Buck Adams

Portrait of Buck Adams
Image of Buck Adams
Courtesy of Performer

  • Buch Adams
  • Buick Adams
  • Charles Allen
  • Claymore Rush
  • D.A. Adams
  • Hector
  • 5'11
  • White hair
  • Caucasian
  • American, Scottish
  • Starting Year: 1983 (approximately 28 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 11/11/1955 (53 years old)
  • Death: 10/28/08 (Heart Failure)
  • Buck Adams was the older brother of adult film legend Amber Lynn.
  • Adams asked fellow adult performer, Aspen Brock, to marry him after she visited his hospital room following a heart attack in 1999; They stayed married until his death in 2008 from heart failure. He was 17 years her senior.
  • Brother of Amber Lynn.
  • Buch Adams
  • Buick Adams
  • Charles Allen
  • Claymore Rush
  • D.A. Adams
  • Hector
  • 5'11
  • White hair
Notable Films
  • Caucasian
  • American, Scottish
  • Starting Year: 1983 (approximately 28 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 11/11/1955 (53 years old)
  • Death: 10/28/08 (Heart Failure)
  • Buck Adams was the older brother of adult film legend Amber Lynn.
  • Adams asked fellow adult performer, Aspen Brock, to marry him after she visited his hospital room following a heart attack in 1999; They stayed married until his death in 2008 from heart failure. He was 17 years her senior.
  • Brother of Amber Lynn.

Buck Adams Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
18 and Nasty 6 Devil's Films Young 1998 Josey Wales
1992 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1992 Steve Austin
1995 AVN Awards VCA Industry 1995
5 Star Asia Vivid Compilation 2004
Above and Beyond - The Final Chapter Paladin All Sex 1990 Paul Norman
Adultress Caballero Ebony, Anal, Feature 1987 Henri Pachard
Adventures of Major Morehead Sin City Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Afro Erotica 10 Wet Video Ebony, Interracial, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 16 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 6 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1986
Afro-Centrix 43 - Best of Persia Video Team Ebony, Interracial, Compilation 2004
Alice in Analand Sin City Anal 1994 Henry Spence
All About Sharon Kane Video X Pix Compilation
All American Girl Plum Feature 1991 Anthony Spinelli
All the Way Down Zane Oral 1991 Jack Stephen
Alley Cat CDI / Cinderella Feature
Amber Lynn's Personal Best Caballero Feature 1986 Jonathan Burroughs
Amberella - Agent of Lust Gourmet/GVC Feature 2006 John Shubert
Amorous Adventures of Littledove Arrow/AFV Feature 1988
Anal Adventures of Suzy Super Slut Gen XXX Anal 1996 Steve Drake
Anal Attack Zane Anal 1991 Milton Ingley
Anal Attraction 1 Arrow/AFV Anal 1993
Anal Blitz K-Beech Anal
Anal Climax Rosebud Anal 1991 Rex Borsky
Anal Europe 6 - Anal Luck Las Vegas Anal 1994 Rob King
Anal Fury Rosebud Anal 1991 Rex Borsky
Anal Mania 8 Sin City Anal, Compilation
Anal Revolution Rosebud Anal 1991 Rex Borsky
Aroused Vivid Feature 1994 Bud Lee
Ashlyn Gere's Realities Zane Feature 1991 Jack Stephen
Ass Frenzy 3 Sin City Compilation
Ass Fucked 1 Visual Images Anal, Compilation 1997
Ass Wrecked Outlaw Anal 1997 Rod Fontana
Asses to Asses Lust to Lust - A Wild Romp Through the Garden of Hedon LA Video Compilation 1988
