Billy Dee

Portrait of Billy Dee
Image of Billy Dee
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  • Bill Dee
  • Billie Daniels
  • Billie Dee
  • Billy D.
  • Billy Daniels
  • Billy De
  • Bily Dee
  • Obe-Wahn
  • Obi Wahn
  • Robert Franklin
  • Ron Anderson
  • Blue eyes
  • Black hair
  • Caucasian, Black
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1978 (approximately 27 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 9/25/1951 (67 years old)
  • Bill Dee
  • Billie Daniels
  • Billie Dee
  • Billy D.
  • Billy Daniels
  • Billy De
  • Bily Dee
  • Obe-Wahn
  • Obi Wahn
  • Robert Franklin
  • Ron Anderson
  • Blue eyes
  • Black hair
  • Caucasian, Black
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1978 (approximately 27 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 9/25/1951 (67 years old)

Billy Dee Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
69 Minutes - Evening News 2 Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1987 Damon Christian
Adventures of Dick Black - The Black Dick Dreamland Interracial, Feature, Classics 1987 John T Bone
Afro Erotica 1 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1986
Afro Erotica 10 Wet Video Ebony, Interracial, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 11 Wet Video Ebony, Interracial, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 12 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 16 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 17 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 19 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 20 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1987
Afro Erotica 22 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1988
Afro Erotica 23 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1988
Afro Erotica 25 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1988
Afro Erotica 26 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1988
Afro Erotica 29 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1988
Afro Erotica 31 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1989
Afro Erotica 32 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1989
Afro Erotica 33 Wet Video Interracial, Compilation 1989
Afro Erotica 6 Wet Video Ebony, Compilation 1986
Aggressive Women Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1982
Alice in Blackland VCA Ebony, Anal, Feature 1988 Duck Dumont
Alice in Whiteland VCA Ebony, Interracial, Feature 1988 Duck Dumont
All Knight Long LBO Entertainment Feature 1984 Mike Vidor, Peter Anglich
Amanda By Night 2 Caballero Feature 1987 Jack Remy
Amber Aroused Caballero Feature 1985 Mark Davis
Amber Lynn's Personal Best Caballero Feature 1986 Jonathan Burroughs
Anal DP Blonde - A Connie Peters Collection Alpha Blue Anal, Compilation, Double Penetration, Blonde 2005
Anal Intruder 2 Coast To Coast Anal 1988 Tina Marie
Anal Intruder 3 Coast To Coast Anal
Analist 2 Video Exclusives Anal
Angel Kelly's Raw Fantasy Home Video Feature 1988
Angel's Got Ta Have It CDI / Cinderella Feature 1987 Paul Thomas
Another Kind of Love Caballero Feature
Any Time Any Place VCX Feature Kirdy Stevens
Art of Passion Caballero Feature 1988 Henri Pachard
Baby Cakes VCX Feature, Classics 1982 Bob Chinn
Back to Class 2 Dreamland Compilation 1988 Eric Edwards, Jerry Ross, Roy Karch
Backdoor Bonanza 12 Wet Video Anal, Compilation 1989
Backdoor Desires Gourmet/GVC Classics 1990
Barbara Dare Devours Men Gourmet/GVC Feature, Parody 1987 Robert McCallum
Barbara Dare's Affairs Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1986 Charles De Santos
Barbara the Barbarian Essex Home Video Feature, Parody 1987 Robert McCallum
Barbara's Prime Choice Essex Home Video Compilation 1987 Robert McCallum
Bare Essence Evil Angel Feature 1989 John Stagliano
