Felicia Tang

Portrait of Felicia Tang
Image of Felicia Tang
Courtesy of Performer

Maii Miwa

Melissa Tao

Sze Yee Lin

Toon Mao



Brown eyes

Black hair



Starting Year: 2005 (approximately 28 years old)

Date of Birth: 10/22/1977 (32 years old)

Death: 09/16/09 (Drug Overdose)

Bad Girls Of Peach 2 Peach Softcore 2007
Fantasies In Lace Peach Softcore 2008
Girls of Peach 7 Peach Softcore 2009
Heaven and Hell Peach Softcore 2008
Hotel Decadence Peach Feature 2008
Jenna's Dream Dates Peach Softcore 2004
Peach All-Stars Peach Softcore 2007
Peach Girls Nothin' Sweeter Peach Softcore 2005
Peach Ultra Vixens Asians 2 Peach Asian | Softcore 2004
Sugar Daddy Wanted Peach Softcore 2005