Assy 2 JM Productions Anal
AVN Halloween Sexfest Astral Ocean Industry, Holiday 1997 Jim Powers
Babewatch 1 Sin City Feature 1994 Buck Adams
Babewatch 10 Multimedia Pictures Feature 1999 Alec Metro
Babewatch 2 Sin City Feature 2000 Buck Adams
Babewatch 3 Sin City Feature 1999 Buck Adams
Babewatch 4 Sin City Feature 2001 Buck Adams
Babewatch 5 Notorious Feature 1998 Buck Adams
Babewatch 6 Notorious Feature 1998
Babewatch 7 Multimedia Pictures Feature 1997 Buck Adams
Babewatch 8 Notorious Feature 1998 Buck Adams
Babewatch 9 Multimedia Pictures Feature 2002
Babewatch Beach Sin City Feature 1996 Chuck Martin
Babysitter 13 Notorious Young, Babysitter 2002 Jim Powers
Back in the Saddle Odyssey Gonzo 1999
Backdoor Bonanza 9 Wet Video Anal 1989
Backdoor Brides 2 - The Honeymoon Paradise Video Anal, Classics 1986 Ron Jeremy
Backdoor Desires Gourmet/GVC Classics 1990
Backdoor Summer Paradise Video Anal 1988
Backdoor Summer 2 Paradise Video Anal 1989 Gordon Vandermeer
Backhand Sin City Feature 1996 Buck Adams
Bad Assed Blondes 5 Sin City Compilation, Blonde 2005
Barbie & Kent Do Las Vegas Fat Dog Feature
Bare Ass Beach Total Video Feature
Barefoot and Pregnant 2 Heatwave Pregnant 1998 Cool Breeze
Barewaves Wet Video Feature
Barlow Affairs Wicked Feature 1991 F.J. Lincoln
Bazooka County 2 Coast To Coast Busty
Beach Ball Sin City Feature Henry Spence
Beached Blonde K-Beech Feature, Blonde 1994
Beaver and Buttface Sin City Feature, Parody 1995 Buck Adams
Behind Closed Doors Vivid Feature 2003
Best of Caught from Behind 5 Hollywood Anal, Compilation 1991
Best of Oriental Anal 1 Rosebud Asian, Anal, Compilation 1994 Rex Borsky
Best of Sahara Wet Video Compilation
Best of X Museum Midnight Compilation
Big Bang 2 - Gangbusters Las Vegas Gangbang
Big Rock Arrow/AFV Feature 1988 Buck Adams
Bigger Pleasure Feature
Bimbo Bowlers from Buffalo K-Beech Feature 1989 Jim Enright
Birthday Suit Erotic Angel Feature 1999 Thomas Paine
Bite! The First Blood Legend Feature 1991 Scotty Fox
Black Butt Hunter Heatwave Ebony 1999
Black Cherry CoEds 12 Heatwave 2002
Black Cherry Coeds 7 Heatwave Ebony 1998 Cool Breeze
Black Girls Do It Better Cal Vista Interracial Jack Remy
Black Knockers 39 Legend Ebony, Busty
Black Knockers 40 Legend Ebony, Busty
Black Lava Wet Video Ebony 1986
Blonde Angel Vivid Feature, Blonde 1994 Bud Lee
Bloopers Video Team Industry 1994 Wesley Emerson
Body Shop VCX Feature, Classics 1984 Bill Amerson
Boneheads Pleasure Feature
Bonnie & Clyde 4 Vivid Feature 2001
Bonnie and Clyde 3 Vivid Feature 2001
Boobs a Poppin' 2 Notorious Busty 2003 Jim Powers
Boobs Butts and Bloopers Hollywood Industry 1990
Boobs Butts and Bloopers 2 Hollywood Classics, Industry 1990 Pat Ruby
Booby Hatch 2 - Titty Bar 2 Legend Busty
Bootsie Coast To Coast Feature, Transvestite 1985 Jack Remy
Booty Bang 6 Heatwave Ebony 2006
Bottom Dweller 2 Elegant Angel Anal 2001 Patrick Collins
Breakfast with Tiffany Hollywood Feature 1991 Charlie Diamond
Breast Wishes 1 LBO Entertainment Busty 1991 Bobby Hollander
Breast Wishes 9 VCR Productions Busty
Breast Worx 40 VCR Productions 1992
Brittany O'Connell and the Red Hot Fuck Friends Sin City Compilation, 4 hour, Star Spotlight 1995
