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Sunny Leone Interview - 11/06/2006

Adultfilmdatabase: Thank you for taking the time to give us an interview today. I've watched your last three movies, Sunny, Virtual Vivid Sunny Leone, and Sunny and Cher. You've had scenes with Avena Lee, Harmony Rose, Lanny Barbie, Lexi Marie, Stefani Morgan, Lux Kassidy, Lacie Heart and Daisy Marie to name a few. What is your most memorable scene to date?

Sunny: Daisy Marie is my favorite.

A: I saw that super hot scene in Sunny and Cher.

S: I have had multiple scenes with her and everyone is high energy and a lot of fun. Oh yes I remember that one... she caught me off guard when she yelled out for another dildo -- surprised me but I had a great time having sex with her... it felt as real as it gets. You can't really fake girl-girl so to be that attracted to a girl is a good feeling.

A: She definitely has a lot of energy, but so do you. I noticed you really like to be vocal in your scenes. You and Daisy have awesome chemistry. Who do you want to work with in the future that you haven't already? And why?

S: I really like Sandee Westgate... her and I have great sexual chemistry together. Every time we see each other there is always sexual tension there. We have never done anything but I can't wait to have sex with her... whenever that will be... she is my fantasy girl!

A: Do you think there'll be any requests to Vivid there? I've heard of girls requesting guys so does that happen with girls too?

S: I have tried but we both have so much going on that its hard to get us together. Vivid is great about letting me pick the girls I want to work with. We go through a bunch of girls and we end up picking one.

A: On the Adultfilmdatabase forums we get people asking about how common partner requests are in adult films. Would you say you got to have a lot of input in the process?

S: Yes, I am always a part of the process. There has only been a couple of times where I had to have a scene with a girl that I did not see first.

A: You're relatively new to the adult scene having started doing hardcore films in mid 2005. What are your best and worse experiences? Would you have any advice to offer to women thinking of entering the adult business?

S: Yes, I started recently doing girl-girl but before that I was a glamour adult model. My best experiences have been having sex with a girl that really enjoys having sex with another girl. Bad experience is having sex with a girl that is not into it. There is nothing worse then a girl not into her job or not into the scene. It makes you work harder to make the scene better.

Advice I would give to other girls is really know what you want to do with your career. Also, see it as a career. You can make a lot of money if you set goals and not have someone telling you what to do. Meaning someone who tells you what to do based on his or her needs and not yours.

A: In previous interviews you mention your career as a glamour model and adult entertainer being a full-time dedication. You treat it as a job you love, and you work very hard. But when you're not having sex on camera and working on your web sites, what do you like to do in your spare time to kick back and relax?

S: In my spare time I read, watch movies, wake board in the summertime, play soccer, ride horses and paint.

A: I read you have a thing for Nemo <laugher>

S: <laughs> I like to have that on in the background when I have lots of work. It keeps my mind going and lets me relax when I look up. It's so innocent and free that it helps me not take the world so seriously. That reminds me, I should turn it on <smile>

A: It sounds like you have a creative side. Is there any meaning in your name Sunny Leone? For example Sunrise Adams name was inspired by her aunt Sunset Thomas, who helped her break into adult. Jenna Jameson chose "Jameson" because she enjoys Jameson Whiskey.

S: What I say to fans: Sunny is my real name and Leone was picked by Bob Guccioni, former owner of Penthouse mag. I was lucky they did not pick a crazy last name.

A: You have a monologue in the introduction to your first Vivid film, Sunny, where you talk about the Indian admiration of purity. Has there been any cultural conflict for you to be an adult performer of Indian-heritage? And maybe is that why we see so few performers from India in adult?

S: Yes at first there was. The Indian community did not like the fact that I posed naked. But as time passes the young adult community has come around to accept who I am, and to like who I am. I have so many Indian fans now, and its great to know that!

A: So in a sense, you are helping to break down cultural barriers?

S: Well it is still a taboo, but at the same time if I can give inspiration for a young Indian girl/boy to do what they want and not what their parents tell them then I believe I have served a purpose even if it's only for one person. Sure, breaking barriers come with the territory.

A: It's hard enough to be an American in "porn" without being stigmatized!

S: Yeah, exactly...

A: I read an article online that said you were asked to star in a Bollywood film about the "blue movie" industry but that you turned down the role. Is there any truth to that rumour?

S: I have been offered a few, but I either did not like the context of my part of they did not want to pay me, or they wanted to pay me very little. My rates were not that high, but they did not want to pay. Most of the time I don't like the context of my parts.

A: If the right part came along with fair compensation would you be open to doing a Bollywood film?

S: Yes I would be...

A: In addition to movie aspirations, I read in a previous interview that you're interested in becoming a pediatric nurse. Are you still pursuing that? How is that going?

S: I stopped pursuing that about 2 1/2 years ago because I got too engrossed with running my site and becoming a big part of the Webmaster community that I have decided to stay in the industry. I don't think I will ever be out of it... I know I will stop being in front of the camera but I won't behind it.

A: Fair enough. That would be a lot to juggle. Do you have any aspirations to direct films?

S: My goals are to expand Sunny's Money and build other affiliate programs with many sites. Not really direct films, but I might shoot some of my own content. I am so busy with the Internet side of the industry that it would not make sense for me to venture further. Unfortunately, I am only one person with a great big load on my shoulders. Luckily I have the right people around to inspire me.

A: What's next for you? Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming projects?

S: I believe the next movie that will be released will be after AVN in February, tentatively titled, The Female Gardner (Vivid). I re-launched, Sunny's Money, and Sunny's Girlfriends - which is a mega solo girl masturbation site. It'll be updated every day. I run everything 100%; I utilize different people to do different things. I have a designer, a programmer and a couple other people doing various different projects, like all my auction sites. But I oversee everything and am involved in all my sites personally.

A: Well we are looking forward to the film that may be entitled The Female Gardner (but TBA for finalized name). Can you give us a little tease for the film?

S: : I get a little roughed up in it <smile> and I have sex with Daisy again! <laughter> I am the bad girl in the film that cheats on her girlfriend and I pay for it like I should. <smile>

A: How many more films are you scheduled to do with Vivid under your contract?

S: I have one film left to shoot. I am not sure what it will be but I am sure it will be a good one. I really hope Vivid signs me again to make more movies. I love the company I am working for and I am honored to be a Vivid Girl!

A: You are a tease! In Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone you play both the bad girl and the good girl (as virtual options). Which one are you really?

S: I am the bad girl in bed... I might look like the good girl but I am not.

A: Okay I think the fans reading this need to take deep breaths! One final question. This week is election week, and I read you were one of the "Bush Girls" who shaved their bush, literally, in protest of President Bush's anti-adult industry stance. Is it safe to assume you're looking forward to the turn around after Tuesday? What message do you have for all the adult fans and consumers out there who want to continue to freely enjoy their porn?

S: Yes I am looking forward to it. To keep enjoying it... We are not going anywhere and sex will always be a part of our culture whether the president likes it or not. <smile>

A: You heard it here from Sunny Leone, our lovely and talented Vivid Girl / Adult Performer / Business Woman / and Internet Entrepreneur!

S: Thank you.