Christy Canyon

Portrait of Christy Canyon
Image of Christy Canyon
Courtesy of Vivid Entertainment

Christi Canyon

Christie Canyon

Chrisy Canyon

Cristy Canyon


Linda Daniel


Sara Wine

Sarah White

Tara Wine



Brown eyes

Brunette hair

First Film: Woman in Pink


American, Armenian, Jamaican

Starting Year: 1984 (approximately 18 years old)

Date of Birth: 6/17/1966 (50 years old)

10 Years Big Bust 2 Big Top Busty | Compilation 1999
10 Years of Big Busts 2 Big Top Busty 1990
1991 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1991
1992 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1992
1996 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1996
5 Star Jenna Vivid Compilation 2004
All Net Vivid Compilation 2005
American Dream Girls 25 - Christy Canyon Platinum Compilation 1995
And The Envelope Please - Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2005
Arrow's 80's Ladies 2 Arrow/AFV Compilation
Attack of the Monster Mammaries L.A. Busty | Compilation 1987
Award Winning Sex Scenes Vivid Compilation 2004
Awesome Classics - The Golden Years Hollywood Classics | Compilation 1984
Babes, Boobs and Bikes Infinity Busty 1996
Baby Blues Vivid Feature 2001
Back to Class 1 Dreamland Feature 1987
Ball Girl Vivid Compilation 1997
Banned! Natural Edition Vivid Compilation 2004
Bardot Vivid Feature
Barn Burner Babes Vivid Anal 2001
Beat Goes On VCR Productions Feature 1986
Beatin' Around The Bush Vivid Compilation 2004
Best of Big Busty Big Top Busty 2001
Best of Christy Canyon 2 Video Exclusives Compilation
Best of Dark Brothers Wet Video Gonzo
Best of Hot Shorts 1 VCR Productions Compilation
Best of X-Plicit 3 Fat Dog Compilation
Best of X-Plicit 4 Fat Dog Compilation
Best of X-Plicit 7 Fat Dog Compilation
Best Tits on the Planet Vivid Compilation | Busty | 4 hour 2005
Better Bosom Bureau Vivid 4 hour | Compilation 2003
Between My Breasts 1 - Breast to Breast Big Top Busty
Big Bust Babes 6 - The Breast of America Arrow/AFV Busty
Big City Sex Gourmet/GVC Feature
Billionaire Girls Club K-Beech Feature
Black Ass White Gash 2 Vivid Interracial
Black Throat VCA Oral 1985
Boss Hog Vivid Compilation 2005
Bouncing Boobies Hollywood
Breastography VCR Productions Busty 1987
Can You be a Pornstar 7 and 8 Hustler Industry | Reality 2005
Canyon Climbers Vivid Compilation 2004
Christy - My Favorite Scenes Vivid Compilation 2005
Christy Canyon Hollywood Compilation | Classics 1985
Christy Canyon - More Lost Footage Antigua Pictures Compilation 2011
Christy Canyon - The Lost Footage Antigua Pictures Compilation 2007
Christy Canyon - The Teenage Years Gourmet/GVC Compilation
Christy Canyon Non-Stop Caballero Compilation 2006
Christy Canyon Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Christy Comes To You Alpha Blue Feature 1986
Christy Creams Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 2005
Christy in the Wild Vivid Feature 1992
Comeback Vivid Feature 1995
Complete Naturals Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 2003
Cow Tipping Vivid Compilation | 4 hour | Busty 2004
Crazed 1 Vivid Feature
Crazed 2 Vivid
Cream Rinse Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 2004
Cum Scouts Vivid Compilation 2004
Daily Nudes Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 1998
Deep Inside Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2002
Deep Inside Jamie Summers Vivid Compilation 2002
Deep Inside Jenna Jameson Vivid Compilation 2001
Deepest in the Canyon Vivid Compilation 2005
Dirty Letters Vidco Feature
Dirty Shary Vidco Feature 1984
Dixie Dynamite - All Star Queens Infinity Busty 1992
Domination Nation 1 Vivid Feature 1997
Domination Nation 2 Vivid Feature 1997
Dr. Desire Vidco
Dreams of Candace Hart Vivid Feature 1991
Dreams of Laura Dean - C. Hart Vivid
Dressed to Thrill Vivid Compilation 1994
Ebony Summer Vivid Interracial | Compilation | 4 hour 1997
Erection Central Gourmet/GVC Feature
Erotic Impulse 15 - Four Way Fuck-Fest Gourmet/GVC Orgy
Erotica Jones Adult Video Corp.
