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Tera Patrick Interview - 02/20/2007

Adultfilmdatabase: Today, we're joined by the lovely Tera Patrick herself. Tera, tell us about Reign of Tera 2, the follow-up to Reign of Tera.

At the moment, Tera is french kissing her dog, Chopper, who's on camera debut was in Reign of Tera 1

Tera: Reign of Tera 2: Return to the Asian Love Palace is the highly anticipated sequel to my most successful movie of all time, Reign of Tera: Enter the Asian Love Palace. I personally hand pick all the girls in the Reign of Tera series to bring a veritable 'who's who' of hot Asian girls to my fans. The movie brings us back to the Asian Love Palace, an Asian brothel owned by my one time romantic interest, Mr. Jonez (Spyder), and operated by yours truly.

A: Tera, give us the low-down on your first boy/boy/girl threesome scene on camera in RoT2.

T: I was really excited to shoot this scene. I had almost done a scene like this in some early gonzo stuff shot, but I've never been passed around like this between two guys before. Especially two super hot, and professional studs like Tommy Gunn and Jerry. The sex was outrageous... I was fucked into submission! There is something so hot about sucking a cock while you are being fucked ...

A: I need to take a cold shower before we start our next question.

T: Yes <laughter>

A: Well back to men Tera... Speaking of shooting with different men, you took an on-camera man-break since before you met Evan Seinfeld, until last year when you started to appear on film with him. This past year, in Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground, you have steamy scenes with Jean Val Jean and Tommy Gunn. How did it feel to shoot scenes with them after three years of monogamy?

T: I really really got off on having sex with different men. I was afraid it would tear my relationship apart, but if anything it has brought us closer together. Evan works with other girls all the time, and he always comes home all romantic. <laughter>

A: Some people may ask as a married adult performer how do you separate yourself sexually on camera with Evan and other men versus at home with your husband? But it sounds like you don't need to, because it seems to enhance your relationship to be sexually liberated.

T: Yes, we feel that just because we are married, and soul mates, it doesn't mean we are dead.

A: Does jealousy ever come into play? I think that's what most married couples worry about.

T: Yes. Sometimes I get jealous, but I know he is always coming home to me. I think it is natural to feel that way, but putting faith in your partner helps you to desensitize your biggest fears.

A: Are there rules you set?

T: Yes, we have rules. When I work with other guys, Evan has to direct the scenes. When he works with other girls, I get to go out shopping. We deal with it in different ways, but I think that too is healthy, to each their own.

A: In Teradise Island you also have a steamy girl/girl/boy beach scene with Evan Seinfeld and Alexis Amore, your Vegas wedding maid of honor. How did that compare to the boy/boy/girl scene in RoT2? Which do you prefer? And are we going to see more threesomes?

T: HMMM, threesomes can be complicated, sometimes. Personally, I really like one-on-one sex where you can totally focus on your partner. I do like giving head to a guy with another girl, but when I am getting fucked, I don't love to share. <laughter>

We have been shooting a ton of different stuff, and I have really been exploring my sexual boundaries. Being an adult film star, I get to explore my wildest fantasies in a really safe environment.

A: Speaking of boundaries, You did your first all-anal feature, Teradise Island, this past year. In Sexpose' - Nikki Benz, Nikki mentions regretting not having tried anal sex sooner. Do you share her sentiments?

T: Well, to be honest, anal sex is sooo intense. I don't like to do it all the time. Spyder is really big and thick, and he hurts me. He always says he just wants to put the tip in yeah right! So doing it on camera is really scary, because there is such a fine line between pain and pleasure. And as much as I love to lose control, I still want to make sure I look my best on film.

A: As someone who's seen quite a bit of your work, I have to say, you look fabulous on film - in stills - always. Speaking of the boundaries of pleasure/pain. I remember reading somewhere that your favorite fetish is spanking. Will you tell us more about that?

T: I'm just a bad little girl. My daddy says that I'm a real brat.

A: Do you and daddy role-play a lot ... ?

T: We definitely do some role-playing... I like to be totally dominated. I'm such a submissive! When I film girl/girl and they want me to wear a strap-on, I am like no way... too butch, I'm a girly girl!

A: Nothing wrong with that.

T: I know, it's who I am... I can act as anything, but to be real, which is who I am. I love to be the bottom, I love getting spanked, and choked too.

A: Have you considered doing a fetish line with Teravision playing more into your fantasies? You mention in a fairly recent interview that you're only planning to be in front of the camera for 2 more years. And are there any sexual experiences or unexplored fantasies you'd like to have on camera before you leave?

T: Well, let me clarify something first. I have already shot about 15 movies that have not been released yet. They will be released over the next 5 years. So when I say I am shooting for 2 more, I will be at least, but there will be new Tera movies for the next ten years.

There are still a few more fantasies that I want to live out, but I am not sure what else I will do on camera. Just having sex with people I have not met before is hot for me.

Spyder just directed a movie called Domination for his new company, IRON CROSS. It mixes hardcore bondage with really nasty sex, and super hot girls. I saw the trailer, and now I want to do a fetish movie. We are trying to get Andrew Blake to direct something for me. We just hired a new director for Teravision, Ethan Kane.

A: You did your first movie with Blake, Aroused -- he's got an eye for beauty.

T: He shoots a lot of really high glamour and fetish stuff. I am getting ready to shoot something like that really soon. We have a new Teravision movie he shot called Glam-Core -- very hot. Our next release is called Ultra//Violett. It's a kind of glam-alt thing, but with really hot chicks. I like the art of some of the alt stuff, but they use some kind of "eh" girls sometimes �

I never know exactly what I'm going to do on camera. I was scared to be with girls at one time, then after Savannah [Samson] in Tera Tera Tera, I was turned on to it!

A: You were the first adult performer to grace the cover of FHM. Clearly, you're gorgeous and could easily grace the cover of any mainstream magazine based sheerly on your looks. But can you tell us more about how you're helping to break stereotypes and bringing more respect to the profession of adult performer?

T: : I was always a model first. I just always wanted to be a pinup, a centerfold, you know what I mean� to be the woman the men admired.

A: We think you are.

T: Thank you. My publicist, Lizzie Grubman, has always just promoted me as a celebrity, and not a pornstar. I go to lots of mainstream events, like the Grammy's, and red carpet events. I just love the camera flashes going off. Being married to Evan has also helped "legitimize " me to the press. Not that I feel like I need it. I know who I am. A lot of the press is stuck up, and even though pornstars are celebs, our open sexuality makes people uncomfortable. People tell me that it is my down to earth approachable-ness that lends to my crossover.

I plan on being in showbiz long after I am shooting porn. Evan and I are working on a mainstream reality show, called "Rockstar Pornstar," and we're writing a book right now. Also, I put out a calendar in all the bookstores this year, and a poster.

I also have a clothing line coming out, well really lingerie this year, called MISTRESS COUTURE. It pays homage to vintage pinups, but made for modern pinups to club girls -- be a stripper, or just look like one!

A: <laughter> Is that the tag line "be a stripper, or just look like one" cause that's great, I'd use it. Well with all of the projects you're working on, you must be exhausted. One final question, what's the first thing you're going to do after this interview?

T: <laughter> We are going to see the Ghost Rider movie. We're here in Florida, at my parents house -- wholesome family time, but hopefully we can steal away some time for a little naughty nasty time.

A: That's a whole lotta Tera. Well thanks again for being our gracious interviewee and sharing a lot of your personal sexuality with us as well as your aspirations.

T: Thank you too for always supporting Teravision. XOXO from Tera.