Brother Act Pleasure Feature
Brown Eye 4 LBO Entertainment Anal 1995
Bubbles Plum Feature 1992 Anthony Spinelli
Bush Wacked Zane All Sex 1992 Jim Enright
Buttman's Inferno Evil Angel Gonzo 1994 John Stagliano
Butts of Steel Las Vegas Feature 2002
Butts Up Doc 4 Gourmet/GVC Anal 1993 Milton Ingley
Camera Shy Vivid Feature 1990
Campus Cuties Caballero Young 1985 Paul G Vatelli
Catalina Five-O - Undercover CDI / Cinderella All Sex 1990 Anthony Spinelli
Caught from Behind 13 Hollywood Feature 1990
Centerfold Sin City Feature 1997 Buck Adams
Chained Sin City Feature 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Chamber of Whores 1 - Eyes of a Pervert Heatwave Feature, Parody 1998 Jim Powers
Chameleon VCA Feature 1989 John Leslie
Channel Blonde Vivid Feature, Blonde 1994 Bud Lee
Chastity Johnson Adult Video Corp. Feature 1986 Scotty Fox
Cheeks 3 Coast To Coast Anal, Feature 1990 Charlie Diamond
Chocolate Delights 2 Coast To Coast Ebony 1985
Cirque du Sex 3 Video Team Feature, Vignettes 1997 Jim Powers
Climax 2000 1 Coast To Coast Feature 1994 Michael Zen
Climax 2000 2 Coast To Coast Feature 1994 Michael Zen
Club Exotica 2 Western Visuals Feature, Classics 2011 Jerome Tanner
Cockateer 1 Legend
Cockateer 2 Legend Feature 1992 Scotty Fox
Collector's Choice 14 CDI / Cinderella Compilation
Collector's Choice 15 CDI / Cinderella Compilation
Collector's Choice 18 CDI / Cinderella
Colossal Orgy 1 Heatwave Orgy 1994 Buck Adams
Colossal Orgy 2 Heatwave Orgy
Commando Lovers Arrow/AFV Feature
Cream Puff VCA Feature 1985 Bob Vosse
D.P. Women Heatwave Threesomes
Da Booty Bang 6 Heatwave Ebony
Dangerous Desire Now Showing Feature 1996
Dangerous When Wet VCX Feature
Date with the Devil Fantasy Home Video Feature
Debbie Does 'Em All 3 Cal Vista Feature Adam York
Debbie Does Wall Street VCA Feature 1991 Wes Brown
Deep Cheeks 1 Rosebud
Deep Cheeks 2 Rosebud Anal 2002 Rex Borsky
Deep Inside Ashlyn Gere VCA Feature 2003
Deep Inside Centerfold Girls VCA Feature
Deep Inside Jeanna Fine VCA Compilation
Deep Inside Kelly Jaye Vivid 2002
Deep Inside Savannah VCA Compilation
Deep Throat Girls 4 Gourmet/GVC Oral 1994
Desperate Women Vidco Feature 2006 Ned Morehead
Determinator 2 Visual Images Feature Michael Carpenter
Detroit Dames Dreamland Compilation 1989 Vinni Rossi, Scotty Fox, John T Bone
Dick and Jane do the Strip Avica Gonzo Dick and Jane
Dirty Business Cal Vista Feature, Parody 1992 John T Bone
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 2 Pleasure Feature 2000 Stoney Curtis
Dirty Doc's Sticky Faces 11 Pleasure
Dirty Little Sex Brats All Good Young 2000
Dirty Looks New! Vivid Feature 1999 Layne Parker
Divorce Court Expose' 2 Vidco Feature, Parody
Do Nuts Arrow/AFV Feature
Doggy Style 9 Sin City Compilation
Double Trouble Venus 99 80's Porn Video 1988
Down and Dirty in Beverly Hills Cal Vista Classics 1995 Dallas Houston
Down and Out Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1986 Jack Remy
Dun Hur Sin City Feature Chuck Martino
Dun-Hur Sin City Feature
Dyanna Sucks Vivid Compilation 2004
Easy Pussy Rosebud Feature
Eclipse Sin City Feature 1993 Henri Pachard
Edward Penishands 3 Video Team Feature
El Cholo Loco Notorious
End of Innocence Arrow/AFV Feature, Classics 1986 Vinni Rossi