Best of Angel Kelley 2 Wet Video Ebony
Best of X-Plicit 1 Fat Dog Compilation
Best of X-Plicit 5 Xplicit Compilation
Beverly Hill's Cox Caballero Feature
Beyond Desire VCA Feature 1986 Tim McDonald
Big 'N' Black 7 Zane Interracial
Billionaire Girls Club K-Beech Feature 1988
Bitches of Westwood Caballero Feature, Parody 1988 Henri Pachard
Black Ass White Gash 10 Vivid
Black Baby Dolls VCA Ebony, Feature, Classics 1985 Mark Rigney
Black Bite 1 K-Beech Ebony
Black City 3 Sin City Compilation
Black Fuckers 20 - Sweet Black Pussy Visual Images Ebony
Black Girls Do It Better Cal Vista Interracial Jack Remy
Black Heat VCR Productions Interracial, Compilation, Classics 1986
Black Magic Wet Video Ebony 1986 Charlie Diamond
Black Magic Sex Clinic Dreamland Interracial, Classics 1987 Gordon Vandermeer
Black Moon Rising Zane Interracial 1987 Eathen Marcs
Black on White Pleasure Interracial, Compilation 1987
Black Taboo Cal Vista Ebony 1984 Drea
Black Taboo 2 - The Story of a Family that Comes Together Fat Dog Ebony, Feature 1986 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Blonde Heat VCA Feature, Classics, Blonde 1985 Tim McDonald
Blondes Have More Fun Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics, Blonde 1981 John Seeman
Bodies in Heat Dreamland Feature 1983
Body Magic Essex Home Video Feature 1982 Sven Conrad
Body Talk VCX Feature, Classics 1982 Pedie Sweet
Boobs Butts and Bloopers Hollywood Industry 1990
Bootsie Coast To Coast Feature, Transvestite 1985 Jack Remy
Born To Run Western Visuals Feature, Classics 1986 Jerome Tanner
Bring on the Virgins Caballero Feature 1989 Alex De Renzy
Brown Sugar VCX Ebony 2002
But Can She Type CDI / Cinderella Feature, Classics 1989 Ron Jeremy
Buttman's Bend Over Babes Evil Angel Gonzo 1990 John Stagliano
Buttnicks Coast To Coast Anal 1989 John Stagliano
California Blondes Video Exclusives Feature, Vignettes, Blonde 1987 Ron Jeremy
California Blondes 2 Video Exclusives Vignettes, Blonde 1988 Ron Jeremy
California Native CDI / Cinderella
Call Girl Vidco Classics 1986 Jonathan Burroughs
Camp Beaver Lake 1 - The Movie Arrow/AFV Feature 1984 Bobby Hollander
Caught from Behind 5 Hollywood Interracial, Anal 1986 Hall Freeman
Caught from Behind 7 Hollywood Anal
Charli VCX Feature, Classics, For Couples/Women 1981 Godfrey Daniels
China Bitch Paradise Video Asian 1989
Chocolate C.H.I.P.S. Vidco Interracial, Feature, Parody 1988 Eathen Marcs
Chocolate Cream Alpha Blue Interracial, Feature, Classics 1984 Domingo Lobo
Chocolate Delights Essex Home Video Ebony, Compilation 1985
Chocolate Delights 2 Coast To Coast Ebony 1985
Chocolate Fudge Factory Erotic Video Network
Christy Canyon Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Circus Acts Essex Home Video Feature
Club Exotica 2 Western Visuals Feature, Classics 2011 Jerome Tanner
Club Sex Gourmet/GVC Feature 1988 Max Schenk
Coffee and Cream Gentlemen's Video Interracial 1996
Coming Alive Las Vegas Classics 1988 Tony Montana
Coming in America K-Beech Compilation 2001
Commando Lovers Arrow/AFV Feature
Cornholed Hussies VCR Productions Interracial 1986
Cream Puff VCA Feature 1985 Bob Vosse
Cummin Alive VCA Feature
Dancing Angels Pleasure Feature
Debbie 4 Hire Executive
Debbie Class of 88 Coast To Coast Feature 1988 Bob Vosse
Debbie Duz Dishes 1 Executive Feature 1986 Bob Vosse
Debbie Goes to College VCA Feature, Classics 1986 Bob Vosse
Deep Chill Atomic Anal, Feature, Classics, Parody 1985
Deep Throat 3 Arrow/AFV Oral, Feature
Deep Throat Fantasies Caballero Oral 1988 John T Bone
Depraved Fantasies 7 Zane Bizarre, Feature, Fetish 1999 Matt Zane
Desert Foxes Essex Home Video Feature
Desperately Seeking Suzie Vidco Feature 2006
Deviations Essex Home Video Feature, Classics 1983 Domingo Lobo
Deviled X 4 Play Feature
Diamond Head Adult Video Corp.