Evil Angel LBO Entertainment Feature 2001
Execu-Comp 169 Executive Compilation
Extreme Close Up - Jenna Jameson Vivid Compilation 2001
Extreme Close Up - Nikki Dial Vivid Compilation 2001
Eye Spy Raylene Vivid Compilation 2002
Famous Ta Ta's Essex Home Video Busty | Classics 1986
Fantasies Unlimited CDI / Cinderella Feature | Classics 1985
Fantasy in Blue Vivid Feature 2001
Female Couplings Gourmet/GVC
Fetish Fanatics 18 - Nasty Girls With Natural Breasts Dreamland Busty
Fire Hole Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 2004
Flesh and Ecstasy Vidco Feature
Flesh Mountain 1 Vivid Feature
Gang Bangs LBO Entertainment Gangbang 1985
Ginger Lynn - The Movie Paradise Video Classics 1988
Ginger on the Rocks Vivid Feature 1985
Girl of the Month - Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2006
Girls of Paradise Paradise Video Feature
Girls Only - Alexis Christian Vivid Compilation | Lesbian 2002
Girls Together Gourmet/GVC Lesbian
Girls who Dig Girls 8 Wet Video Lesbian
Girls who Love Girls 13 - Luscious Lesbian Orgies Vidco Lesbian | Compilation 1989
Girls Who Love Girls 8 - Lady Lovers in Action Vidco Lesbian 1989
Good the Bad and the D Cup Gourmet/GVC Busty
Hair Apparent Vivid Compilation 2004
Hall Of Fame Cal Vista Compilation 2007
Hard Ho To Row Vivid Compilation 2004
Hollywood Orgies - Jenna Jameson Vivid Compilation | Orgy | 4 hour 2003
Hot Shorts - Christy Canyon VCR Productions Vignettes 1986
Hypnotic Sensations Gourmet/GVC Feature
I Dream of Ginger Vivid Feature | Classics 1985
I Like to be Watched Vidco Feature | Classics 1984
I'm Into Natural Tits Vivid Compilation 2004
In Defense of Savannah Vivid Feature 1991
Incredible Jenna Jameson Peach Softcore | Interactive 2001
Into the Night Vivid Feature
Jenna Jameson Untamed Peach Compilation | Softcore 2002
Jenna's American Sex Star 2007 Club Jenna Industry | 4 hour 2007
Keyhole Video 114 - Christy Canyon Special Video Exclusives
Keyhole Video 188 - Unique Positions Video Exclusives
Lady Fingers Vivid Compilation
Late Show Vivid Feature 1997
Le Sex De Femme 1 Gourmet/GVC
Legends of Lust 2 - Christy Canyon CDI / Cinderella
Legends of Lust 8 CDI / Cinderella Classics
Legends of Porn 4 Cal Vista Compilation 1997
Legs Up to Here! Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 2006
Lesbian Bra Busters of the 1980's Alpha Blue Busty | Compilation | Lesbian
Lesbians Like Hairy Pussy Too Leisure Time Lesbian
Lesbo Love Park 1 Vivid Lesbian
Lick Bush Caballero Feature
Like a Virgin Atomic Feature | Classics 1985
Like a Virgin 2 VCX Feature 1986
Lotsa Top Gourmet/GVC Busty | Compilation
Love in the Canyon Vivid Compilation
Love Jugs Vivid 4 hour | Lesbian | Compilation
Lusty Life 53 - Hard Times Sluts Zane Compilation 1994
Mad Cow Sex Vivid Compilation 2003
Major Fox Vivid Feature 2001
Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 6 Caballero Feature
Men who Love Huge Boobs Gourmet/GVC
Mid-Slumber Nights Dream 4 Play
Monster Facials 5 - The Deuces Wild Series Vivid Compilation
More Than a Handful Caballero Busty
More than a Handful 1 Cal Vista Busty
Nasty As I Wanna Be - Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2004
Nasty As I Wanna Be - Dyanna Lauren Vivid Compilation 2004
Nightbreed Vivid Feature 1996
Olivia is Pink Inside Emerald City Productions Feature 2001
On Golden Blonde Paradise Video Feature | Classics 1984
On Trial 1 - In Defense of Savannah Vivid Feature
On Trial 2 - Oral Arguments Vivid Feature
Only the Best of Women with Women Cal Vista Compilation
Oral Addiction Vivid Feature 1996
Oral Addicts Vivid Feature
Oral Erotica 6 - Out-of-Control Oral Mayhem! Vidco Oral
Oral Erotica 8 - An Oral Banquet of Hot Meat and Juicy Muffs! Vidco Oral
Passages 1 - Coming of Age Vivid Feature
Passages 2 - The First Degree Vivid Feature 1991
Passages 3 - Working Vivid Feature
Passages 4 - Success Vivid Feature 1991
Passion of the Christies Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 1996
Peter North - The Lost Footage Antigua Pictures Compilation 2011