Enter the Dragon Lady Jet Multimedia Feature
Erotic Dreams Hollywood Feature 1999
Erotic Impulse 14 - Throbbing Threesomes Gourmet/GVC Orgy
Erotic Zones Notorious
Eroticism in Black Pink Video
Erotika Sin City Feature 1994 Robert McCallum
Eternal Idol CDI / Cinderella Feature
Eve of Seduction CDI / Cinderella Feature
Eye of the Tigress Caballero Feature, Classics 1988 Bruce Seven
Eyes of Eddie Mars Paradise Visuals 1985
Fantasies of Persia Video Team Vignettes
Farmer's Daughters Las Vegas All Sex 1994 Rob King
Filth Heatwave
Filthy Fuckers 42 - Cock Craving Brunettes Zane Compilation, Brunette
Filthy Fuckers 54 - Hot 'N' Horny Blondes 3 Zane Compilation, Gonzo, Blonde
Filthy Fuckers 7 - Orgies and Gangbangs Zane Gangbang, Orgy, Compilation
Filthy Fuckers 76 - Filthy Little Cunt Fucked Sluts Zane Compilation
Filthy Rich LA Video 80's Porn Video 1989
Final Secret SOHO Feature 1992
Fire Inside VCA Feature
Flesh Mountain 1 Vivid Feature
Fluff Whores Midnight 90's Porn Video 1998
Forbidden Bodies Wet Video All Sex 1986 Gerard Damiano
Frankenstein Sin City Feature 1994 Buck Adams
Franky and Joannie Heatwave Anthony Spinelli
Fuck My Ass Please Sin City Compilation
Furburgers Vidco Hairy 1987 F.J. Lincoln
Gang Bang Face Bath 1 Rosebud Gangbang
Gang Bang Wild Style 1 Rosebud Gangbang
Gangbang Girl 4 Anabolic Gangbang 1992 Christopher Alexander
Gangbang Princess Tight Ends Gangbang 1996 Rod Fontana
Gemini Sin City Feature Stuart Canterbury
Genie In a Bikini Zane Feature 1991 Jim Enright
Get Black Digital Dreams Ebony, Interracial, Compilation 1998
Gettin' Sticky Wit It! Forbidden Oral, Facials 1998
Getting L.A.'d Paradise Video Feature 1986 Miles Kidder
Ghost to Ghost Coast To Coast Feature
Giant Stryker Productions Feature
Girls in Leather 4 Sin City Compilation, Leather
Good Morning Taija Rae VCX Feature
Great Balls on Fire Fantasy Home Video
Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever 2 Elegant Angel Compilation 2008
Gutter Mouths 1 JM Productions Gonzo, Dirty Talk 1996
Gutter Mouths 2 JM Productions Gonzo, Dirty Talk 1997
Gutter Mouths 6 JM Productions Gonzo, Dirty Talk 1998
Gutter Mouths 7 JM Productions Gonzo, Dirty Talk 2001
Hard Core Cafe Pleasure Anal
Hard Core Cafe 2 - Revisited Pleasure Feature 1991 August West
Hardcore Cafe Vidco Feature
Harlots K-Beech Feature
Heartfelt Adam and Eve Feature 1997
Heartfelt 2 Adam and Eve Feature 1997
Heather's Secrets Video Exclusives
Heatseekers Intropics Video Feature 1991 Henri Pachard
Hellriders Sin City Feature 1995 Buck Adams
Her Obsession K-Beech
Hershe Highway 1 Hollywood Anal
Hershe Highway 2 - Love On Hollywood Feature
Holly Fucking Body Sin City
Homey in the Haystack Heatwave Interracial 1998
Honeymoon-Brides Running Behind 4 Play Feature
Hooker Illustrated 3 Dane Vignettes 1998
Hospitality Sweet Western Visuals Feature
Hot to Swap Video Exclusives
Hotel California Western Visuals Feature 1986
Hotel Sodom 6 Snatch Anal David Christopher
Hothouse Rose 1 VCA Feature Henri Pachard
Hothouse Rose 2 VCA Feature 1992 Henri Pachard
House of the Rising Sun - The Bordello Essex Home Video Feature, Classics 1983 Chuck Vincent
Hunchback of Notre Dame Pleasure Feature
Hustlers K-Beech Feature 1995
I Love a Girl in Uniform VCA Feature
