzo, Anal 1994
Butt Banged Cycle Sluts Anabolic Anal 1995 Christopher Alexander
Butt Boss Caballero Feature Henri Pachard
Butt Invaders 1996
Butthole Madness 1 - Sex-O-Vision 16 Heatwave Anal
Butthole Sweetheart Rosebud Anal 1996 Rex Borsky
Butts Motel 1 Executive Anal 1988 Scotty Fox
Butts Motel 4 Executive Anal 1990 Scotty Fox
Butts Motel 5 Executive Anal 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Butts Up Caballero Anal 2003
Cajun Heat Sin City Feature F.J. Lincoln
California Blonde VCA Feature 1995
California Cruizin - Butt Hole Boulevard Caballero Feature
California Fever Cal Vista Feature 1995
Camera Shy Vivid Feature 1998
Campfire Girls VCA Feature
Candy Factory Plush Entertainment 1994
Canned Heat Intropics Video
Canned Heat 2 TCKS Feature
Careena Collins' Twins Western Visuals Classics
Casa de Pussy Vivid Compilation 2005
Casual Lies Caballero Feature
Cat House Vivid Feature 1994 Toni English
Catalina Five-O - Sabotage CDI / Cinderella All Sex, Feature 1990 Anthony Spinelli
Catalina Five-O - Tiger Shark CDI / Cinderella Feature
Catalina Five-O - White Coral Blue Death CDI / Cinderella Feature
Cathouse Vivid Feature 1994 Toni English
Catwalk Sin City Feature 1995 Henry Spence
Catwalk 2 Sin City Feature Henry Spence
Caught From Behind 10 - A Decade Of Decadence Hollywood Anal 1989 Hall Freeman
Caught From Behind 11 Hollywood Anal 1989 Hall Freeman
Caught from Behind 14 Hollywood Video Anal
Caught from Behind 16 - The Reunion Hollywood Anal
Caught from Behind 17 Hollywood Anal
Caught from Behind 18 Hollywood
Caught from Behind 19 Hollywood
Caught from Behind 2 Hollywood
Caught from Behind 3 Hollywood Anal 1985
Caught from Behind 4 Hollywood Anal 1985 Hall Freeman
Caught from Behind 6 Hollywood Anal 1986 Hall Freeman
Caught from Behind 8 Hollywood Anal
Caught from Behind 9 Hollywood Anal
Caught in the Act Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Caught In The Middle CDI / Cinderella Feature, Classics 1988
Centerfold Celebrities 2 Silver Fox Productions
Chance Meetings Leisure Time Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Chasey Loves Rocco Vivid Feature 1996
Checkmate Vivid Feature 1996 Brad Armstrong, Dyanna Lauren
Cheek to Cheek Elegant Angel Anal Tiffany Mynx
Cheek to Cheek 2 Elegant Angel Gonzo 2000 Tiffany Mynx
Cheeks 3 Coast To Coast Anal, Feature 1990 Charlie Diamond
Cherry Cheeks Caballero Anal
Cherry Pepper 2 - All Anal and DP Pepper Productions Anal, Threesomes
Chocolate Bunnies 2 LBO Entertainment Ebony 2002
Chow Down Vivid Asian
Christy Canyon Non-Stop Caballero Compilation 2006
Christy Canyon Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Cicciolina - The Rise of the Roman Empress 2 Paradise Video Feature 1990 Jim Reynolds
City Lickers K-Beech Feature 1990
Club DV8 Sin City Feature 1993 F.J. Lincoln
Club DV8 2 Sin City Feature 1993 F.J. Lincoln
Club Hades Sin City Feature 1997 Ernest Greene
Cock Cravin' Cunts Fat Dog Compilation
Coffee and Cream Gentlemen's Video Interracial 1996
Collector's Choice 10 CDI / Cinderella Classics
Collector's Choice 14 CDI / Cinderella Compilation
Collector's Choice 16 CDI / Cinderella Compilation
Collector's Choice 18 CDI / Cinderella
Collector's Choice 9 CDI / Cinderella Compilation
Colon Cuties - Sex-O-Vision 8 Heatwave Anal
Come as You Are Arrow/AFV Feature, Classics 1984 Bobby Hollander
Coming Together Caballero Feature
Corner Video Team Feature
Corrupt Desires Vidco
Corruption of Christina Wicked Feature Jim Enright
Covergirl Wicked Feature 1994 Wesley Emerson
Crazed 1 Vivid Feature
Crazed 2 Vivid
Crazy With the Heat 2 Cal Vista Feature Bud Lee
Creasemaster VCA Feature Gregory Dark
Cum for me Carol Fantasy Home Video Feature
Cum in My Mouth Xplicit Cum Shots
Cum Shocks 12 Channel 69 Compilation
Cum Shocks 18 NG Video
Cum Shot Revue 2 Hollywood Compilation
Cum Sucking Whore Named Francesca Anabolic Compilation 1996
Cum Sucking Whore Named Vanessa Chase Anabolic Compilation 1997
Cumback Pussy 6 Elegant Angel Anal Tom Byron
Cumback Pussy 9 - Your Ass is Mine Elegant Angel Anal 2001 Tom Byron
Curse of the Catwoman VCA Feature 1991 John Leslie
Cybersex Vivid Feature 1995 Brad Armstrong
Daddy Doesn't Know Hollywood Feature
Dances with Foxes Coast To Coast Feature
Daring Directors - John Leslie Wet Video Compilation
Dark Corners Las Vegas Feature Michael Craig
Debbie Class of 88 Coast To Coast Feature
Debbie Does 'Em All Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1984
Debbie Does 'Em All 2 Cal Vista Feature 2000
Debbie Does Wall Street VCA Feature 1991
Debbie Goes to College VCA Classics, Feature 1986 Bob Vosse
Deep Cheeks 1 Rosebud
Deep Cheeks 2 Rosebud Anal 2002 Rex Borsky
Deep Chill Atomic Anal, Feature, Classics, Parody 1985
Deep Cover Wicked Feature Thomas Paine
Deep Dish Booty Pie Rosebud Anal 2003 Rex Borsky
Deep Inside Ariana VCA Compilation
Deep Inside Barby CDI / Cinderella Feature
Deep Inside Brittany O'Connell VCA Compilation 1995 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Centerfold Girls VCA Feature