Dirty Movies Caballero Feature Gerard Damiano
Dirty Pictures Caballero Classics 1987 Carlos deSantos, Duck Dumont
Dirty Shary Vidco Feature 1984 Harold Lime
Doctor Blacklove Coast To Coast Feature, Classics 1986 Bob Vosse
Doin' the Harlem Shuffle Caballero Ebony
Double Dare Essex Home Video Feature
Double Desires Caballero Compilation, Threesomes 1988
Double Penetrations 3 Wet Video Feature
Double Penetrations 5 Wet Video Anal, Compilation, Threesomes 1988
Dr. Desire Vidco
Dr. Lust VCA Feature, Classics 1986 Joe Verdi
Dr. Strange Sex Caballero Feature 1985
Dynamic Vices VCA Feature 1987
Ebony Dreams Pink Video Ebony, Compilation 1988
Ebony Orgies Essex Home Video Ebony, Orgy 1987
Ebony Superstars VCA Ebony 1988
Editor's Choice 2 Caballero Compilation 1991
Educating Nina Atomic Classics 1984 Juliet Anderson
Eleven VCX Classics, Parody 1980 Elliot Lewis, Harry Lewis
Erotic Adventures of Bonnie and Clyde Gourmet/GVC Feature 1988
Erotic Eruptions 4 - Race Whore Pleasure
Erotic Impulse 14 - Throbbing Threesomes Gourmet/GVC Orgy
Erotic Rendezvous Leisure Time All Sex 1988 Ron Jeremy
Erotic Zones 2 Caballero Feature, Classics, Vignettes 1985 Paul G Vatelli
Eroticism in Black Pink Video
Everything Butt 1 Executive 90's Porn Video 1990
Fire Inside VCA Feature
Flasher Vidco Feature, Classics 1986 Lasse Braun
Flat Backin' Dreamland Ebony, Busty 2001 Joe Gallant
Flesh for Frankenstein Video Exclusives Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Fondle with Care Video Exclusives
French Letters Caballero Feature
Friday the 13th - A Nude Beginning Vidco Feature 2006
Friday the 13th 2 Vidco Feature 2007 F.J. Lincoln
Frisky Fables Las Vegas Classics, Vignettes 1988 Osmond Wilson
Fuck My Pussy, Bang My Ass Fat Dog Gonzo
Furburgers Vidco Hairy 1987 F.J. Lincoln
Futuresex Now Showing Feature
Gang that Bangs Now Showing Gangbang
Getting Off on Broadway Intropics Video Feature
Girl Toys Dreamland Feature 1986 Ned Morehead
Girls that Talk Dirty Essex Home Video Feature, Dirty Talk 1986
Golden Triangle Gourmet/GVC Feature
Good the Bad and the Horny VCX Feature
Good Time Girls Video Exclusives Feature 1985 Jack Remy
Grind Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1988 Henri Pachard
Guess Who Came at Dinner Fantasy Home Video Feature
Hard Act to Swallow Video Team Oral
Honky Tonk Angels Intropics Video Feature, Classics 1988 Richard Mailer
Hot all Over Venus 99 Feature
Hot and Nasty Venus 99
Hot Chocolate 2 VCA Interracial 1985
Hot Numbers Wet Video 90's Porn Video 1987 Mike Vidor, Peter Anglich
Hot Rocks Wet Video Feature
Hot Service Wet Video Feature, Classics 1989
Hot Shorts - Jessie St James LBO Entertainment All Sex 1984
House of Lust Caballero Feature
Huntress Metro Feature 1987 Richard Mailer
Hyapatia Lee's Sexy Essex Home Video Compilation
I Cream of Genie Essex Home Video Feature
I Found My Thrill on Cheri Hill Pleasure Young, Feature 1988 Ron Jeremy
Illusions of Ecstasy Now Showing Feature
In all the Right Places Caballero Feature, Classics 1986 Eric Edwards
Inflamed Now Showing Feature 1984 Lawrence T Cole
Inn of Sin Video Team Feature
