Hyapatia Lee

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  • Hyapatia
  • Hypatia
  • 38-24-36
  • 5'4
  • Hazel eyes
  • Black hair
  • Native, Caucasian
  • Irish, American
  • Starting Year: 1983 (approximately 23 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 11/11/1960 (58 years old)
  • Hyapatia
  • Hypatia
  • 38-24-36
  • 5'4
  • Hazel eyes
  • Black hair
  • Native, Caucasian
  • Irish, American
  • Starting Year: 1983 (approximately 23 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 11/11/1960 (58 years old)

Hyapatia Lee Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
1991 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1991
1992 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1992 Steve Austin
1993 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1993
3 Into Kobe Tai Vivid Compilation 2002
8th Erotic Film Awards VCA Industry 1984
All's Welles Vivid Compilation 2004
Ashlyn Rising Vivid Feature 1995 Layne Parker
Barbara's Prime Choice Essex Home Video Compilation 1987 Robert McCallum
Bedspread 1 Vivid Compilation, 4 hour
Bratgirl Vivid Feature 1989 Paul Thomas
Burgundy Blues Cal Vista Feature Thomas Paine
Buttman at Nudes a Poppin' Evil Angel Gonzo John Stagliano
Club Hyapatia Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1986
Crazed 1 Vivid Feature
Crazed 2 Vivid Feature
Daring Vivid Compilation, 4 hour
Dark Star Vivid Feature
Deep Cover Wicked Feature Thomas Paine
Deep Inside Hyapatia Lee VCA Feature 2002
Dirtiest of Dare Vivid Compilation 2005
Eatin at the Y 2 Vivid Compilation, 4 hour, Oral 2004
Fetish Fever Caballero Fetish 1993
Forever Young Vivid Feature 1994
Full Moon Bay Vivid Feature 1993
Girls who Love Girls 18 - A Female Suck Frenzy Vidco Lesbian
Girls Who Love to Eat Pussy 2 Metro
Hair Apparent Vivid Compilation 2004
Hall of Famers Metro Compilation 2000
Heavenly Hyapatia Vivid Feature 1990 Bud Lee
Hollywood Starlet Search Sin City All Sex
Humongous Squirting Knockers Vidco Lactation, Busty 2006
Hy Heeled Drifter VCA Interactive, Feature 1998
Hyapathia - Native Tongue Vivid All Sex 1993
Hyapatia Lee Is Beautiful And Sexy Gourmet/GVC Feature 1986
Hyapatia Lee Is Insatiable Gourmet/GVC Compilation 1994
Hyapatia Lee's Secret Dreams Hollywood Electric Feature 1986 Robert McCallum
Hyapatia Lee's Sexy Essex Home Video Compilation
Hyapatia Lee's Wild Wild West Essex Home Video Feature
Hyapatia's Great Boy Girl Scenes Vivid Compilation
Hyapatia's Great Girl/ Girl Scenes Vivid Compilation
I Do 1 Vivid Feature 1989 Paul Thomas
I Do 2 Vivid Feature 1990 Paul Thomas
I Do 3 - The Other Woman Vivid Feature
Indian Summer Vivid Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
Indian Summer 2 - Sandstorm Vivid Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
Jamie Summers Rocks Cocks Vivid Compilation 2005
Landlady Vivid Feature 1990 Paul Thomas
Legends of Porn 2 Cal Vista Compilation, Classics 1989 Jim Holliday
Let's Get Physical Caballero Feature
Loads of Rocco Vivid Compilation 2005
Love Letters Vivid Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
Love Letters - Sealed With A Kiss Vivid Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
Lust in the Woods Vivid Feature 2001
Made in Japan Vivid Asian 1997 Nancy Nemo
Masseuse 1 Vivid Feature 1990 Paul Thomas
Native Tongue Vivid Feature
Naughty Girls Need Love Too Essex Home Video Feature, Classics 1983 Edwin Durrell
One Wife to Give Zane Feature 1989 Bud Lee
Peepshows 40 - Double Dick Fuckers 2 VCA Gonzo
Peter Big Unit North Vivid Compilation 2005
Porn From the Past Executive Classics, 4 hour 2001
Postcards from Abroad Caballero Compilation 1991
Ram That Dildo Up My Cunt Pleasure Lesbian 2002
Ravishing Redheads Vivid Redhead
Red Garter Essex Home Video Feature
Ribald Tales of Canterbury Caballero Classics, Vignettes 1985 Bud Lee
Rocco - Mayor of Big Cock Vivid Compilation 2005
Rocco Rocks Vivid Compilation 2004
Rockin' Erotica Essex Home Video
Saddle Tramp Vidco Feature 2006
Savannah Superstar Vivid Feature 1992 Nancy Nemo
Sex Game Essex Home Video Feature
Sex Games Gourmet/GVC Compilation, Interactive
Sleeping Beauty Aroused Vivid Feature, Parody 1989 Paul Thomas
Slow Dancing Vivid Feature, For Couples/Women 1992 Gloria Leonard
Snakedance Vivid Feature 2001 Bud Lee
Splatterhouse 1 Pleasure Oral, 4 hour 1995
Swedish Erotica 18 Caballero Compilation, Classics, 4 hour 2003 Patty Rhodes
Swedish Erotica 24 Caballero Compilation, Classics, 4 hour 2003
Swedish Erotica 52 Caballero Feature
Swedish Erotica 89 Caballero Vignettes
Swedish Erotica Hard 5 - Office Oral / Tropical Treats Odyssey Oral, Compilation, Classics 1985
Sweet Young Foxes VCX Classics 1983 Bob Chinn
Sweethearts Essex Home Video Compilation, Classics 1986
Taste of Hyapatia Caballero Compilation 1990
Tasty Caballero Classics 1985 Bud Lee
Telesex 1 Vivid Feature 1992 Paul Thomas
The Real Tori Welles Vivid Compilation 2004
Titty Committee Essex Home Video Busty, Compilation, Classics 1986
Tori! Tori! Tori! Boy/ Girl Hit Vivid Feature
Triangle Vivid 2000
Triple Header Essex Home Video Feature
True Confessions Hyapatia Lee Vivid Compilation
Truth or Dare Vivid Feature 2000 Bud Lee
Uniform Behavior K-Beech Feature
Vintage All Girl with Ginger Lynn Vivid Compilation
Wild Wild West Essex Home Video Feature
Women who Love Girls Essex Home Video Lesbian
Women Who Love Girls of the 80's Gourmet/GVC Compilation, Lesbian 2007