I Married an Anal Queen Midnight Anal
In X Sex Las Vegas Vignettes 1995 Rob King
In Your Face Again Pleasure Oral 1993 Chi Chi LaRue
Indiscretions Plum Feature
Innocence Found Paul Norman Productions Feature
Innocent Woman Fantasy Home Video 90's Porn Video 1991 Henri Pachard
Intense Perversions 8 Pleasure Gonzo
Intercourse with the Vampire Sin City Feature 1994 Paul Norman
Intercourse with the Vampire 2 Sin City Feature Paul Norman
International Affairs Pleasure Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
It's a Mommy Thing 3 Elegant Angel MILF 2008 Patrick Collins
Jaded Love Caballero Feature
Jordan Lee's Favorite Fucks Sin City 4 hour, Compilation
Kaitlyn Ashley's Favorite Fucks Sin City Compilation
Kelly Jaye Close Up Vivid Feature
Kelly The Coed 15 - PiPi Girls Rule! Heatwave Young 2003 Jim Powers
Kelly The Coed 3 - Campus Life Heatwave Young 1999 Jim Powers
Kelly The Coed 4 - Failing Grades Heatwave Young 1999 Jim Powers
Keyhole Video 188 - Unique Positions Video Exclusives
Last Day Wicked Feature Gary Sage
Lather Legend Feature 1991 Scotty Fox
Leave it to Cleavage 2 Erotic Video Network Busty 1990 Roy Karch
Legal Tender VCA Feature
Lethal Passion Pleasure Feature 1991 Buck Adams
Let's Play Doctor New Machine Feature, Cosplay 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Liar's Poker Plush Entertainment 90's Porn Video 1997 Eduardo Dinero
Lil Darlings 2 Hollywood
Lingerie Busters Sunshine Feature 1995
Little American Maid VCX Feature, Classics 1986 Adele Robbins
Little Christmas Tail Zane Holiday
Little Girl Lost Sin City Feature 1995 Buck Adams
Little Irresistable Zane
Littledove's Cup Arrow/AFV Feature, Outdoors 1988 Buck Adams
Living in a Wet Dream Penquin Video
Looking for Mr. Goodsex Coast To Coast Gonzo, Cum Shots 1985 Jack Remy
Lottery Lust Penquin Video Feature, Classics 1986 Patty Rhodes
Love Notes Hollywood Compilation, Feature 1989 Hall Freeman
Lovers Trance Legend Feature
Lusty Life 3 - Cum in my Mouth Pleasure Oral, Compilation 1994
Lusty Life 9 - Soak My Tits with Cum Pleasure Compilation 1994
Madame X Erotic Video Network
Made in America Sin City Ultra Feature 1997 Thomas Paine
Man Killer Sin City Feature Buck Adams
Manbait 1 VCA Feature
Marina Vice 1 Penquin Video Classics, Parody 1985 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Match Point Legend Feature
Midnight Angel CDI / Cinderella
Midnight Hour Video Team 90's Porn Video 1991 Jim Enright
Million Dollar Screw Video Team Feature, Classics 1987 Hall Freeman
Monkey Gang Bang Notorious Gangbang 1996 Buck Adams
More Than a Handful Caballero Busty 1993
Mouth Watering VCX Vignettes 2004 Thomas Paine
My Ass Too Notorious Anal 1996 Jim Powers
My Favorite Whore 2 Notorious Gonzo 1998 Jim Powers
My Wife is a Call Girl Fantasy Home Video Feature 1988 Jim Travis
My Wildest Date Hollywood Feature 1995 Buck Adams
My Wildest Date Arrow/AFV Feature 1989 Buck Adams
Mystery Date CDI / Cinderella Feature 1992 Michael Carpenter
Naked Goddess 1 VCA Feature 1991 Gerard Damiano
Naughty Little Nymphos 2 Notorious Vignettes, Young 2000 Jim Powers
Neighborhood Watch 35 VCR Productions
New Positions Paradise Video Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Night Fire L.A.
