Colleen Brennan

Portrait of Colleen Brennan
Image of Colleen Brennan
Courtesy of Cal Vista

  • Coleen Brennan
  • Collean Brenner
  • Colleen Beccaire
  • Colleen Brenan
  • Colleen Brennen
  • Collen Brennn
  • Oiga Vault
  • Sharon Kelly
  • 34D
  • Brown eyes
  • Redhead hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1973 (approximately 24 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 12/1/1949 (69 years old)
  • Coleen Brennan
  • Collean Brenner
  • Colleen Beccaire
  • Colleen Brenan
  • Colleen Brennen
  • Collen Brennn
  • Oiga Vault
  • Sharon Kelly
  • 34D
  • Brown eyes
  • Redhead hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1973 (approximately 24 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 12/1/1949 (69 years old)

Colleen Brennan Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
69 Park Avenue Gourmet/GVC Feature 1985
A Coming of Angels - The Sequel Caballero Feature 1985
All for His Ladies Plum Compilation 1987 Anthony Spinelli
Animal in Me Standard Video Feature 1985 Kirdy Stevens
Bedtime Tales Fat Dog Feature
Beverly Hills Exposed Essex Home Video Classics
Bigger the Better Essex Home Video Feature 1986
Candy Stripers 2 Arrow/AFV Classics Larry Revene
Circus Acts Essex Home Video Feature
Club Ecstasy Caballero Classics 1986 Henri Pachard
Club Hyapatia Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1986
Colleen Brennan Collection Alpha Blue Compilation
Colleen Brennan Porns 1st Grandma! Gourmet/GVC Mature, Compilation, Classics
Coming of Angels 2 Caballero Classics 1985 Jack Williams
Coming Together Caballero Feature
Computer Girls Lipstik Lesbian, Feature 1984
Corrupt Desires Vidco Classics 1983 Kim Christy
Cummin Alive VCA Feature
Daisy Chain Standard Digital Feature 1984 Kirdy Stevens
Deep Inside Kitty Shane Gourmet/GVC Classics
Dirty Girls VCA Feature 1990 Alex De Renzy
Dirty Girls 2 Plum Feature
Dirty Shary Vidco Feature 1984 Harold Lime
Down and Dirty in Beverly Hills Cal Vista Classics 1995 Dallas Houston
Famous Ta Ta's Essex Home Video Busty, Classics 1986
Flesh and Ecstasy Vidco Feature Jack Remy
Getting Personal Caballero Feature, Classics 1986 Henri Pachard
Ginger Lynn's Bedtime Tales Gourmet/GVC Vignettes 1985 Henri Pachard
Girl Named Trinity Brown Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1984
Girls of the Night Legend Feature, Classics 1984 Ned Morehead
Girls who Love Girls 12 - Sizzling Sex Sluts Do It All Vidco Lesbian
Hot Blooded VCX Feature, Classics 1985 Godfrey Daniels
Hustler Video Magazine 2 Vivid All Sex 1984 J. Essex, Ken Gibbs
I Wanna be a Bad Girl Plum Feature
Initiation of Cynthia Video X Pix Classics 1985
Innocent Taboo Vidco Feature 2006
Lady by Night Caballero Classics 1986 Henri Pachard
Lady Dynamite VCA Feature
Legends of Porn Cal Vista Compilation, Classics 1987
Lesbian Bra Busters of the 1980's Alpha Blue Busty, Compilation, Lesbian
Little Kimmi Johnson Gourmet/GVC Classics 2009
Love Champions VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Trixie Tyler
Matinee Idol VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Henri Pachard
More Famous Ta Ta's VCA Busty
Nice N' Tight Arrow/AFV Feature 1985
One Night at a Time Paradise Video Feature
Only the Best of Oral Cal Vista Compilation 1988
Oral Ecstasy 1 Wet Video Oral, Compilation 1988
Outrageous Orgies 6 Wet Video
Raw Talent 2 VCA Feature
Red Garter Essex Home Video Feature
Ribald Tales of Canterbury Caballero Classics, Vignettes 1985 Bud Lee
Scared Stiff Paradise Video Feature 1984 Lee G
Secret Mistress TVX Feature 1986 Lasse Braun
Sex 2084 VCA Feature
Sex Game Essex Home Video Feature
Sex-A-Vision Dreamland Feature
Some Kind of Woman Caballero Classics Heather Wayne
Squalor Motel Caballero Feature
Star Angel Command Cinema Feature 1986
Star Flix - Girls Who Like it Hard Ambassador
Street Heat VCA Feature
Striptease VCA Feature, Classics 1985 Phil Hall
Studs 'N' Stars VCA Feature
Sulka's Daughter Vidco Transsexual
Swedish Erotica 59 Caballero Compilation
Taboo 3 - The Final Chapter Intropics Video Feature, Wincest 1984 Kirdy Stevens
Taboo 5 - The Secret Intropics Video Feature, Classics, Wincest 1986 Kirdy Stevens
Talk Dirty to Me 3 Dreamland Feature, Dirty Talk 2001
Talk Dirty to Me One More Time Plum Feature 1985 Anthony Spinelli
Three Ways 1 Wet Video
Tower of Power Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1985 Robert McCallum
Unnatural Act 2 Dreamland Feature
Up! Up! and Away! Adam and Eve Feature, Classics 1984 Jim Hunter
Vanessa Maid In Manhattan VCA Classics 1984 Henri Pachard
Wet Wild and Wicked VCX Feature 2005