Deep Inside Chasey Lain Vivid Compilation 2002
Deep Inside Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2002
Deep Inside Crystal Wilder VCA Feature 1995 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Nikki Dial VCA Compilation 2002
Deep Inside Nina Hartley VCA Compilation
Deep Inside P.J. Sparxx VCA Compilation 1995
Deep Inside Racquel Darrian Vivid Compilation 2001
Deep Inside Racquel Darrian VCA Compilation 1995 Wesley Emerson
Deep Inside Shanna McCullough VCA Feature
Deep Throat Girls 10 Gourmet/GVC Oral
Deja Vu
Denim Dolls 2 CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990
Desire Kills Arrow/AFV Feature 1996 William Margold
Determinator 2 Visual Images
Devil in Miss Jones 3 - A New Beginning VCA Feature 1986 Gregory Dark
Devil in Miss Jones 4 VCA Feature 1986 Gregory Dark
Devil in Miss Jones 5 - The Inferno VCA Feature 1995 Gregory Dark
Devil Made Her Do It Hollywood
Dial A for Anal Caballero Anal
Dial F for Fantasy Pleasure Feature
Dial-A-Nurse Vidco Feature
Dinner Party Ultimate Orgy 1994 Cameron Grant
Dirtiest Girl in the World Zane
Dirty Dyanna K-Beech Feature
Dirty Letters Vidco Feature
Dirty Little Adult Cartoons 1 Hollywood Animation, Parody 2000
Dirty Nurses Heatwave Feature 1993
Doctor Ginger is Pretty as You Feel VCX Feature, Classics 1984 Mark Murphy
Dominant Dames 2 Vivid Compilation
Double Crossing Intropics Video Feature 1992
Double Desires Caballero Threesomes, Compilation 1988
Double Detail SOHO Feature 1992 F.J. Lincoln
Double Penetration 1 Western Visuals Anal 1986 Ron Jeremy
Double Penetration 4 Western Visuals Anal, Threesomes 1992
Double Penetration 5 Western Visuals
Double Penetrations 1 Wet Video Gonzo
Double Penetrations 2 Wet Video Gonzo
Double Penetrations 3 Wet Video Feature
Double Penetrations 5 Wet Video Anal, Compilation, Threesomes 1988
Double Penetrations 6 Wet Video Gonzo
Double Penetrations 7 Wet Video Feature
Double Penetrations 8 Wet Video Feature
Double Play 17 - Asian Connection Video Team Asian
Double Whammy K-Beech
Dougie Hoser M.D. Video Team Gonzo 1990 Ed Dinero
Down and Dirty with Debi Diamond LBO Entertainment Compilation 1995
DP 2 - The Mighty Phucks Filmco Anal, Feature, Threesomes 1994 Barry Hunter, Loretta Sterling
Dr. Butts 2 4 Play Anal 1991
Dream Lust LBO Entertainment Feature 1995
Dream Machine CDI / Cinderella Feature 1992 Jack Stephen
Dreams of Candace Hart Vivid Feature 1991
Dreams of Misty VCX Feature, Classics 1984 Max Strand
Drifter Cal Vista Feature Jim Enright
Easy Lover Executive
Easy Pussy Rosebud Feature
Ebony Connection 1 LBO Entertainment Ebony
Ebony Erotica VCR Productions Ebony, Compilation 1985
Ebony Erotica 2 LBO Entertainment Interracial 2010
Editor's Choice - Chasey Lain Vivid Compilation 2005
Editor's Choice 2 Caballero Compilation 1991
Electrified Vivid Feature
Elegant's Angels 1 - Search for Buttwoman Elegant Angel Anal, Feature, Parody 1997 Toby Dammit
Elegant's Angels 2 - Operation Toby Rescue Elegant Angel Feature 1997 Toby Dammit
Encore Vivid Gonzo 1995 F.J. Lincoln
End of Innocence Metro Gonzo 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Endlessly Vivid Feature 1993
Entertainment-L.A. Style Hollywood
Erotic Adventures Of Dickman and Throbbin Western Visuals Classics, Feature
Erotic Eruptions 8 - Ass Busters Delight Pleasure
Erotic Explosions 2 Pleasure Compilation
Erotic Explosions 9 Pleasure Compilation
Erotic Express Metro Feature
Erotic Impulse 14 - Throbbing Threesomes Gourmet/GVC Orgy
Erotic Impulse 26 - Lube 'Em Up Gourmet/GVC Oral
Erotic Starlets 12 CDI / Cinderella
Erotic Starlets 5 CDI / Cinderella
Erotic Starlets 7 CDI / Cinderella
Erotic Therapy CDI / Cinderella Feature, Classics 1987 Jack Remy
Erotic World of Cody Nicole VCR Productions Classics, Compilation 1985 William Reynolds
Erotic World of Crystal Lake LBO Entertainment Compilation
Essence of a Woman Legend 1995
Eternal Idol CDI / Cinderella Feature
Eternal Lust Hollywood Video Feature
Eve of Seduction CDI / Cinderella Feature
Everybody's Playmates Caballero
Everything Butt 1 Executive
Execu-Comp 115 Executive Compilation
Executions on Butt Row Evil Angel Anal 1996 Joey Silvera
Exhibitionist Caballero Feature
Exit in Rear X-citement Video
Extreme Close Up - Nikki Dial Vivid Compilation 2001
Extreme Sex 1 - The Club Vivid Feature
Extreme Sex 2 - The Dungeon Vivid Bondage, Fetish, Vignettes 1994 Toni English
Extreme Sex 4 - The Experiment Vivid Feature
Eyewitness Nudes VCA Feature
Face Sitter 1 Coast To Coast
Famous Anus 1 Executive Anal 1990 Jim Enright
Fat Ends 4 Play Plump 1989 Loretta Sterling
Fat Liners 1 Executive Plump 1990 Joe W Brown
Fat Liners 2 - The Search for Sheena Executive Plump 1991 Joe W Brown
Father of the Babe Zane
Feds in Bed Hollywood
Felanalingus LBO Entertainment Anal 1989
Female Climax Leisure Time Compilation 1997
Female Sensations VCA Classics, Feature 1983 Sam Dixon
Femme Covert VCA
Femme Fatale Sin City Feature F.J. Lincoln
Filet O' Breast 1 Adult Video Corp.