Nightclub Sin City Feature 1995 Buck Adams
Nina Hartley Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Nineteen Video Magazine 18 Dane Young, Vignettes, Pro-am 1998 Don Marque
Nineteen Video Magazine 20 - College Girls Dane Young, Vignettes, Pro-am 1998 Don Marque
Nineteen Video Magazine 29 - College Girl Yearbook Dane Young, Vignettes, Pro-am 1999 Don Marque
No Motive Midnight Feature 1994 Buck Adams
No Tell Motel Cal Vista Feature 1995 F.J. Lincoln
Oh You Beautiful Doll K-Beech Feature 1989 Jim Enright
On the Run Sin City Feature 2000 Buck Adams
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Breast Fantasy Home Video Feature
One Night In Bangkok Caballero Feature
Only the Best 1 Cal Vista Compilation, Classics 1986
Operation Centerfold 1 Notorious Feature
Operation Centerfold 2 Multimedia Pictures
Operation Centerfold The Epic Notorious Feature
Oral Majority 2 - The Big Gulp Western Visuals Oral, Compilation 1987 Jerome Tanner
Oriental Cum Pots Hollywood Asian
Oriental Fuck Sluts VCA Asian 2003
Other Side of Debbie Coast To Coast Feature 1991 Bob Vosse
Outdoor Hookers 9 Sin City Compilation, All Sex, Outdoors
Outrageous Orgies 8 Wet Video Orgy
Paging Betty VCA Feature 1994 Jim Enright
Panty World 1 Dane Young, Vignettes 1998 Don Marque
Peeping Tom NuTech Feature 1986 Robert McCallum
Personalities Pleasure Feature
Pervert Walks Among Us Notorious Feature 1997 Jim Powers
Perverted 3 - The Parents Zane Vignettes, Young and Old 1995 Paul Norman
Perverted Stories 10 - Perverted Fairy Tales JM Productions Vignettes 1996 Jim Powers
Perverted Stories 19 - Mind Expanding Filth JM Productions Vignettes 1998 Jim Powers
Perverted Stories 20 - Sexual Deviation JM Productions Vignettes 1998 Jim Powers
Philmore Butts - Shut Up and Fuck Me Sunshine All Sex 1998 Tony Martino
Philmore Butts Fuck My Ass Please Sunshine Anal
Pick Up Lines 9 Silverstone Entertainment Pro-am 1996 Tom Stone
Pick-Up Girls 1 Adam and Eve All Sex 2005 Brett Maverick
Picture Perfect Cal Vista Feature F.J. Lincoln
Pink and Pretty NuTech Feature 1986 Jack Remy
Play It Again Samantha Penquin Video Feature 1987 F.J. Lincoln
Pleasure Hunt 2 Now Showing Feature
Plenty of Pleasure Wet Video Feature 1990
Poop Chute Pumpers and Shit Hole Lickers 3 Hollywood Compilation
Porn Star's Day Off Fantasy Home Video Reality 1989 Carl Belgum
Porno News Notorious Feature
Porn's Most Outrageous Outtakes JM Productions Compilation, Industry 2006
Portholes Adult Video Corp.
Pretty Peaches 2 VCA Feature 1987 Alex De Renzy
Prime Cuts - Buck Adams Sin City Compilation
Princess Orgasma and Magic Bed Plum Feature
Pro Ball Caballero Feature Henri Pachard
Proposals Coast To Coast Feature 1988 John Stagliano
Public Places 2 Sin City Outdoors 1995 Stuart Canterbury
Pump it Up! Las Vegas Feature 1991 Michael Craig
Purely Sexual Filmco Feature 1991 Henri Pachard
Puritan Video Magazine 12 Puritan Gangbang, Vignettes 1997 Jim Powers
Puritan Video Magazine 6 Puritan Gonzo, Vignettes 1996
Push it to the Limit Penquin Video 80's Porn Video 1989
R and R VCA 90's Porn Video 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Racquel's Award Winning Sex Vivid Compilation 2005
Radio Active VIP Productions Feature 1990 Buck Adams
Raunch 3 Coast To Coast Feature 1991
Raunchy Rachel - She'll Blow You Away Hollywood Compilation
Ravaged Rivalry Hollywood
Raw Talent 2 VCA Feature
Read my Lips 2 Video Team Oral
Reality Test 1 H2 Video Amateur 2004 Tony Montana
Red Light Sin City Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Renegades Sin City Feature Buck Adams
Renegades 2 Sin City Feature 1995 Buck Adams
Restless Passion Hollywood Feature
