Chad Donovan

  • Aaron West
  • Chad Donavan
  • 5'9
  • Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Date of Birth: 1/11/1972 (46 years old)
  • Aaron West
  • Chad Donavan
  • 5'9
  • Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Date of Birth: 1/11/1972 (46 years old)

Chad Donovan Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
Beverly Hills Hustlers AMR Gay Matt Cobey
Blow Me Down Catalina Oral, Gay 1995 Chi Chi LaRue
Chain Smoker Vivid Man Gay 2004
Chip's Studbook Centaur Gay, Compilation 2000 Chip Daniels
Dax Vivid Man Gay 1996 Jim Steel
Deep End Mustang Gay 1994 Chi Chi LaRue
Face Fuckin' Friends Vivid Man Gay 2006
Face Riders Catalina Oral, Gay, Muscle 1997 Chi Chi LaRue
Feeding Frenzy Vivid Man Gay, 4 hour, Compilation 2006
Fun With Dick and Ass Vivid Man Gay 2006
Hot Cops 3 Centaur Gay Chip Daniels
It Won't Suck Itself Vivid Man Compilation, Gay, 4 hour 1999
Js Big Time Stryker Productions Gay 2001
Muscle Hunk Vivid Man Gay, 4 hour, Compilation 2006
Night With Todd Stevens Vivid Man Gay 2005 Jim Steel
Party Line Catalina Gay 1994 Brad Austin
Picture Perfect Vivid Man Gay 1996
Position Impossible Odyssey Man Gay, Masturbation 1996 Edward James
Raw Hide Atomic Gay 2000 John Travis
Seven Deadly Sins - Pride All Worlds Gay 2000 Dirk Yates
Sink Hole Vivid Man Gay 2004
Slings and Things Vivid Man Gay, 4 hour, Compilation 2004
Trophies - Class of '94 Jet Set Young, Gay 1994 Edward James
When Bottoms Go Wild Vivid Man Gay 2004
Young Americans Vivid Man Gay 2004