Filthy First Timers 2 Elegant Angel Amateur Van Damage
Filthy Fuckers 3 - Anal Maniacs Zane
Filthy Fuckers 42 - Cock Craving Brunettes Zane Compilation
Filthy Fuckers 5 - 3-Way Zane Compilation
Fine Art of Anal Intercourse VCR Productions Anal
Fire Foxes Essex Home Video Feature 1985
Fire in the Hole Armageddon Gonzo 2000 Tom Byron
Fire Inside VCA Feature
Flame LBO Entertainment Feature
Flash Back Sin City
Flashback Sin City Feature F.J. Lincoln
Flesh Palace LBO Entertainment
Flesh Shopping Network K-Beech 1995
Florence Hump Arrow/AFV
Fluffer 1 Fat Dog Feature
Fluffer 2 Fat Dog Feature
Flying High 1 Hollywood
Flying High 2 Hollywood Feature
Foolish Pleasure Vidco
Forbidden Sin City Feature 1996 Henri Pachard
Forbidden Bodies Wet Video All Sex 1986 Gerard Damiano
Forbidden Entry VCR Productions Anal, Classics 1984
Forever Young Vivid Feature 1994
Forty Something 1 Legend
Freak 'Dat Booty Wicked Interracial, Anal 1994 Jim Enright
Freaky Tailz Avica
French Doll Moonlight Feature
Frenzy Sin City Feature F.J. Lincoln
Fresh Meat Evil Angel Gonzo 1995 John Leslie
Fresh Meat 4 Evil Angel Gonzo 2002 John Leslie
Friends and Lovers 2 Video Team
From Asia with Love K-Beech
From Japan With Love 1 K-Beech
Fuck Frenzy Xplicit Compilation
Full Moon Bay Vivid Feature 1993
Full Moon Fever LBO Entertainment Feature 2000
Full Throttle Girls Visual Images
Games Couples Play Hollywood
Gang Bang Butthole Surfin' Rosebud Anal, Gangbang 1996 Rex Borsky
Gang Bang Cummers Rosebud Gangbang
Gang Bang Dollies Rosebud Gangbang 1996
Gang Bang Face Bath 2 Rosebud Gangbang 2002
Gang Bang Face Bath 3 Rosebud Gangbang 2002
Gang Bang Face Bath 4 Rosebud Gangbang
Gang Bang Jizz Jammers Rosebud Gangbang
Gang Bang Jizz Queen Rosebud Gangbang
Gang Bang Nymphette Rosebud Anal, Gangbang 1994 Rex Borsky
Gang Bang Pussy Cat Rosebud Gangbang
Gang Bang Thrills Rosebud Gangbang 2002
Gang Bang Wild Style 2 Rosebud Gangbang
Gang Bangs LBO Entertainment Gangbang 1985 John Stagliano
Gang Bangs 2 Evil Angel Gangbang 1989 John Stagliano
Gangbang Girl 13 Anabolic Gangbang 2001
Gangbang Girl 17 Anabolic Gangbang 2001
Gangbang Girl 22 Anabolic Gangbang 2001
Gangbang Girl 3 Anabolic Gangbang 1992
Gangbang Girl 4 Anabolic Gangbang
Geisha's Secrets Vivid Feature Bud Lee
Gettin' Lucky Vivid Feature 1998 Toni English
Gettin Wet VCA Feature
Getting Lucky Caballero Classics 1984 Paul G Vatelli
Ghost to Ghost Coast To Coast Feature
Gift of Love K-Beech
Ginger Lynn - Non Stop Vidco Compilation 2006
Ginger Lynn - The Movie Paradise Video Classics 1988 Donald McRonson
Ginger Lynn and Co. LBO Entertainment Compilation
Ginger Lynn Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Ginger Lynn's Yours For The Asking Gourmet/GVC Compilation
Ginger on the Rocks Vivid Feature 1985 Bruce Seven, Michael Cates
Ginger's Private Party Vivid Feature
Girl with the Blue Jeans Off Fantasy Home Video Feature
Girl With the Heart-Shaped Tattoo Vivid Feature Toni English
Girls from Hootersville 7 Silver Fox Productions
Girls of Cell Block F Plum Feature
Girls of Double D 11 CDI / Cinderella Busty 1989 Gordon Vandermeer
Girls of Double D 12 CDI / Cinderella Busty
Girls of Double D 13 CDI / Cinderella Busty
Girls of Double D 4 CDI / Cinderella Busty
Girls of Double D 6 CDI / Cinderella
Girls of Double D 8 CDI / Cinderella
Girls of Double D 9 CDI / Cinderella Busty
Girls of Fur Pi Gourmet/GVC
Girls of Silicon Valley Filmco
Girls of the Chorusline Video Team Feature
Girls on Bottom Digital Dreams Compilation 2001
Girls with Curves 2 Cal Vista Feature F.J. Lincoln
Glen and Glenda Caballero Feature, Bizarre 1994 Frank Marino
Goddaughter 1 Arrow/AFV Feature F.J. Lincoln
Goddaughter 2 Arrow/AFV Feature F.J. Lincoln
Goddaughter 3 Arrow/AFV Feature F.J. Lincoln
Goddaughter 4 Arrow/AFV Feature F.J. Lincoln
Golddiggers 1 VCA
Golden Triangle Gourmet/GVC Feature
Good Girls Do Hollywood Feature 1985 Hal Freeman
Goodaughters Klimaxx Feature, Parody 1997 Jim Enright
Gorgeous Caballero Feature 1990 F.J. Lincoln
Gourmet One Hour Series 34 - Lost in Lust Gourmet/GVC Classics, Feature 1984
Governess Wicked Feature 1993 Michael Craig
Graduation from F.U. Total Video Feature
Graven Images Hollywood Video
Great American Boobs to Kill for Dance Contest Pepper Productions Busty 1995
Great Sex Scenes 2 Wet Video Compilation
Groupies Galore VCA 2001
Guilty by Seduction Odyssey Feature
Hall Of Fame Cal Vista Compilation 2007
Hall of Famers Metro Compilation 2000
Happy Ending Wicked Feature 2003 Jim Enright
Hard as a Rock Zane Gonzo 1992 Max Hardcore
Hard Headed Legend Feature
Hard Rider Intropics Video
Hard to Handle Gourmet/GVC Feature 2008 John Shubert
Hard to Thrill CDI / Cinderella Feature
Hate to See You Go VCA Feature
Haunted Nights Wicked Feature 2000 Jim Enright
Hawaii Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Hawaii Vice 2 - The Deadly Game CDI / Cinderella 2001
Hawaii Vice 3 - Beyond the Badge CDI / Cinderella
Hawaii Vice 4 - Soft Shoulders and Dangerous Curves CDI / Cinderella
Hawaii Vice 5 - Sky's the Limit CDI / Cinderella Feature
Hawaii Vice 6 CDI / Cinderella Feature
Head and Tails Vidco Feature
Head Games Western Visuals Feature, Classics
Head Talk Zane
Headlines Sin City Feature
Heart to Heart Legend
Heat of the Moment VCX All Sex
Heavy Petting Essex Home Video Feature 1991 John T Bone
Heidi's Girls Gourmet/GVC
Hello Molly Caballero Feature John T Bone
Hello Norma Jeane Video Team
Hells Anals 1 Hollywood Feature
Her Obsession K-Beech
Her Wicked Obsession Wicked Feature 2002 F.J. Lincoln