Porn Star Legends Christy Canyon Porn Star Legends Compilation 2007
Portrait of Christy Vivid Feature 1990
Pretty in Peach Vivid Feature 1995
Prime Cuts - Erection Injection Metro Compilation
Pussy From the Past Executive Compilation
Racquel - Up Close & Personal Vivid Compilation 2002
Racquel Darrian - Best Ass on the Planet Vivid Compilation 2004
Racquel Darrian is in the House Vivid Compilation 2006
Racquel in the Wild Vivid Feature 1992
Racquel's Award Winning Sex Vivid Compilation 2005
Rapture Girls 2 Odyssey Lesbian
Rapture Girls 3 Odyssey Compilation
Raunch-O-Rama 15 - 1001 Oral Cumshots Video Exclusives Cum Shots | Compilation 1996
Return of Teenage Christy Canyon Alpha Blue Compilation
Ron Jeremy Makes it Big Vivid Compilation 2004
S.E.X. 2 Vivid
Secrets of Titty Fucking Vivid Compilation | 4 hour | Busty 2003
Sex 2 Vivid Feature
Sex Asylum 4 Vivid Feature 1991
Sex on Wheels Vivid
Sex Secrets of a Mistress Vivid Feature 1996
Sherlock Bones Vivid Compilation 2004
Show Vivid Feature 1996
Sinful Pleasures Hollywood Vignettes 2004
Sinfully Yours Hollywood Feature
Sodom And Carerra Vivid Compilation 2004
Sore Throat VCX Oral
Squirtin' For Certain Vivid Compilation 2005
Story of X Playboy Industry 1998
Superhead 1 Pleasure Oral 1994
Supersize Those Tits Vivid Compilation 2004
Superstars of Porno 2 Cal Vista Compilation 1999
Superstars of the 80's Gourmet/GVC Compilation 2007
Susan Hart Collection Alpha Blue Classics | Compilation
Swedish Erotica 2 Caballero Compilation | 4 hour | Classics 1985
Swedish Erotica 57 Caballero Vignettes | Classics 1984
Swedish Erotica 58 Caballero Feature
Swedish Erotica Hard 17 - Amber and Christy's Sex Party Odyssey Compilation | Classics 1985
Swedish Erotica Hard 8 - Black and White Lightning Odyssey Interracial | Compilation | Classics 1985
Sweet Cheeks VCR Productions Compilation | Classics 1986
Taste of Christy Canyon Pink Video Compilation
Teachers Pet Vivid Fetish | All Sex 1998
Teenage Christy Canyon Alpha Blue Compilation | Classics
The Essential Chasey Vivid Compilation 2005
The Essential Nikki Dial Vivid Compilation 2006
The Real Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2004
Three Ways 3 Wet Video Gonzo
Tight Shots 13 Vivid Compilation
Tit Banging Fever Big Top Busty
Tit Fucking Xplicit All Sex | Busty
Titillation! Vivid Busty
Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time VCA Compilation | 4 hour 1998
Toys in Babeland 1 Vivid Feature
Treasure Chest Gourmet/GVC Feature 2007
Twice in a Lifetime VCA
Twist and Shout!
Twisted Vivid Feature 1991
Two in the Bush Vivid Feature
Udderly Ridiculous Vivid Compilation 2004
Uncensored Sex Shows 17 - Woman to Woman Vidco
Under Contract - Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2005
Vajenna Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 2004
Victim of Love Vivid Feature 1992
Victim of Love Vivid Feature 1992
Victim of Love 2 Vivid 2001
Vivid Girl - Janine Vivid Compilation 2004
Vivid Girl Confidential - Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2005
Vivid's Bloopers and Boners Vivid Feature
Vivid's Hall of Fame - Christy Canyon Vivid Compilation 2005
Wet Shots Review 3 Metro
What Happens in Christy Stays in Christy Vivid Compilation 2006
Where the Boys Aren't 5 Vivid Lesbian 1993
Where the Boys Aren't 6 Vivid Lesbian 1995
Where the Boys Aren't 7 Vivid Lesbian 1995
Where the Boys Aren't 9 Vivid Lesbian 1997
Wild Things 1 Cal Vista Feature 1985
Wild Wild Chest 4 Hollywood
Wilde and Willing Vivid Compilation
Wolverine Vivid Compilation | 4 hour 2004
Woman in Pink Essex Home Video Feature
Women In Pink Alpha Blue Feature 1984
Work Out Vivid Feature 2000
WPink TV 1 Paradise Video Classics | Feature 1984
X TV Pleasure Feature 1995
XRCO Awards 1998 Wicked Industry 1998
XXX Bra Busters In the 1980's Alpha Blue Busty | Compilation
XXX Bra Busters In the 1980's 3 Alpha Blue Busty | Compilation
Young Jenteal Vivid Compilation 2002
Young Jill Kelly Vivid Compilation 2001