Kay Parker

Portrait of Kay Parker
Image of Kay Parker
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  • Jill Jackson
  • Kay Taylor
  • Kay Taylor Parker
  • 37D-24-37
  • 5'6
  • Green eyes
  • Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • English
  • Starting Year: 1977 (approximately 33 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 8/28/1944 (74 years old)
  • In 2001 wrote a book titled "Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch"
  • Jill Jackson
  • Kay Taylor
  • Kay Taylor Parker
  • 37D-24-37
  • 5'6
  • Green eyes
  • Brunette hair
Notable Films
  • Caucasian
  • English
  • Starting Year: 1977 (approximately 33 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 8/28/1944 (74 years old)
  • In 2001 wrote a book titled "Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch"

Kay Parker Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
7 into Snowy VCA Feature, Classics 1977 Antonio Sheperd
8th Erotic Film Awards VCA Industry 1984
Bigger The Better Gourmet/GVC Busty, Classics 2007
Body Talk VCX Feature, Classics 1982 Pedie Sweet
Careful He May Be Watching Caballero Feature 1987 Seka, Richard Pacheco
Chorus Call VCA Classics 1978 Antonio Sheperd
Classic Big Tit Legends Kay Parker 2 Gourmet/GVC Busty, Compilation
Classic Cougars Western Visuals Compilation, Classics, MILF 1995
Classic Moms Western Visuals Compilation, Classics, MILF
Classic Tits Galore Western Visuals Compilation, Classics
Dancers VCX Classics 1981 Anthony Spinelli
Desire VCX Feature, Classics 1984 Vinni Rossi
Downstairs Upstairs Essex Home Video Classics, Parody 1980 Lisa Barr
Erotic Radio WSEX VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Bob Augustus
Fantasy Follies 1 VCA Feature 1983
Fantasy Follies 2 VCA Feature 1984 Drea
Fast Cars Fast Women VCA Feature 1980 Scott McHaley
Fire in the Hole Armageddon Gonzo 2000 Tom Byron
Firestorm 1 Command Cinema Classics 1984 Cecil Howard
Firestorm 2 Command Cinema Feature 1987 Cecil Howard
Firestorm 3 Command Cinema Feature 1987 Cecil Howard
Free and Foxy VCX Feature, Classics 1985 Adele Robbins
Girls Who Dig Girls 13 Wet Video Lesbian 1989
Golden Age of Porn - Hairy Harlots Gentlemen's Video Compilation, Hairy 2006
Good to the Last Drop Gourmet/GVC Compilation 1986
Great Sex Scenes 1 Wet Video Compilation
Health Spa VCA Feature 1978 Clair Dia
Helga Sven - 40+ Bra Buster Alpha Blue Compilation
Hot Blooded VCX Feature, Classics 1985 Godfrey Daniels
I Want to be Bad Cal Vista Feature 1984 Robert McCallum
Intimate Realities 2 VCA Classics 1983 John Christopher
Kate and the Indians TVX Classics 1979 Allen Swift
Kay Parker Collection Alpha Blue Compilation
Kay Parker Collection 2 Alpha Blue Compilation
Kay Parker Collection 3 Alpha Blue Compilation, Classics 2005
Ladies of the 80's Paradise Video Feature 1985 Mark Richards
L'Amour Caballero Classics 1984 Marga Aulbach, Jack Remy
Legends of Porn Cal Vista Compilation, Classics 1987
Lust at First Bite VCA Classics 1978 Phil Marshak
Matinee Idol VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Henri Pachard
Memphis Cathouse Blues Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Louis Lewis
Naked Angel Arrow/AFV Feature
Nasty Nurses Caballero Classics 1983
Nice N' Tight Arrow/AFV Feature 1985
Only the Best 3 - Then 'Til Now Cal Vista Classics Jim Holliday
Only the Best of Suzie Caballero Compilation, Star Spotlight 1991
Only the Best of Women with Women Cal Vista Compilation, Lesbian, Classics 1988
Oral Ecstasy 1 Wet Video Oral, Compilation 1988
Porn Star Legends Kay Parker Porn Star Legends Compilation 2007
Private Teacher Caballero Feature, Discipline, Classics 1983
Rose Marie Collection Alpha Blue Compilation 2005
Satisfactions Caballero Feature 1982 Robert McCallum
Screw Video Magazine 1 Cal Vista Compilation 1985
Seven Seductions of Madame Lau VCX Feature, Classics 1981 Carlos deSantos
Sex Play Gourmet/GVC Feature 1984
Sex World VCX Feature, Classics 1977 Anthony Spinelli
Spectators Gourmet/GVC Feature 1984 Anthony Spinelli
Stairway to Paradise VCA All Sex 1990
Superstars and Super Studs Essex Home Video Compilation
Superstars of Porno 1 NuTech Compilation, Classics 2010
Swedish Erotica 16 Caballero Compilation, 4 hour 2003
Swedish Erotica 18 Caballero Compilation, Classics, 4 hour 2003 Patty Rhodes
Sweet Young Foxes VCX Classics 1983 Bob Chinn
Sweethearts Essex Home Video Compilation, Classics 1986
Taboo VCX Feature, Classics, Wincest 1980 Kirdy Stevens
Taboo 11 Intropics Video Feature, Wincest 1994 F.J. Lincoln
Taboo 2 Intropics Video Feature, Classics, Wincest 1982 Kirdy Stevens
Taboo 3 - The Final Chapter Intropics Video Feature, Wincest 1984 Kirdy Stevens
Taboo 4 - The Younger Generation Cal Vista Feature, Classics, Wincest 1985 Kirdy Stevens
Taboo 9 Intropics Video Feature, Classics, Wincest 1991 Alex De Renzy
Tantric Guide to Sexual Potency and Extended Orgasm Video Team Instructional 1994 Wesley Emerson, Kay Parker
Titty Committee Essex Home Video Busty, Compilation, Classics 1986
Tomboy VCX Feature, Classics 1983 Howard Christian
Too Hot to Touch Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1984 Bob Vosse
True Legends Golden Age VCA Classics
Unleashed Lust VCA Feature
Untamed VCX Classics, Feature Ramsey Karson
V - The Hot One Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1977 Robert McCallum
Vista Valley P.T.A. Cal Vista Feature 1992
V-the Hot One Cal Vista Feature
XXX Bra Busters In the 80's 2 Alpha Blue Busty, Compilation