Herman's Bed Hollywood
Hershe Highway 1 Hollywood Anal
Hershe Highway 2 - Love On Hollywood Feature
Hershe Highway 3 - Love On Hollywood Anal
Hershe Highway 4 Hollywood
Hidden Agenda X-citement Video Feature 1992 Michael Craig
Hidden Obsessions Studio A Feature 1992 Andrew Blake
Hindlick Maneuver Coast To Coast Feature Michael Carpenter
Holiday for Angels Intropics Video Feature
Hollywood Bikini Party Girls VCA Feature
Hollywood Hineys 2 Hollywood Anal
Hollywood Hineys 4 Hollywood Anal
Honey, I Blew Everybody Again K-Beech Oral
Hooter Heaven Caballero Busty 2001
Hootermania VCA Busty 1993 Gregory Dark
Hot and Nasty Venus 99
Hot in the Saddle Erotic Angel Feature
Hot Palms Gourmet/GVC Feature
Hot Spa Caballero Feature
Hot Sweet 'N' Sticky Caballero Feature
Hot Tight Asses 20 TCKS Anal
Hot Tight Asses 5 TCKS Anal
Hot Tight Asses 6 TCKS Compilation
Hot Tight Asses 7 TCKS
Hot Tight Asses 8 TCKS Anal
Hot Tight Asses 9 TCKS Anal
Hotel Paradise Caballero Classics
Hotel Sodom 2 Snatch David Christopher
Hotel Sodom 3 Snatch Gonzo
Hotel Sodom 5 Snatch Anal
Hothouse Rose 1 VCA Feature Henri Pachard
Hotline VCA Feature 1991 Eric Edwards
House of Pleasure Caballero Feature
House of Sleeping Beauties 1 Vivid Feature
House of Sleeping Beauties 2 Vivid
House of the Rising Sun 2 Video Team Feature
House on Chasey Lane Vivid Feature 1995 Michael Zen
How to Enlarge Your Penis & The Fine Art of Anal Intercourse LBO Entertainment Anal, Instructional 1995 John Stagliano
How to Perform Fellatio LBO Entertainment Instructional, Oral 1985 John Stagliano
Humongous Hooters - Sex-O-Vision 4 Heatwave
Hunger Forbidden Feature
Hyapathia - Native Tongue Vivid All Sex 1993
I Can't Get No Satisfaction CDI / Cinderella Feature 1988
I Like to be Watched Vidco Feature, Classics 1984 Michael Carpenter
I Made Marian CDI / Cinderella Feature
I Never Say No Atomic Feature
I Remember When NG Video
I Want it All Vivid Feature 1996
I Want it All Caballero Feature
I Want to be Bad Cal Vista Feature 1984 Robert McCallum
Illusions of Ecstasy Now Showing Feature
I'm Too Sexy Caballero
Imagination Exposed 4 Play Feature
Immaculate Erection Vidco Feature 2006
Immoral Miss Teeze Cal Vista Feature
In 'er Circle Vivid Compilation, 4 hour 2003
In The Box Vivid Feature 2001
In the Jeans Again Moonlight
Indecent Itch VCR Productions Bizarre, Classics 1986 John Stagliano
Indiscretions Plum Feature
Inferno Wicked Feature 1991
Inferno 2 - Till Hell Freezes Over Sin City Feature 1993 Paul Norman
Innocent Woman Fantasy Home Video
Inside Pink Hollywood
Internal Affairs Vivid Feature 1996 Bud Lee
Interview with a Vamp Anabolic Feature, Parody 1994 Justin Case
Intimate Realities VCA Feature Richard Wright
Introducing Charli CDI / Cinderella
Jamie Summers Rocks Cocks Vivid Compilation 2005
Jenna's Revenge Wicked Feature 1997 Brad Armstrong
Jezebel Sin City Feature 1993 Paul Norman
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 10 Evil Angel Gonzo 1999 Joey Silvera
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 5 Evil Angel Gonzo, Ebony, Interracial 1995 Joey Silvera
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 6 Evil Angel Gonzo 1995 Joey Silvera
Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 8 Evil Angel Gonzo 1996 Joey Silvera
Joy Toys Wet Video Classics
Juicy Lucy VCA Bizarre 1990 Alex De Renzy
Juicy Sex Scandals Caballero Vignettes
Julia Ann Superstar Vivid Feature Toni English
Kadillac and Devell Zane
Kascha and Friends CDI / Cinderella Feature
Kascha's Days and Nights CDI / Cinderella Feature 1989 Gordon Vandermeer
Kay Parker Collection Alpha Blue Compilation
Kelly's Hot Friends VCA All Sex 1998 John Dragon
Keyhole Video 114 - Christy Canyon Special Video Exclusives
Kinky Fantasies Kinky World Productions
Kobe's Tie Vivid Feature 1999
Lady in Red VCA
Lady Sterling Takes it in the Arse Rosebud Anal
Laid in Heaven VCA Feature 1991 Jake Craig
Last Resort VCA Feature 1990 John Leslie
Late Show Vivid Feature 1997
Lay Over Hollywood Feature 1985 Hall Freeman
Leena Video Team Feature 1992 F.J. Lincoln
Leena is Going Pro Video Team Feature F.J. Lincoln
Legend of Barbi Q and Little Fawn Caballero Feature
Les Femmes Erotiques Studio A Feature 1993 Andrew Blake
Let Me Tell Ya' Bout White Chicks VCA Interracial
Let's Play Doctor New Machine Feature
Like a Virgin Atomic Feature, Classics 1985 Adam Tarasiacus
Like a Virgin 2 VCX Feature, Classics 1986 Roy Karch
Lil Darlings 2 Hollywood
Lil Darlings 3 Hollywood Feature
Lil Darlings 4 Hollywood
Lingerie Busters Sunshine Feature 1995
Little Girls Talking Dirty VCX Young, Feature, Classics 1985 Drea
Little Irresistable Zane
Little Miss Curious Caballero Feature
Little Muffy Johnson Gourmet/GVC Classics 1985 Sharon Mitchell
Loads of Fun Bacchus Cum Shots, Compilation 1994 Loretta Sterling
Loads of Fun 4 Filmco Compilation, Cum Shots 1993 Loretta Sterling
Lonely Lady Collection VCA Compilation
Look Vivid Feature
Loose Ends 1 4 Play
Loose Ends 2 - The Tail Continues 4 Play
Loose Ends 6 - The Dark Side 4 Play
Loose Morals Gourmet/GVC Feature 1996 Hall Freeman
Love Bytes Elegant Angel Feature 1998 Jane Waters
Love Champions VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Trixie Tyler
Love Lessons Hollywood Feature
Loving You Always Metro Feature
Lucky Break Essex Home Video Feature 1990 Jim Enright
Lust American Style Western Visuals Classics
Lust Bug Hollywood 2003
Lusty Layout Paradise Video Feature 1986 CB DeVille
Lusty Life 22 - Crank My Cunt Pleasure Compilation 1994