Return of Johnny Wadd Adam and Eve Feature Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Rio Heat Vidco Feature 2006 Jack Remy
Rituals Sin City Feature Henri Pachard
Rock Me Coast To Coast Feature 1994 Greg Alves
Rockey X Penquin Video Classics 1986 Pat Roggins
Rockey X 2 - The Final Round Penquin Video Feature 1988 Buck Adams
Route 69 Erotic Angel Feature 1999
Roxy VCA Feature 1991 Paul Thomas
Satania Dreamland Feature 1986
Savage Sin City Feature 1998 Buck Adams
Scenes From The Oral Office!! Digital Playground Parody 1999 F.J. Lincoln
Screamin Reamers 19 - Group Goop Moonlight Gonzo
Screamin Reamers 30 - Fucking 3-Ways Moonlight Compilation 1991
Secret Cravings Venus 99
Seduction of Jeanna Fine Gourmet/GVC Classics
Seduction of Tracy Adams Gourmet/GVC Vignettes 2006
Sex and the Single Girl Fantasy Home Video
Sex and the Stranger Vivid Feature 1999 Clive McLean
Sex Crazed West Coast Feature
Sex Crazed Couples 6 Sin City Compilation
Sex Dancer Now Showing Feature 1986
Sex Derby Gourmet/GVC Feature 2017
Sex in the Great Outdoors VCA Feature, Outdoors
Sex on the Town Antigua Pictures Feature, Classics 1989 Ron Jeremy
Sexaholics VCX Feature 1986 Ronnie Racer
Sextasy 23 - Banged Bleached Blondes Heatwave Compilation, Blonde
Sextasy 9 - Eager Beavers Heatwave
Sexual Healing Vivid Feature 2000 Bud Lee
Sexual Healing Sin City Feature 1996 Thomas Paine
Shameless Sin City Feature
Sharon Mitchell Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
She-Males in Heat Executive Compilation, Transsexual 1998
She's a Good Lust Charm LA Video Feature
She's No Angel 1 Venus 99 90's Porn Video 1990 Ron Jeremy
Shooting Star X-citement Video Feature
Shot in the Mouth 2 Moonlight Oral
Show 3 Vivid Feature
Silver Elegance Video Team Feature 1992 F.J. Lincoln
Skid Row Sin City Feature Stuart Canterbury
Skin Dive Sin City Vignettes 1996 Buck Adams
Sleaze Heatwave Gonzo
Sleazy Rider Arrow/AFV Feature 1989 Buck Adams
Sleeping Around Caballero Feature, Swingers 1991 Henri Pachard
Slut Safari 1 Filmco Interracial 1993
Snow Bunnies Sin City Feature Buck Adams
Snow Bunnies 2 Sin City Feature 1995 Buck Adams
Soaking Wet Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1985 Robert McCallum
Sodomania 19 - Sweet Cream Elegant Angel Gonzo 2000 Patrick Collins
Sodomania Slop Shots 1 Elegant Angel Compilation 1996 Patrick Collins
Sodomania Slop Shots 2 Elegant Angel Compilation, Cum Shots 1997
Sodomania Smokin' Sextions 2 Elegant Angel Fetish 1998 Patrick Collins
Spanish Fly 1 - Below the Border Vivid Compilation
Speedtrap VCA Feature 1992 Buck Adams
Splatterhouse 12 Pleasure Gonzo, 4 hour 2002
Spread Sheets Dreamland
Spread the Wealth Dreamland Feature 1994 Eric Edwards
Stars Who Do Deep Throat Arrow/AFV Oral, Compilation, Classics 1990
Starved for Affection Adult Video Corp. Feature
Step to the Rear Vidco Anal, Feature 1991 Jerry Ross
Sticky Lips Executive
Stolen Kisses Vidco Feature, Classics 1989 Stuart Canterbury
Strange Curves VCA Feature 1994 John Leslie
Stranger at the Backdoor Coast To Coast Feature, Anal Teri Diver
Subway Sin City Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Summer Lovers Wet Video Feature 1987 F.J. Lincoln
Super Blondes Video Exclusives
Super Hornio Brothers 1 K-Beech Feature, Parody 1993 Buck Adams
Super Hornio Brothers 2 - Let's Boink K-Beech Feature
Super Natural Hooters 2 Totally Tasteless Busty
Super Whore Notorious
Superboobs B-Line Busty 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Supermodel 1 Vivid Feature 1994 Bud Lee
Supermodel 2 - Lene's Day Off Vivid Feature 1994 Bud Lee
Swedish Erotica 2 Caballero European, Compilation, Classics, 4 hour 1985
Swedish Erotica 65 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica 67 Caballero
