Bill Margold

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  • Bill Magold
  • Bill Mangola
  • Mr. Drea
  • Mr. William Margold
  • Papa Bear
  • Regina Jax
  • W. Margold
  • William Margold
  • William Margole
  • William Marigold
  • Williams Margold
  • 6'2
  • Blue eyes
  • Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1973 (approximately 30 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 10/2/1943 (75 years old)
  • Bill Magold
  • Bill Mangola
  • Mr. Drea
  • Mr. William Margold
  • Papa Bear
  • Regina Jax
  • W. Margold
  • William Margold
  • William Margole
  • William Marigold
  • Williams Margold
  • 6'2
  • Blue eyes
  • Brunette hair
  • Caucasian
  • American
  • Starting Year: 1973 (approximately 30 years old)
  • Date of Birth: 10/2/1943 (75 years old)

Bill Margold Filmography

Title Studio Genre Year Director
69 Minutes - Evening News Gourmet/GVC Feature, Parody 2008 Damon Christian
Aces in the Holes VCA Feature 2002 Jim Holliday
Anal Ball Evil Angel Anal 1999 Thomas Zupko
Anus Family Coast To Coast Anal, Parody William Black
Any Time Any Place VCX Feature Kirdy Stevens
Back in the Pen Factory Video Feature 1992 Mel Sims
Balling Instinct Factory Video Feature
Best of Shane Odyssey Compilation 1998 Shane
Black Men Can Hump Factory Video Interracial
Blue Ice Caballero Feature, Classics 1985 Phil Marshak
Born to be Wild Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Richard Eagle
Can You be a Pornstar 1 and 2 Hustler Industry, Reality 2004 Faye Kneighm
Carnal Encounters of the Barest Kind Alpha Blue Feature, Classics 1978 Donald Bryce
Casanova 2 Caballero Classics 1982 Troy Benny
Chicks in Black Leather VCA Gonzo, Leather 1988
Chocolate Fudge Factory Erotic Video Network
Classic Seka Arrow/AFV Compilation, Classics
Classic Seka 2 Arrow/AFV 80's Porn Video 1988
Crackster Outlaw Feature
Debbie Does the Devil in Dallas Essex Home Video Feature 1987 Richard Eagle
Deep Throat - The Quest 6: Contest Arrow/AFV Oral 1998 Bud Lee
Detroit Dames Dreamland Compilation 1989 John T Bone, Scotty Fox, Vinni Rossi
Deviled X 4 Play Feature
Dial F for Fantasy Pleasure Feature
Discipline Daze 2
Divorce Court Expose' 1 Vidco Feature 1987 Vinni Rossi
Divorce Court Expose' 2 Vidco Feature, Parody
Don't Get Them Wet Vidco Feature 1987 Vinni Rossi
Dr. Strange Sex Caballero Feature 1985
Edible Vegetables Erotic Video Network Fetish 1988
Endless Lust VCA Feature, Classics 1983 Erica Fox
Erotic Aerobics VCA Classics
Erotic Radio WSEX VCA Feature, Classics 1984 Bob Augustus
Eternal Bliss Arrow/AFV Feature 1990
Everything Butt 1 Executive 90's Porn Video 1990
Extreme Close Up - Blondage Vivid Feature 1998 Paul Thomas
Fantasy Follies 1 VCA Feature 1983
Fantasy Follies 2 VCA Feature 1984 Drea
Fast Cars Fast Women VCA Feature 1980 Scott McHaley
Flesh and Laces 1 Caballero Feature, Classics 1983 Troy Benny
Flesh Pond VCA Feature, Classics, Group Sex 1983 Carlos Tobalina
Forbidden Gourmet/GVC Classics, Feature 2009 Peter Balakoff
Foxxxy Lady Heatwave Vignettes 1993 Jeff Coldwater
Free and Foxy VCX Feature, Classics 1985 Adele Robbins
From Japan With Love 1 K-Beech