Lusty Life 25 - Hot 'n' Horny Cum Sluts Pleasure Compilation 1994
Luv Game VCX Parody, Feature
M Series 18 LBO Entertainment Interracial, Vignettes 1994 Peter Davy
Mad Jack Beyond the Thunderbone Wet Video Feature
Made in Heaven Plum Feature 1991 Anthony Spinelli
Magic Shower CDI / Cinderella Feature
Major Slut Pleasure Feature 2002
Make Me Sweat! CDI / Cinderella Feature
Make Me Want It Caballero All Sex 1986 Michael Carpenter
Make my Night CDI / Cinderella Feature
Make My Wife, Please VCA
Makin' It Vivid Feature 1994 Toni English
Malibu Spice VCA Feature 1991 Alex De Renzy
Malibu Swingers Coast To Coast All Sex Hal Freeman
Manbait 1 VCA Feature
Maneaters Caballero All Sex
Mardi Gras Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Bob Vosse
Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 2 Caballero
Mark of Zara Xtraordinary Pictures Feature
Mating Pot LBO Entertainment Feature
Mating Season VCA
Me So Horny 1 Vivid Asian
Merry Widows VCA
Midnight Angel CDI / Cinderella
Midnight Confession X-citement Video Feature
Midnight Hour Video Team
Midnight Pink Vivid Feature 1986 Jack Genero
Mile High Club Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Jack Genero
Mind Shadows 2 Fat Dog
Mindshadows Fat Dog Feature 1993
Mirage VCA Feature 1991 Eric Edwards
Miscreants Elegant Angel All Sex 1997 Robert Black
Miss 21st Century Zane
Miss Anal America Las Vegas Anal 1993 C Everette Smythe
Miss Nude International Legend Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Mission Phenomenal Hip Parody 1998
Mistress of the Mansion Cal Vista Feature F.J. Lincoln
Model Wife Caballero Feature
Modeling Studio VCX Classics
Monster Facials 3 - The Deuces Wild Series Vivid Compilation
Monster Facials 4 - The Deuces Wild Series Vivid Compilation
Monster Facials 5 - The Deuces Wild Series Vivid Compilation
Moon Goddesses 1 Visual Images
Moonstroked Arrow/AFV Classics, Feature 2001
Motel Blue Vivid Feature 1998
Motel Sex Vivid Compilation 2000
Mr. Peepers Amateur Home Videos 87 - Groupie Therapy VCR Productions
Muff-N-Jeff Zane Feature
My Ass Too Notorious Anal 1996 Jim Powers
My Boyfriend's Black
My Way Caballero Feature
Mystery of the Golden Lotus Jet Multimedia Feature
Naked and Nasty Wicked Feature 1996 Jim Enright
Naked Desert Vivid Feature 1996
Naked Truth 1 Factory Video Feature
Naked Truth 2 Factory Video
Native Tongue Vivid Feature
Natural Wonders Vivid Busty 1993 Bud Lee
Never Never Land Video Team Feature 1992 Paul Norman
New Kid on the Block Caballero Feature
New Positions Paradise Video Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
New Wave Hookers 2 VCA Feature 1991 Gregory Dark
New Wave Hookers 3 VCA Feature Gregory Dark
New Wave Hookers 4 VCA Feature 1994 Gregory Dark
Nice Fuckin' Movie Elegant Angel Gonzo 1997 Rob Black
Nice N' Tight Arrow/AFV Feature 1985
Night Cap - How to Make a Porn Star Fizz Executive
Night Creatures Pleasure
Night Deposit VCA
Night Temptress Jet Multimedia Feature
Nightbreed Vivid Feature 1996 Brad Armstrong
Nightfire CDI / Cinderella
Nightshift Sin City Feature 1997 James DiGiorgio
Nothing but Trouble CDI / Cinderella Feature 1991 Jack Stephen
Nothing Personal Caballero
Notorious Sin City Feature
Nude World Order Sin City Feature 1997 David Christopher
Numba 1 Ass Fucka Rosebud Anal 1997 Rex Borsky
Nurse Nancy Caballero Feature 1991 F.J. Lincoln
Nympho Files Nitro
Obsession CDI / Cinderella Feature 1991 Henri Pachard
Oh What a Night VCA Feature 1990 John Leslie
Older Women with Young Boys Coast To Coast Feature, Mature 1985 Drea
On Golden Blonde Paradise Video Feature, Classics 1984
On Her Back Vivid Feature 1995
Once in a Blue Moon Coast To Coast
Only The Best of Misty Rain Cal Vista Compilation
Only the Best of Stacey Valentine Metro Compilation
Only the Very Best on Video VCA
Oral Addicts Vivid Feature
Oral Ecstasy 4 Wet Video Oral
Oral Erotica 6 - Out-of-Control Oral Mayhem! Vidco Oral
Oral Fixations Ecstasy Oral
Oriental Cum Pots Hollywood Asian
Oriental Treasure VCA Asian, Interracial 1994 John Dragon
Oriental Treatment 2 - The Pearl Divers Arrow/AFV Asian, Feature 1990 Donna Sanders
Our Major is Sex Vidco Feature 2006 Jack Remy
Overnight Sensation Wicked Feature 1995 Jeffrey Stevens
Overtime 29 - North Pole Video Team Compilation 1995
Overtime 58 - Horizontal Humpers Video Team Compilation
Paradise Found Legend Feature 1995 Scotty Fox
Paradise Lost Legend Feature 1995
Party Doll VCA Feature
Passages 1 - Coming of Age Vivid Feature Paul Thomas
Passages 2 - The First Degree Vivid Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
Passenger 69 1 In-X-Cess Feature
Passenger 69 2 In-X-Cess Feature
Peepshow Odyssey Gonzo
Peepshows 12 - White Dicks Black Chicks VCA
Peepshows 15 - I Want 2 Cocks VCA
Peepshows 40 - Double Dick Fuckers 2 VCA Gonzo
Peepshows 7 - 3-Way Fuck Fest VCA Feature
Peggy Sue Video Team
Penetration of Elle Rio Gourmet/GVC Classics 2006 Roy Karch
Penetrator Pleasure Feature 1991 Orgy Georgie
Perks Zane
Perverted Passions Puritan Gonzo 1997
Peter North - The Lost Footage Antigua Pictures Compilation 2011
Peter Pops!! TCKS Oral
Phone Sex Girls 1 Video Team
Photoflesh Hollywood Feature 1984 Hal Freeman
Picture Perfect Cal Vista Feature F.J. Lincoln
Pink Lady Detective Agency - Case of the Twisted Sister Metro Feature
Pipe Layer Snatch
Pipelayer Snatch
Play me Again, Vanessa VCA
Playback Elegant Angel Feature 1997 David Stanley
Playin' Dirty VCA Feature 1990 John Leslie
Playing With a Full Dick Pleasure Feature