Swedish Erotica 69 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica Hard 21 - Double Dicked / Double Licked Odyssey Oral, Compilation, Classics 1985
Sweet Temptations Venus 99 Feature
Switch Hitters 6 - Back in the Bullpen Intropics Video Bisexual 1991 Gino Colbert
Taboo 12 Intropics Video Feature, Wincest 1994 F.J. Lincoln
Taboo 13 Metro Feature, Wincest 1994 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Taboo 5 - The Secret Intropics Video Feature, Classics, Wincest 1986 Kirdy Stevens
Taboo 9 Intropics Video Feature, Classics, Wincest 1991 Alex De Renzy
Taija Rae Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Tail for Sale Caballero Feature 1989 Duck Dumont
Tails of the Town Western Visuals Feature 1988
Take Me Filmco Compilation 1988 Hal Freeman
Tales of a Voyeur Metro Feature 2002
Talk Dirty to Me 11 Dreamland Feature, Dirty Talk
Taste of Evil Primal Feature 1998 Thomas Paine
Taste of Porsche Pink Video
Taste of Taija Rae Pink Video Feature
Taste of Victoria Paris Pink Video Compilation
Temptation Eyes Video Team Feature 1991 Jim Enright
The Best Little Whorehouse in San Francisco LA Video Feature 1985 Jack Remy
The Incredible Racquel Darrian Vivid Compilation 2005
The Real Asia Carrera Vivid Compilation 2004
Three Men and a Barbi Fantasy Home Video Feature, Parody 1988 Jim Travis
Three Ways 6 Wet Video Gonzo 1995
Thunder and Lightning K-Beech
Thunder Road Sin City Feature Buck Adams
Tight Shots 6 Vivid Compilation
Tongue in Cheek Legend Feature 1994 Stuart Canterbury
Total Exposure CDI / Cinderella Feature 1992 Henri Pachard
Tracey at the Sex Derby Collectors Feature
Tracy Adams Screws the Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Triple Penetration Debutante Sluts 3 Bacchus 2001
Triple X Posure Vidco
True Crime 2 Dane Feature 2001 Don Marque
True Sex Emerald City Productions All Sex 1995 Buck Adams
Twin Cheeks 4 - Last Temptation CDI / Cinderella Feature
Two Cocks, One Pussy, All Three Pretty Juicy Vivid Compilation, Threesomes, 4 hour 2005
Ultimate Dreams Heatwave Gonzo 2001
Ultimate Gang Bang Heatwave Gangbang 1994
Uncle Buck Antigua Pictures All Sex 2004 J. Bleazy
Under the Law Arrow/AFV Feature 1989 Buck Adams
Uninhibited Antigua Pictures Feature 1995 Buck Adams
University Co-Eds 20 Dane Young
Valleys of the Moon Sin City Feature Charles Grey
Visions 1 K-Beech
Visions 2 K-Beech
Wacky World of X-rated Bloopers Gourmet/GVC Compilation 1989
Walk on the Wild Side Visual Images
War Bride Odyssey Feature
Wet and Wild 2 Video Exclusives
Wet Dreams 2001 Vidco Feature 1986 F.J. Lincoln
Wet Shots Review 2 Metro
Wet Shots Review 3 Metro
Wet Stars - Sex-O-Vision 20 Heatwave Compilation
White Trash Whore 1 JM Productions Gonzo 1996
White Trash Whore 14 JM Productions Gonzo 1999 Jim Powers
White Trash Whore 2 JM Productions Interracial
White Trash Whore 6 JM Productions Gonzo 1998 Jim Powers
Whore of the Worlds Paradise Visuals Classics, Parody 1985 Miles Kidder
Wicked Fascination CDI / Cinderella Feature
Wild and Wicked 2 Video Team Feature
Wild Desires Maximum Feature
Wild Things 1 Cal Vista Feature 1985 Alex De Renzy
Wild Toga Party Vidco Feature 1985 Jack Remy
Wild Wild Chest 4 Hollywood
Wilde Palms X-citement Video 90's Porn Video 1995 Buck Adams
Willie Wankers and the Fun Factory Fat Dog Feature 1994 F.J. Lincoln
With Love Littledove Arrow/AFV Feature Buck Adams
WPink TV 2 Paradise Visuals Feature 1986 Miles Kidder
X Factor 2 - The Next Generation Hollywood Video Feature
X-Factor the Next Generation Hollywood Feature 1991 Charles Grey
Young and Anal 15 JM Productions Young, Anal 1999
Young and Anal 16 JM Productions Young, Anal 1999 Jim Powers
Zara's Revenge Wicked Feature 1991 F.J. Lincoln, Patti Rhodes-Lincoln