Aaron Austin


Aaron Fiero



Starting Year: 1992 (approximately 21 years old)

Date of Birth: 4/24/1971 (45 years old)

Balls to the Wall Vivid Man Gay 2006
Bike Bang Legend Gay 1994
Bi-Witched Jalapeno Pepper Bisexual
Dax Vivid Man Gay 1996
Day in the Life of Aaron Austin Vivid Man Gay 1993
Face Fuckin' Friends Vivid Man Gay 2006
Fast Moves All Worlds Gay
Forbidden Love Iron Man Productions Gay
Glory Holes 29 - Macho Meat Men His Oral | Compilation | Gay 2000
Habanero Pepper 14 - Bi-Witched Pepper Productions
Hands On Mustang Gay
Hard Jocks 1 Metro Gay
Hard Jocks 2 Metro Gay
Hidden Agenda X-citement Video Feature 1992
Hog Tool
Idol in the Sky Odyssey Man Gay | Feature 1996
Into the Night Vivid Feature
Jock Trade Solos
Jock-A-Holics Pacific Sun Gay 2001
Limited Entry Vivid Man Gay 2004
Look of a Man Mustang Gay
Male Tales His Gay 1998
Mentor Vivid Man Gay
Nordic Dick 2 Vivid Man Gay 2005
On The Rise Studio 2000 Gay 1993
Penis Flytrap Vivid Man Gay 2004
Pigs in a Blanket Vivid Man Gay 2006
Playing to Win Studeo 2000 Gay
Pumping Iron Men
Rainbow Riders Metro Compilation
Risky Sex Odyssey Gay
Single White Male Catalina Gay
Size Matters Vivid Man Gay | Compilation | 4 hour 1996
Sommer Showers Vivid Man Gay 2005
Stop or I'll Shoot Academy Video Gay
Suck My Lolly Cock Metro Gay
Sunsex Blvd His Gay 1994
Surfcock of Waikiki Vivid Man Gay 2006
Switch Hitters 7 Metro Bisexual
Twin Exposure Pleasure Gay
Tyler Scott - Day of Decadence Vivid Man Gay