Plaything 1 Vivid Feature 1995 Ernest Greene
Plaything 2 Vivid Feature 1997 Ernest Greene
Pleasure Dome Arrow/AFV Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Pleasure Hunt 2 Now Showing Feature
Pleasure Productions 9 LBO Entertainment All Sex 1984
Pleasure Seekers Dreamland Feature
Pleasure Seekers TVX Classics, All Sex 1985 Roy Karch
Poetry of the Flesh CDI / Cinderella
Poison Vivid Feature 1994 Scotty Fox
Politix Coast To Coast Feature 1995 F.J. Lincoln
Pool Party CDI / Cinderella Feature 2000
Poonies Vivid Feature
Poop Chute Pumpers and Shit Hole Lickers 1 Hollywood Video Anal
Poop Chute Pumpers and Shit Hole Lickers 3 Hollywood Compilation
Poop Chute Pumpers and Shit Hole Lickers 4 Hollywood Video Compilation
Porn on the Fourth of July Intropics Video Feature 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Porno Mania 1 Caballero Compilation 1994
Pornworld VCA Feature
Portrait of Dorian, A Odyssey Feature 1993 Mike Craig
Pouring it On Cal Vista Feature Bud Lee
Precious Peaks Zane
Prescription for Lust Nitro Feature 1995
Pretty Peaches 3 - The Quest VCA Feature 1989 Alex De Renzy
Prime Cuts - Sunset Thomas Sin City Compilation
Princess Charming Adult Video Corp. Feature
Private Love Affairs VCR Productions
Private Stories 21 - Among Friends Private Gonzo
Private Stuff Fat Dog
Private Teacher Caballero Discipline, Feature, Classics 1983
Pro Ball Caballero Feature Henri Pachard
Project Ginger Vivid Feature
Psy-Chic Legend Feature 2000
Public Places 1 Sin City Fetish 2001 Stuart Canterbury
Public Places 2 Sin City Feature Stuart Canterbury
Pure Filth Anabolic Gonzo 1994 Justin Case
Pussy Pokers
Pussy to Die For Caballero Feature
Pussy Willows Arrow/AFV Feature, Classics 1985 Bobby Hollander
Pussyclips 4 Snatch Feature 1994 David Christopher
Pussyman 1 Snatch Feature 1993 David Christopher
Pussyman 17 - Enough For Everybody Snatch
Pussyman 2 - The Prize Snatch Vignettes David Christopher
Pussyman Takes Hollywood Odyssey All Sex 1998 David Christopher
Pussyman's Escape from L.A. Odyssey Gonzo
Pussywhipped Forbidden
Putting it All Behind 2 Intropics Video
Queen of Diamonds Vivid Feature 1999
Queen of Hearts 3 - Heartless Pleasure Feature 1992 Jace Rocker
Radical Affairs Video Magazine 8 Moonlight Feature
Radio K-Kum Hollywood Feature
Rainwoman 4 Coast To Coast Feature
Rainwoman 6 Coast To Coast Bizarre 1993 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Rambone Meets the Double Penetrators Wet Video Threesomes
Rambone the Destroyer Wet Video Feature, Classics 1985 William Whett
Raunch 1 Coast To Coast
Raunch 2 Coast To Coast
Raunch 5 Coast To Coast
Raunch 7 - The Fire Down Below Coast To Coast Feature Henri Pachard
Raunchy Rachel - She'll Blow You Away Hollywood Compilation
Raunchy Ranch Arrow/AFV Feature 1991 Bob Gordon
Rayne Storm Vivid
Read my Lips 2 Video Team
Real Sex Magazine 3 Legend Young, Gonzo 1997 William Wittrock
Rear Entrance 2 Gentlemen's Video Anal
Rear View 1 Legend Feature 1989 Scotty Fox
Rearing Rachel Zane Anal
Rebecca's Raunch-O-Rama LBO Entertainment Compilation 1995
Rebel CDI / Cinderella Feature 1990 Gordon Vandermeer
Rectal Raiders Rosebud Anal 2003
Red Baron Fantasy Home Video Feature 1989 Michael Craig
Red Hot Passions Boss
Red Serrano Pepper 18 Pepper Productions
Red Vibe Diaries Cal Vista Feature 1997 James Avalon
Red Vibe Diaries 2 - Dark Desires Cal Vista Feature James Avalon
Reflections in Rio
Reflections of Rio Wicked Feature Michael Craig
Rendezvous VCA 1998
Return Engagement Vivid
Ribald Tales of Canterbury Caballero Classics, Vignettes 1985 Bud Lee
Rich Bitch Hollywood Classics, Feature 1985 Hall Freeman
Ring of Desire LBO Entertainment Feature 1995 Charles Rothstein
Rising Arrow/AFV Feature
Rocky Porno Video Show 4 Play Feature, Parody 1996 Loretta Sterling
Roll-X Girls K-Beech
Romancing the Butt NG Video
Rookies VCA 2002
Round Ripe Rumps Hollywood
Roxy VCA Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
Rump Reamers Totally Tasteless
Russian Roulette LBO Entertainment Feature 2003
Rx for a Gangbang Zane Gangbang
Sabotaje CDI / Cinderella Latin
Sabrina the Booty Queen Rosebud Anal 1997
Saints and Sinners CDI / Cinderella Feature
Salt and Pepper Essex Home Video Interracial
Satin Shadows CDI / Cinderella
Saturday Night Porn 1 Arrow/AFV Feature
Saturday Night Porn 2 Arrow/AFV Feature 1993 F.J. Lincoln
Savannah R.N. Heatwave
Savannah's Last Stand Vivid
Savannah's The Stand Vivid Gonzo 1993
Scarlet Woman Wicked Feature Jim Enright
Scent of a Woman Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1985 Bobby Hollander
Scope Vivid Feature
Screw's Peepshow Odyssey Feature
Secret Diary 1 Midnight Gonzo, Fetish 1994
Secret Life of Nina Hartley VCA Feature 2004 Nina Hartley
Secrets Hollywood Feature 1995
Secrets of Titty Fucking Vivid Compilation, 4 hour, Busty 2003
Seducers Dreamland Feature
Seeing Red Vivid
Sensual Exposure Studio A Fetish 1993 Andrew Blake
Sex 3 Vivid Feature Layne Parker
Sex Appraisals Hollywood
Sex Busters VCA Feature
Sex Crazy Fantasy Home Video Feature
Sex Game Essex Home Video Feature
Sex Ghost VCR Productions Feature 2006
Sex in the Great Outdoors VCA Feature
Sex Lives on Porno Tape VCA Feature
Sex Play Gourmet/GVC Feature 1984
Sex Quest 2 Coast To Coast
Sex Sting Fat Dog
Sex Toys Caballero
Sex Zone Vivid Feature 1997
Sexbusters Gourmet/GVC Feature, Parody
Sexcess Caballero
Sexpertease Vidco Feature
Sextasy 14 - Getting the Shaft Heatwave
Sextasy 16 - Stiff Competition Heatwave
Sexual Olympics 1 Video Team
Sexual Olympics 2 - The Finals Video Team Feature