Goddaughter 5 Arrow/AFV Gonzo 2000 Bud Lee
Good Time Girls Video Exclusives Feature 1985 Jack Remy
High Desert Pirates VCA Feature 2003 Jim Holliday
Immorals 1 - Broken Hearts Arrow/AFV Feature Regina Jax
Immorals 2 - The Good, the Bad and the Banged Arrow/AFV Feature
Immorals 3 - Stroked Arrow/AFV Feature
Immorals 4 - Choice Cuts Arrow/AFV Feature
Inner Blues Vidco Feature, Classics 1988 Vinni Rossi
Jim Holliday's Eye Candy Refocused VCA Feature
Let's Talk Dirty Essex Home Video Masturbation, Dirty Talk 1987 Richard Eagle
Little American Maid VCX Feature, Classics 1986 Adele Robbins
Love from the Back Side Fantasy Home Video Anal
Love Goddesses VCA Classics, For Couples/Women 1981 Adele Robbins
Lust at First Bite VCA Classics 1978 Phil Marshak
Lust Inferno Caballero Feature 1982
Main Course Arrow/AFV Feature 1993 William Margold
Marathon Caballero Orgy, Feature, Classics 1983 Troy Benny
Maxine Excalibur Films Feature
Midnight Zone Intropics Video Feature 1986 Drea
Mystery of the Golden Lotus Jet Multimedia Feature
Nudes at Eleven 1 Adult Video Corp. Parody
Nympho Zombie Co-Ed's Visual Images
Olympic Fever Arrow/AFV Feature, Classics 1979 Phil Marshak
One Page of Love VCX Feature, Classics 1979 Peter Balakoff
Oriental Sorority Secrets Visual Images Asian
Oriental Treatment 2 - The Pearl Divers Arrow/AFV Asian, Feature 1990 Donna Sanders
Plato's - The Movie VCA Feature
Pleasure Dome Essex Home Video Feature 1982 Dinin Dicimino
Pool Party at Seymore Butts 1 Seymore Butts Orgy 1995 Seymore Butts
Pool Party at Seymore's 2 Seymore Butts Gonzo 1995 Seymore Butts
Psycho Sexualis - The Terror Series 1 B and D Pleasures
Pubic Eye Heatwave
Pudsucker K-Beech
Puritan - Sex Quest Puritan Feature
Reincarnation of Serena Gourmet/GVC Classics
Ring of Desire Gourmet/GVC Feature, Classics 1981 Pierre Balakoff
Satania Dreamland Feature 1986
Shane's World 2 - Cabin Fever Odyssey Gonzo, Reality 1996 Shane
Sheer Delight VCA Feature
Showdown the Movie Bon Vue Fetish
Sinful Desire 1 Klimaxx Feature
Sinful Desire 2 Helen Duval Feature
Sleaze Please 2 - September Factory Video
Sleaze Please 4 - November Factory Video All Sex 1994 Rush Adams
Sleaze Please 5 - December Factory Video
Sneak a Peak Flame Video
Sneek Peeks 2 K-Beech
Soap me Up Fat Dog
Sopornos 2 VCA Parody 2001 Jimmy D
Sopornos 6 VCA Feature 2004 Wit Maverick
Spoiled Rich Coast To Coast Feature
Stephanie's Lust Story VCA Feature, Classics 1983 Pierre Balakoff
Stiff Competition 2 Caballero 90's Porn Video 1994
Story of X Playboy Industry 1998 Chuck Workman
Swedish Erotica 93 Caballero Vignettes 2007
Sweet Alice VCX Feature
Sweet Surrender AVC Feature 1985 Vinni Rossi
Taste of Viper Pink Video Compilation
Tasting Executive
Teenage Cruisers VCX Feature, Classics
Tinsel Town VCA Feature 1980 Carter Stevens
Too Much too Soon VCX Young, Classics 1983 Vinni Rossi
Toying Around Arrow/AFV
Wadd - The Life and Times of John C. Holmes VCA Feature 2001 Cass Paley
Weekend Fantasy VCX Vignettes
When Love Came to Town Erotic Video Network
Wilde One and Only B and D Pleasures Bondage, Spanking, Fetish 1999 Bill Majors
Wright Stuff Arrow/AFV Feature Jeff Coldwater