Inner Blues Vidco Feature, Classics 1988 Vinni Rossi
Jeannie Pepper Collection Alpha Blue Compilation
Kay Parker Collection Alpha Blue Compilation
Keyhole Video 188 - Unique Positions Video Exclusives
Ladies Night Caballero Feature, Classics 1980 Harry Lewis
Leslie Winston Collection Alpha Blue Compilation 2005
Let's Get Wet Western Visuals Feature, Classics 1988
Lifestyles of the Black and Famous Wet Video 1986
Lisa Deleeuw Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Little Bit of Honey Wet Video
Little Muffy Johnson Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics, Group Sex 1985 Sharon Mitchell
Little Shop of Whores Vivid Feature
Living in a Wet Dream Penquin Video
Long Ranger VCX Feature, Parody
Looking for Mr. Goodsex Coast To Coast Gonzo, Cum Shots 1985 Jack Remy
Loose Ends 4 - The Ultimate Tail 4 Play All Sex 1988 Bruce Seven
Loose Lifestyles Caballero Feature 1987 John Stagliano
Love Lies Intropics Video Feature
Love on the Run Caballero Feature, Classics 1989 F.J. Lincoln
Lust Connection Video Team Feature 1987 Henri Pachard
Lusty Life 10 - Bronx Butt Sluts Pleasure Anal, Compilation 1994
Lusty Life 2 - Coat my Throat with Cum Pleasure Oral, Compilation 1994
Mad About You VCA Feature 1987
Made in Germany Fantasy Home Video European
Makeout Video Team Feature
Mardi Gras Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Bob Vosse
Mardi Gras Passions Vidco
Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 4 Caballero Compilation 2001
Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 5 Caballero Classics, Vignettes 1985 Jack Remy
Marina Vice 1 Penquin Video Classics, Parody 1985 Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Master of Pleasure Vidco Feature 1988 John T Bone
Memphis Cathouse Blues Caballero Feature, Classics 1982 Louis Lewis
Mischief Maker VCA Feature
Missing Pieces Intropics Video Feature
Mistaken Identity Coast To Coast Feature 1989 Tina Marie
Monster Facials 2 - The Deuces Wild Series Vivid Compilation, Facials
More Famous Ta Ta's VCA Busty
More than a Handful 1 Cal Vista Busty, Classics 1985
Motel Sweets Caballero Feature Eric Edwards
Muy Caliente Pussy Erotika Films Interracial 1997
Mystic Pieces Evil Angel Anal John Stagliano
Nasty Nights Pleasure Feature 1989
Natural Woman Intropics Video Feature
Naughty Cheerleaders Hollywood Feature 1985 Hal Freeman
Naughty Girls in Heat Essex Home Video Feature
Naughty Nymphs Venus Video All Sex
New Sensations Coast To Coast 1990
Nina Duz 'em All Arrow/AFV Feature 2004
Nina Hartley Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
One Wife to Give Zane Feature 1989 Bud Lee
Only the Best 1 Cal Vista Compilation, Classics 1986
Only the Best of Barbara Dare Cal Vista Compilation
Oral Erotica 1 Vidco Oral
Oral Erotica 12 - Deep Throating Fantasies Unleashed Vidco Oral
Oriental Action 6 Wet Video Asian
Oui Girls TVX Feature, Classics F.J. Lincoln
Out of Control Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Duck Dumont
Outrageous Orgies 8 Wet Video Orgy
P.T.X. Club Gourmet/GVC Feature
Parting Shots Caballero Feature