Sexy Blonde Bimbos Sin City Compilation
Sexy Delights 1 Video Team Gonzo
Sexy Nurses 2 Cal Vista Feature 1994
Shades of Ecstasy Hollywood Feature
Shadow Dancers Evil Angel Feature 1998 John Stagliano
Shadow Dancers 2 Evil Angel Feature John Stagliano
Shameless Sin City Feature
Shave Pie 2 Vivid
Shave Pie 3 Vivid Fetish
Shave Pie 4 Vivid
Shaved VCR Productions Fetish, Classics 1984
Shaved Pink Wet Video Fetish
She's Got the Juice CDI / Cinderella
She's My Little Fortune Nookie SOHO Feature
She's Ready CDI / Cinderella
Shipwreck Vivid Feature 1998 Paul Thomas
Shiver Forbidden
Silent Women K-Beech Feature
Simply Blue Vivid Feature 1999 Layne Parker
Simply Kia Legend Feature 1995 Scotty Fox
Sindy does Anal Again Arrow/AFV Anal F.J. Lincoln
Sindy's Sexercise Workout Arrow/AFV Feature 2006
Sinful Emerald City Productions
Sinful Pleasures Hollywood Vignettes 2004
Sinfully Yours Hollywood Feature
Sisters Zane Feature 1993 Frank Marino
Skin Games Video Exclusives
Sky Pies Gourmet/GVC Feature
Slave to Love Rosebud Feature 1993 Alex De Renzy
Sleeping with Everybody K-Beech
Sleepless Vidco
Slick Honey VCA Feature John Leslie
Slip of the Tongue Dreamland
Slippery When Wet Pleasure All Sex 1986 Bob Floriani
Sloppy Seconds Digital Playground Feature 1994 Jim Holliday
Slow Dancing Vivid
Slumber Party Hollywood All Sex 1984 Hall Freeman
Smart Ass Returns Video Team All Sex Jim Enright
Smokescreen Vivid Feature 2000 Toni English
Sodomania 13 - Your Lucky Number Elegant Angel Gonzo Patrick Collins
Sodomania 17 Elegant Angel Gonzo Patrick Collins
Sodomania 22 - The Other Guys Elegant Angel All Sex
Sodomania Slop Shots 2 Elegant Angel Compilation, Cum Shots 1997
Sodomania Smokin' Sextions 2 Elegant Angel Fetish 1998 Patrick Collins
Sounds of Sex Caballero Classics, Feature 1985 Billy Thornberg
Southern Comfort 1 CDI / Cinderella
Spazm 3 - Hair Trigger LBO Entertainment Feature 1997 Henri Pachard
Speedster Vivid Vignettes 1992 Paul Thomas
Spin for Sex Metro Feature
Splash 2 Sin City Compilation
Splash Shots Coast To Coast
Squeeze Vivid Compilation 1997
Star 85 Video Exclusives
Star 88 Leisure Time Feature
Starbangers 1 Zane Feature 1993
Starbangers 6 Zane Compilation 1994
Starr Caballero Feature F.J. Lincoln
Starship Intercourse Dreamland Feature 1987 John T Bone
Starting Over Vivid Feature 1995
Steam Amazing Feature
Step to the Rear Vidco
Stiletto Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Strange Behavior Caballero Feature
Strange Sex in Strange Places Zane Gonzo
Stranger at the Backdoor Coast To Coast Feature, Anal Teri Diver
Street Legal Vivid Feature 1998 Brad Armstrong
Street Walkers Pleasure Feature 1991 Duck Dumont
Stuart Canterbury's Leather Legend Discipline
Stud Hunters Suze Randall Classics 2005 Suze Randall
Studio Sex Factory Video Feature Ed Dinero
Style 1 Video Team Feature
Stylin' Fat Dog
Suite 18 Vivid Feature 1994
Suite Seduction Wicked Feature 1998 Brad Armstrong
Summer Camp Girls Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Robert McCallum
Summer's Eve Vivid 4 hour, Compilation
Sumo Sue and Fat Ladies of Wrestling Fantasy Home Video Plump, Fetish 1988 John T Bone
Super Tramp Caballero Feature
Surfside Sex VCX Feature
Surprise Vivid
Sushi Snatch Erotica 2000 Asian 1997
Suzi's Wild Anal Ride Rosebud Interracial
Swallow Vivid Feature 1994
Swallow my Pride Vivid
Swap 2 Vivid Feature 1994 Paul Thomas
Swedish Erotica 53 Caballero
Swedish Erotica 54 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica 56 Caballero Feature
Swedish Erotica 57 Caballero Vignettes, Classics 1984
Swedish Erotica 74 Caballero
Swedish Erotica 93 Caballero Vignettes 2007
Sweet and Naughty Hollywood Video Classics 1984 Hall Freeman
Sweet Angel Ass Factory Video Feature
Sweet Cheeks VCR Productions Compilation, Classics 1986 John Stagliano
Sweet Nothings Hollywood
Sweetest Taboo Essex Home Video Feature
Taboo 10 - Ten Years Later Intropics Video Feature 1993 F.J. Lincoln
Taboo 11 Intropics Video Feature 1994 F.J. Lincoln
Taboo 3 - The Final Chapter Intropics Video Feature 1984 Kirdy Stevens
Tactical Sex Force Intropics Video
Tail Enders Wet Video Anal
Tailgunners CDI / Cinderella
Tailiens 1 Fat Dog Feature
Tailiens 2 Fat Dog Feature
Tails of Perversity 1 Elegant Angel Feature Marc Wallice
Tails of Perversity 2 Elegant Angel Feature Marc Wallice
Tails of Perversity 3 - New Girls Need Love Too Elegant Angel Gonzo 1997 Marc Wallice
Tails of Perversity 4 Elegant Angel Gonzo Marc Wallice
Tailspin 1 Video Team Anal
Tailspin 2 Video Team
Takin' It to the Limit 2 - A Step Further Bruce Seven All Sex, Fetish 1994 Bionca, Bruce Seven
Tales of the Backside LBO Entertainment Anal 1986 Bobby Hollander
Talk Dirty to Me 3 Dreamland Feature
Talk Dirty To Me 9 Dreamland Classics 2001
Taming of Savannah Vivid Feature 2000 Nancy Nemo
Tarnished Knight Arrow/AFV Feature
Taste of Christy Canyon Pink Video Compilation
Taste of Ecstasy CDI / Cinderella
Taste of Madison Vidco
Taste of Patricia Kennedy Vidco Compilation 1992
Taste of Rachel Ryan Pink Video
Taste of the Best 2 Pink Video Feature
Taste of the Best 3 Pink Video Compilation
Taste of Trinity Loren Pink Video Compilation
Tease VCA Feature 1990 John Leslie
Teasers Hollywood
Telesex 1 Vivid Feature 1992 Judy Blue
Temple of Lust VCA
Temptation Eyes Video Team Feature Jim Enright
Teri Weigel - Centerfold Wicked Feature 1997 F.J. Lincoln
Texas Crude Nitro 1995
Thai Me Up Cal Vista Asian, Parody, Feature 1997 Jace Rocker
The Black Mystique Cal Vista Interracial Jack Remy
