Kandy Barbour

Portrait of Kandy Barbour
Image of Kandy Barbour
Courtesy of Performer

Andrea Beck

Candi Barber

Candi Barbour

Candy Barbour

Kandi Barbeau

Kandi Barber

Kandi Barbour

Kandy Barber

Kandy Barbour



Brown eyes

Brunette hair



Starting Year: 1978

Death: 01/26/12 (Died homeless in San Francisco)

Bon Appetit Video X Pix Classics 1980
Budding of Brie VCA Classics 1980
California Gigolo VCX Classics | Feature 1979
Centerfold Fever Video X Pix Classics | Feature 1981
Chop Stix VCA Feature 1979
Creme De Femme - The Movie 4 Play Lesbian 1994
F and Lots of It VCX Classics | Feature 1981
Forbidden Worlds Collectors Bizarre | Vignettes 1988
Jennifer West Collection Alpha Blue Classics | Compilation
Kandi Barbour Collection Alpha Blue Compilation 2005
Kate and the Indians TVX Classics 1979
Love-In Arrangement Video X Pix Classics | Feature 1981
Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood Penquin Video Compilation 1989
Nanci Blue Essex Home Video Classics 1979
Neon Nights Command Cinema Classics 1981
Pandora's Mirror Caballero Feature 1981
Pink Ladies VCA Feature | Classics 1980
Platinum Paradise Command Cinema Classics | Feature 1980
Screwples Caballero Feature 1980
Seka Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Sex Boat VCX Classics 1980
Sizzle Video X Pix Feature | Classics
Small Town Girls VCX Classics 1981
Stranger in Town Fantasy Home Video
Swedish Erotica 78 Caballero Compilation | Classics 1984
That Lucky Stiff Video X Pix Feature 1980
Turbo Sex VCA Feature
Twilight Pink Arrow/AFV Classics | Vignettes
Young, Wild and Wonderful VCX Young | Feature