Party Animals Leisure Time Interracial, Facials 1987 Ron Jeremy
Passion Chain K-Beech
Peepshows 40 - Double Dick Fuckers 2 VCA Gonzo
Peter North - The Lost Footage Antigua Pictures Compilation 2011
Phone Sex Girls 2 Video Team Feature 1987 John T Bone
Pink Panties Now Showing Feature 1985
Play Pen VCA Feature 1986 Larry Revene
Please Don't Fuck My Wife! Robert Hill Interracial
Please Suck My Pussy Xplicit All Sex
Pleasure Game Caballero Classics 1987 Carlos deSantos, Duck Dumont
Pleasure Hunt 2 Now Showing Feature
Pleasure Maze Pleasure Feature
Pleasure Spot Caballero Feature, Classics 1986 Jack Remy
Plenty of Pleasure Wet Video Feature 1990
Poop Chute Pumpers and Shit Hole Lickers 3 Hollywood Compilation
Porno Screentests VCA Feature 1982 Erica Fox
Porsche Lynn Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Porsche's Pole Positions Gourmet/GVC Classics
Power Play Venus 99 Feature
Private Video Magazine 2 Private European, Vignettes 1993 Max Hardcore, Pierre Woodman, Michel Ricaud
Raising Hell Vidco Feature 1987 Jack Remy
Ramb-Ohh 2 Paradise Video Feature
Rambone does Hollywood Wet Video Classics 1986 William Whett
Reamin' Reunion Coast To Coast Feature
Rear Enders Essex Home Video Anal
Return of Dr. Blacklove Coast To Coast Feature 1996
Return of Johnny Wadd Adam and Eve Feature Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Robofox 1 CDI / Cinderella Feature
Ruthless Women Essex Home Video Feature
San Fernando Valley Girls Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Louis Lewis
Satin Sugar VCA Feature
Savannah - The Lost Footage Antigua Pictures Compilation 2009
Screw Video Magazine 1 Cal Vista Compilation 1985
Screwdriver Coast To Coast Feature
Secret of My Sex-Cess Cal Vista Feature 1988
Seductress Gourmet/GVC Feature 1981 Bob Chinn
Sex 2084 VCA Feature
Sex Asylum 3 Vivid Feature
Sex Charades Video Exclusives 80's Porn Video 1989
Sex Life of a Porn Star VCA Feature 1986 Bob Vosse
Sex Life of Mati Hari Gourmet/GVC
Sex Wars Excalibur Films Feature, Classics, Parody 1985 Bob Vosse
Sexpeditions VCA Feature
Sexy Delights 2 Video Team Classics
Shanna McCullough Non-Stop Vidco Compilation
She Wolves of the SS Gourmet/GVC Feature 1990
Sheer Haven Dreamland Feature 1983 Paul G Vatelli
Sinful Pleasures Hollywood Vignettes 2004
Sky Foxes Suze Randall Feature 2004
Snapshots Coast To Coast
Soaking Wet Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1985 Robert McCallum
Sophisticated Woman MAD Multimedia Feature, Classics 1986
Soul Games Paradise Video Ebony, Interracial, Feature 1988 Gordon Vandermeer
Soul Kiss This VCR Productions 80's Porn Video 1988 Bobby Hollander
Sound F/ X Venus 99
St X Where 2 - The Hospital Caballero Feature 1987 Jonathan Burroughs
St X-Where Vidco Feature 1986 Jonathan Burroughs
Stars Who Do Deep Throat Arrow/AFV Oral, Compilation, Classics 1990
Stormy Cal Vista Feature, Classics 1980 Joseph Blanski
Strictly Business Vidco Feature 1987 Jack Remy
Studs 'N' Stars VCA Feature
Suga Bush 5 Caballero Ebony Ian Saltares
Suite Sensations Venus 99 Vignettes 1988 James Wolfe
Supermodels do L.A. Atomic Feature 2001