The Incredible Tia Bella Vivid Compilation 2005
The Siblings Gourmet/GVC Classics, Feature 2008 Damon Christian
The Star Hollywood Video Feature 1994 Jonathan Morgan
Those Fucking Brunettes 5 Sin City 4 hour
Three Musketeers Fat Dog Feature
Three Musketeers 1 & 2 Sunshine Feature
Three Musketeers 2 Fat Dog Feature
Three Ways 2 Wet Video Feature
Three Ways 5 Wet Video Feature
Three's a Crowd Hollywood All Sex 1991 Charlie Diamond
Tia Takes All Cummers Vivid Compilation 2005
Tight and Tender Caballero Feature
Tight Ends in Motion Total Video Feature
Tight Shots 13 Vivid Compilation
Tight Shots 15 Vivid Compilation
Tight Shots 3 Vivid Compilation
Tight Shots 9 Vivid Compilation
Tight Spot Vidco 1995
Tiny Titted Twats 2 Sin City Compilation
Titillation 3 VCA Busty
Tomboy VCX Feature, Classics 1983 Howard Christian
Tongue Odyssey
Tongue Fu Vivid Compilation 2005
Tongue in Cheek Legend
Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time VCA Compilation, 4 hour 1998
Top Buns Essex Home Video Feature
Top it Off VCA Feature
Topless Brain Surgeons Legend Feature 1996 Stuart Canterbury
Torrid Without a Cause 1 Vivid
Toys for Twats 2 Vivid
Tracy Adams Screws the Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Tracy In Heaven Western Visuals Feature, Classics Jerome Tanner
Triple Header LBO Entertainment Feature
Triple X 28 Private Compilation
Triple X Video - Butt Fucked Babes Triple-X Anal
Triplets 5 LBO Entertainment Threesomes 1995
Triple-X Confidential 1 VCA Feature 1984 Bobby Hollander
Tropic of Eros Vivid 1998
Tropical Tease Redhot Video
True Legends Erotic 80's VCA Classics
Truth Laid Bare Zane Feature
Truth or Dare Vivid Feature 2000 Bud Lee
Turn About Elegant Angel Vignettes 1997 David Stanley
Turnabout Elegant Angel Feature 1997 David Stanley
Tushwackers - Sex-O-Vision 22 Heatwave
Twice a Virgin Pleasure Feature, Transsexual
Twice in a Lifetime VCA
Twin Cheeks - Town Without Pity CDI / Cinderella Feature
Twin Cheeks 1 CDI / Cinderella Feature 1991 Henri Pachard
Ultimate Fantasy Cal Vista Feature Adele Robbins
Ultimate Thrill Pink Video Feature 2006
Ultra Head Caballero Oral
Unashamed Fat Dog
Under Contract - Jenteal Vivid Compilation 2004
Under Contract - Nikki Tyler Vivid Compilation 2003
Undressed to Thrill Vivid Feature 1994
Unforgivable Intropics Video Feature
Unleashed Lust VCA Feature
Up Against It Zane
Up and Cummers 17 Randy West Amateur 1995 Randy West
Up the Ying Yang 1 Coast To Coast Anal
Up Your Ass 5 Anabolic Anal 1997 Sean Michaels
Up Your Ass 7 Anabolic Anal, Interracial 1997 Sean Michaels
Used and Abused Zane Feature
User Friendly Video Team
Vagina Town Caballero Feature 1999 Cash Markman
Vegas - Black Jack
Vegas 1 - Royal Flush CDI / Cinderella
Vegas 4 - Joker's Wild CDI / Cinderella Feature
Vice Vivid Feature 1995 Toni English
Victoria Paris in Vegas 1 - Royal Flush
Vision in Heather Vivid Feature
Voluptuous Caballero All Sex 1993 Henri Pachard
Voyeur 1 Evil Angel Fetish, Vignettes 1994 John Leslie
Voyeur's Favorite Blowjobs and Anals 8 Evil Angel Compilation 2004 John Leslie
Wack 'Em Vivid Feature 2001
Wanted Two Guys to Fuck Me Hard Fat Dog Feature
Way They Were CDI / Cinderella Feature
Week and a Half in the Life of a Prostitute Elegant Angel Feature Robert Black
We're Having a Party Erotic Video Network
Wet Dreams Reel Fantasies Coast To Coast
Wet Nurses 2 Legend Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Wet Science Essex Home Video Feature
Wet Sex Caballero Feature
Wet Shots Review 2 Metro
Wet Shots Review 3 Metro
What's Love Got To Do With It Western Visuals Feature, Classics 2010
Where the Sun Never Shines Anal
Whispered Lies LBO Entertainment 1995
White Boys and Black Bitches Rosebud Anal
White Bun Busters VCA Anal, Feature 1995 Gregory Dark
White Wedding Vivid Feature Paul Thomas
Whitey's on the Moon Rosebud Ebony, Interracial, Anal 1996 Rex Borsky
Who Framed Ginger Grant Coast To Coast
Who Killed Holly Hollywood VCA Feature
Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit 2 Fantasy Home Video
Whore Caballero Feature 2003
Why Things Burn LBO Entertainment
Wicked X-citement Video Feature 1991 F.J. Lincoln
Wicked Fascination CDI / Cinderella Feature
Wicked Whispers Cal Vista Feature 1993 Thomas Paine
Wife Swap Gourmet/GVC Vignettes 1990
Wild Assed Pooper Sluts Rosebud
Wild Bananas on Butt Row Evil Angel Gonzo, Anal 1997 Joey Silvera
Wild Flower 2 Vivid
Wild in the Wilderness Essex Home Video Feature
Wild Thing CDI / Cinderella Feature 1991 Jack Stephen
Wild Weekend Hollywood Feature
Wild Wild Chest 4 Hollywood
Wilde and Willing Vivid Compilation
Wilder at Heart Classics Home Video Vignettes 1991
Will and Ed are Geeks in Heat K-Beech
Will and Ed Curse of the Poona K-Beech
Willie Wankers and the Fun Factory Fat Dog Feature 1994 F.J. Lincoln
Wings of Passion Hollywood Feature
Wire Desire X-citement Video Feature
Wired For Sex Puritan Feature 1998
With Love from Ashlyn Hollywood Compilation 1995
With Love from Ginger Hollywood Feature
With Love from Susan Hollywood Feature
Within and Without You Wicked Feature 1995 Paul Norman
Woman in Pink Essex Home Video Feature
Women On Fire LBO Entertainment
Working Girl Vivid 2000
WPink TV 1 Paradise Video Classics, Feature 1984 Miles Kidder
X Factor 2 - The Next Generation Hollywood Video Feature
X Rated Blondes Vidco Compilation 1992
X-Dreams Caballero Feature
X-Factor the Next Generation Hollywood Feature
Young Nurses in Lust LBO Entertainment All Sex 1996 Harold Lime, Jane Waters