Swedish Erotica 15 Caballero 4 hour, Compilation, European 2003
Swedish Erotica 16 Caballero Compilation, 4 hour 2003
Swedish Erotica 19 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica 23 - Ona Zee Caballero Compilation, 4 hour 2003
Swedish Erotica 33 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica 47 Caballero Feature
Swedish Erotica 65 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica 66 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica 69 Caballero Compilation
Swedish Erotica 71 Caballero Ebony 1986
Swedish Erotica 72 Caballero Ebony 1986 Paul G Vatelli
Swedish Erotica Hard 2 - Asian Delights Odyssey Asian, Compilation, Classics 1985
Swedish Erotica Hard 21 - Double Dicked / Double Licked Odyssey Oral, Compilation, Classics 1985
Swedish Erotica Hard 8 - Black and White Lightning Odyssey Interracial, Compilation, Classics 1985
Sweet Tarts Essex Home Video Compilation
Sweet Temptations Venus 99 Feature
Taboo 5 - The Secret Intropics Video Feature, Classics, Wincest 1986 Kirdy Stevens
Taija Rae Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Tales of the Uncensored Fantasy Home Video
Taste of Alicia Monet Pink Video Compilation, Star Spotlight 1988
Taste of Black Wet Video Interracial
Taste of Laurel Canyon Pink Video Feature
Taste of Sahara Pink Video Feature
Taste of Taija Rae Pink Video Feature
Tastes Like Candy 1 Erotic Video Network Compilation 1987 Miles Kidder
Tease Me Wet Video Feature
Telemates Venus Video 1995
Tell Me Something Dirty VCR Productions Feature 1991 Gordon Vandermeer
Terms of Employment L.A.
The Boss CDI / Cinderella Feature, Classics
This is Your Sex Life Vidco Feature 1988 Jerome Bronson
Thoroughly Amorous Amy VCX Feature Carlos deSantos
Three Ways 4 Wet Video Feature 1988
Tight Squeeze Adult Video Corp. Feature 1986 Bill Teigh
Touchables Coast To Coast
Tracy Adams Screws the Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Triple Header Essex Home Video Feature
Triple X Posure Vidco
Undressed for Success Venus 99 90's Porn Video 1990
Undulations VCA Vignettes 1998
Uniform Behavior K-Beech Feature
Unveiled VCA Feature 1986
Vanessa Del Rio Screws The Stars Caballero Compilation 2008
Video Voyeur 1 Video Team Compilation 1988
Virginia Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 John Seeman
Voyeur's Delight Gourmet/GVC Feature
Wet Kink CDI / Cinderella Feature
Wet Shots Review 2 Metro
Wet Shots Review 4 Metro
What a Country Pleasure
Where There's Smoke There's Fire Fantasy Home Video Feature
Who's Dat Girl Video Exclusives
Wild Heart Intropics Video Feature 1989 Henri Pachard
Wild Stuff Wet Video Feature 1987
Wild Things 1 Cal Vista Feature 1985 Alex De Renzy
With Love Lisa Caballero Feature, Classics 1986
WPink TV 3 Paradise Video Feature 1987
Yank my Doodle Executive All Sex 1985 Bob Vosse
Yiddish Erotica Essex Home Video Feature 1987
Young and Wrestling 2 Pleasure Athletic 1989 Britt Morgan, Jace Rocker
Young Girls in Tight Jeans Vidco Young, All Sex 1989 Gerard Damiano
Young Nympho Caballero Feature, Classics, For Couples/Women 1986 Lasse Braun